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The Age of Light

Have you ever waited in the dark for the sun to rise?


If so, then you know that from the first ray of the morning to the first sight of the sun it always takes a while. This liminal phase, called the dawn, is a time when you see the sunlight but not the sun.


And Dawn is where you are in your planetary evolution right now: you see light everywhere but not yet the sun—the spiritual sun.

The spiritual sun is still below the horizon of human awareness. It has some distance to tread before appearing in your inner sky as a truth you know and recognize innately.


Most people are living in total oblivion of its existence, and some would go as far as to deny and debunk its existence. 

Many speak about light, yet few the source of light. The source of light is called "sun" since there is no better word or metaphor. 


Enlightenment, or “attaining light,” remains a distant dream unless one has (re)connected with the source of light.


Unless one has seen, touched, and embraced the sun.

Image by David Monje

The great awakening of humanity centers around a core component: that there is a sun above your sun.

That there is a line of suns behind your sun, leading to THE Sun.

Your sun serves as a portal into another sun, who serves as a portal into another sun...

Ultimately, it is one Sun self-expressing as many suns, down to the level of your sun.


If it's a huge leap for you, to go from the physical to the metaphysical, from the singular to the plural and back, try seeing it from a holographic universe perspective: one part contains in itself the entire whole, or the mystical state of “all-in-one and one-in-all."


Your sun is orbiting another sun, who is orbiting another sun, who's orbiting yet another sun...

Central Sun and Great Year.png

Sun and Central Sun

Note: This is a top-down view, not a side view!

It's 2200 AD, not 2020 AD.

The chart originated from the Pleiadian Sincera, a harbinger of the 2nd Pleiadian wave (view the Pleiadian Waves chart).

Key revelations about the sun above your sun had been given by Satya, a Pleiadian keeper of the library on Alcyone, through her channel, Barbara Hand Clow, as part of the 1st wave information.


As revealed by Satya, your solar system orbits the star Alcyone—the central star of the Pleiades. Satya also revealed the duration of the Day (2,000 years) and Night (11,000 years) for your 26,000-year cycle (also known as the Great Year).


Based on Satya's revelation, Barbara Hand Clow presented the following chart in her seminal book, The Pleiadian Agenda:

Photon Band - Hand Clow.jpg

Satya’s revelation was of paramount importance. However, there was a gap in her information, which could have led her channel into using the paradigm of "Photon Band through a circular orbit" to explain the source of light for the coming Age of Light.

Pleiadian Agenda.jpg

Circular Orbit

That gap is now being filled by Sincera, a Pleiadian wisdom being from Alcyone, who in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory  provides two additional keys:

Key 1:  She reveals the star Alcyone at the heart of your 26,000-year cycle. 

Key 2:  She reveals the elliptic trajectory of your orbit.

New Humankind A Pleiadian Herstory 2020

Elliptic Orbit

Your 26,000-year orbit isn’t a circular one, as one would assume, but an ellipse: an elongated oval form.

It is because of this elliptic form that you experience the Day and Night. If it would be a circle, you'd always be in the light, always in the Day, or always in the dark Night. So this narrow ellipse allows your sun to move in and out of the light zone of our central sun, Alcyone.


The Pleiadian Central Sun, Alcyone, is a portal to the Galactic Central Sun and always transmits Galactic Sunlight. Your solar system is able to alternate between two phases, which we call Galactic Daytime and Galactic Nighttime.

Your sun, a twin star to Sirius A, is also orbiting the central sun of the Sirius star system. For more information on your sun's cosmic kinship and the basic features of Galactic Daytime and Nighttime, read Chapter 2 "Starseed Revolution" in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory.


1st Wave: Satya's Model

2nd Wave: Sincera's Model

Seen from either perspective, your future is very bright! 


The Age of Light is coming, even though its demarcation line has nearly two centuries to arrive. You are already in the peripheral zone of light in your current year.


Around 2200 AD, the Spiritual Sun will rise above the horizon, shining its direct light into the consciousness of every human walking the Earth.


“By 2200 AD,” you say, “I’ll be long dead!” 


Well, two hundred years later, you might still be here, living in another body, in another place, as a being of light. Everything you learn and choose now will affect your soul’s evolutions many eons down the road.

Image by Hassan Pasha

DAWN: Twilight

Dawn, or “becoming light”, is a transitional phase with conflicting energies: the energy of the Night and the energy of the Day. 


This is a time of deep polarity, of darkness vs light.


Dawn is a volatile period, with twists and turns, mutations and uncertainties. What could have been a peaceful transition from Night into Day is being turned into chaos by dark entities that refuse to exit the stage. 


These service-to-self beings, such as the Anunnaki ("the Offspring of Anu"), have pulled the puppet strings under the protection of the darkness. The visions they create put humanity in conflict with itself (read more: The Anu Age of Darkness).


At Dawn, you experience a tug of war between wanting to sleep and wanting to wake up to the truth. You go back and forth between states of awakening and states of hypnotic trance, pulled apart by a paradox of choice.

At Dawn, people are confused about what is true and what is false. They don’t know what they really want.


At Dawn, the human race is pushed to the brink of decision. Everyone has to make a choice at the great roundabout, at the last traffic circle:

Last Traffic Circle.jpg

Do you honor your mother planet?

Or do you continue abusing her and calling it development?

Do you ascend and claim your light?

Or do you spiral down into more darkness and call that progress?


The year 2020 marks the intensification of your entry into the great vortex that shall force everyone into making a choice.


Some will choose to travel on with the Anu force, deeper into the realm of machines. 


Some will choose to rebel and rebuild the original, organic paradise.

City Skyscrapers


Forest Trees

What kind of future do you really want?

The twilight zone is your decision point.

Age of Light

The Age of Light: Full Light

Truth, harmony, beauty, and joy shall define the coming Age of Light.


In the Age of Light, human civilizations will be based on a deep respect for Earth and the cosmic order, and human relations will be fueled by principles of love and understanding, equality and sharing, and freedom and support.


Cured of the Anu Virus, humanity is healthy and vibrant again. 


The Anu force that has been hiding on Earth during the long dark Night is gone. The Anunnaki may continue their exile somewhere else as a race of space thugs in search of new planets to colonize, as they have done before colonizing planet Earth. 


Their agenda of AI and human robots has been defeated.


Their Matrix has collapsed.

freedom by Elias Sch.jpg

With the Anu force gone, Gaia is free to be her luminous self again—a cosmic hotspot, with space portals wide open to receive beings of light from all parts of the cosmos.

In the Age of Light, Gaia, an ascended planet, will have incorporated the 5th Dimension into her domain, thanks to the light work done by her human children in the twilight zone of Dawn.


This is your time to fight for the Gaian Dream and let love illuminate the way.

"You are your Future Self, returning to the present to ensure the victory."

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