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Pleiadian Family  Newsletter Archive

2019.12.22  Winter Solstice

access unconditional love.jpg

2019.9.23  Autumn Equinox

Hill of Tara - Pleiadian Landing

2019.8.7  Lughnasa

First Contact with Pleiadian ET poster.0

2019.6.21  Summer Solstice

Cairn G summer solstice sunset alignment.jpg

2019.5.5  Beltane (May Day)

When was the last time you hugged a tree

2019.3.20  Spring Equinox

The Swing of Life.jpg

2019.2.2 Imbolc 


2018.12.21 Winter Solstice

Sunrise Newgrange.jpg
We Wish You a Merry Solstice

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