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Gaza - An Initiation Test

Will you pass or fail?

Dear Ones,

Many of you took to the streets to fight for freedom and justice. We are proud of your act of courage and strength. As your Pleiadian family, we are here to guide you to go further in bringing light into the dark situation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

We say to you, dear Children of Light, take this happening (the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Gaza) as your initiation test. The great ascension at Dawn is a process of you passing one after another test, whereby you are being initiated onto a higher level of human existence.

For a Child of Light, each life situation is an initiation scenario, each event an initiate test. No matter where you live on the planet, the current event unfolding in the Gaza Strip presents itself as an inescapable key test in your personal ascension process.

Will you pass or fail?

Passing a test means that you have provided satisfactory answers to the initiation questions and thereby upgraded your operating system. Failing a test means that your answers made you stuck in a clumsier, older version of being, unable to ascend. But life wants you to pass your tests: life is giving you chance after chance to get it right.

There are three questions to this Gaza Test (you will get them at the end of our message). We want you to succeed! We are sending this message out as a conceptual-visual aid to help you pass this very challenging spiritual test.


It is with your own power that you pass an initiation test.

Remember, as a Child of Light, you are gifted with three forms of power:

This is the moment to bring them out. You can say to yourself: “I’m a Child of Light. I’m gonna use my powers to pass the Gaza Test!”

First, you bring out your gift #1: the Power to See.

#1: Do You See What’s Really Going On?

Do you see what the mainstream media wants you to see, or do you see what’s going on behind the scenes?

As your Pleiadian guides, we’ve returned to shed light on your situation—to expose in the light of awareness a shadow force that has been orchestrating dark events on Earth.

In our spiritual light, you can see what happens in the Middle East as an old drama that has been raging, not for 50 years or 500 years, but for 5,000 years. As appalling as what's happening, this isn’t something new under the sun. The same old violent drama has been played out in innovative forms for five millennia of time during the Age of History.

The Age of His-story.


Seeing in a diamond-cutting Pleiadian way, you will arrive at the core event that’s been driving world events. You will see the one act that’s being repeated in a myriad of acts, the war in Gaza being the latest version. More importantly, you will see all the way down to the energy level and observe the shadow force in its raw vibrational form.

Look again at the 5,000-year-old artifact above (buried in ancient Uruk, unearthed in today’s Iraq) and see the essence of this symbolic first act.

Yes, this is what’s going on in Gaza, in Ukraine, and in many other places on Earth. This one act has been played out in the timeline on many different levels, macro as well as micro.

The macro level is where you begin if you are just waking up at Dawn. You will open your eyes and see a shadow force imposing this one act on humanity by way of massive social events. You will discover a secretive sinister force controlling all shadow governments and puppet rulers, and this force is out there—you point your fingers outwardly.

The micro level is where you progress to an advanced stage of awakening. Few on the planet have reached this level of awakening. The micro level is where Earth humans are aware of a shadow force hiding not only out there, but also in here. They can see into themselves and expose a shadow force hiding within their own psyches—they also point their fingers inwardly.

You can try it, here and now. Just look at the His-story image above and feel the energy within your body. The same drama has been going on inside your own psyche (there is a fake you beating down the spirit of the true you).

We want you to see with your own eyes the root drama of His-story that has been played out on collective and individual levels, that keeps perpetuating itself out there and in here.

The challenge for you is the “in here” step. But first, you need to complete the “out there” step: you see deeper and deeper into what’s really happening on the world stage.

We've given this shadow force a name, to help you see better. We call it the Anu Force of Darkness. His-story is Anu’s Story. (If you are new to our website, you can learn about Anu, Anunnaki, and the Anu Force of Darkness here.)

The Anu Force (that hides in the 4D astral realm as a mental force) has planned and orchestrated global events such as COVID-19, the Russian-Ukrainian War, and now the War in Gaza. You may visualize Anu as a puppet master pulling the strings of two enemy puppets. "Keep fighting!” says Anu. He controls both sides of a war, any war.

It was the Anu Force that introduced warfare to Earth.

You can see even deeper. Although the variations seem endless, there is but one game that Anu (who stands for the Anu Force of Darkness) has been playing on you, deceived human beings, and that is, a bloody duality game.

That is, to get two human sides to fight and destroy each other.

The simple tactic used to keep the Anu Game going for 5,000 years is something you actually know.

The tactic is called Divide n’ Rule.

#2: Which Side Do You Choose?

Now, you bring out your gift #2: the Power to Choose.

Gift #1 naturally leads to gift #2. When you see what’s really going on, you see a different kind of choice.

If you cannot see, your ignorance ("avidya") is bound to pull you into Anu’s bloody duality game, into taking sides. You support the Jews or the Arabs; you are pro-Israel or pro-Palestine. You feed the conflict by choosing sides. Unknowingly, you'd wind up serving as an actor in Anu’s dramas, or as a pawn in Anu’s chess game.

If you can truly see, you notice a brand new direction: “Hey, I can wake up!”

Suddenly, you realize that what’s happening on the world stage is a nightmare. A nightmare is a bad drama that happens to you when you are in deep sleep. In a slumbering state during the nighttime of His-story, Earth humans take competition, fighting, and war—ingredients of Anu’s Story—to be the norms of human life.

But in the brightening hours of Dawn, the awakening ones see a different path—that of collaboration, sharing, and peace—as the way to future Earth. Who’d want a nightmare?

“His-story ends here with me!”

The awakening one declares.

Translated into action, it would mean that you consciously put an end to your old role: serving as an actor in an Anu drama and as a channel for a force that divides and rules. The nightmare energy is not allowed to pass through you as a conduit or use you as an instrument. It loses its control over you as you pop out of the night mode.

While you are saying no to a nightmarish reality, you are also saying yes to a new reality and a new direction in dawnlight. No longer choosing horizontally between left and right, so to speak, you choose vertically between going down and going up.

Participating in Anu’s bloody duality game—that’s definitely going down.

Rising above all Anu Matrix events, seeing a different future for Earth, experiencing the oneness of humanity, abiding by unity consciousness, and holding onto unconditional love… are sure signs of you going up.

Unconditional love can only be experienced through unity consciousness, which sees the oneness inherent in different human bodies and therefore doesn’t discriminate. Duality consciousness, on the other hand, leads only to the experience of conditional love, which is selective, exclusive, and limited. Conditional love has driven humans into wars.

Now, when you exercise your Power to Choose, you go for something different. No more torn between a left and right side, you decide whether to head for the down or up side.

#3: Which Reality Do You Wish to Create?

Lastly, you bring out your gift #3: the Power to Create.

You are powerful creators. Look at what you've created! The horrors in Gaza (and Ukraine) were human creations, man-made disasters, don’t forget. Gaia, the soul of your mother planet, didn't create such hells. It was you, the sick human species, who created hells. The irony is, that the same energy can be used to create the exact opposite: a Heaven on Earth.

What the Anu Force of Darkness does to you Earth humankind is something quite simple: to get you to misuse your creative energy.

To get you to create hell after hell after hell after hell…

If unaware, your precious energy could easily go into building an Anu construct, a worldwide system of oppression and exploitation, which we termed “the Anu Matrix.”

We are also talking about you, an individual.

Don’t think that you are immune to the shadow force’s influence because you are a Child of Light. Actually, a Child of Light is just more aware of the mind control that’s going on every minute, just more vigilant about self-guarding his or her own energy. A Child of Light is an awakening individual who isn't easily tricked into an Anu game.

With regard to the current Gaza event, you can either use or misuse your precious energy. Do you know that however remote you are from the actual location of Gaza, your energy as an individual counts? Vibrationally speaking, your thoughts, feelings, and actions are contributing to the changing situation of this wounded spot of the human body.

You are facing a binary situation: either you contribute to the problem or the solution.

We are talking about a long-term, true solution that leads to a bright future for the human collective. You’ve heard the saying, “One cannot solve a problem with the same mentality that has created it.”

It was the mentality of “us vs. them” (which begets the mentality of “an eye for an eye”) that has brought you to the current war and will bring you further, to World War III. The problems will go on as long as the “us vs. them” mentality goes on. What can truly, truly change the world is the change of human consciousness.

It begins with you, an individual. You change your consciousness so that you become a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

You feel empowered, don’t you, after the above three exercises? As a Child of Light, you carry an innate sense of responsibility for the welfare of humankind and the well-being of Earth. You want to do something great to contribute to the healing of humanity. One of the greatest things you can do is, simply, to keep exposing darkness to the light.

Finally, you are ready for the three questions of the Gaza Test.

Here they are:

Q 1:

Can you see in your own light the Anu Game being played out in Gaza and elsewhere?

Q 2:

Can you choose to love all humans (trapped in the Anu Game whether as Israelis or Palestinians, Russians or Ukrainians, etc.) including humans you dislike or even hate?

Q 3:

Can you create something (whether big or small, visible or invisible) that contributes to the healing of Gaza, a deep wound in the Middle East?

Remember an initiation test is to be passed by the entirety of you, by you answering questions with actual experiences in the timeline, not by mental thinking alone.

There is no time limit to this initiation test. So take your time and come up with three answers sourced from your depths of being. We know you will succeed, and life will congratulate you in ways familiar or unfamiliar. One day, looking from a higher point, you will find yourself beaming a smile and saying:

“I've passed my Gaza Test!”


Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

An immediate follow-up message I received from the Pleiadian Group of 8 in the 5th Dimension is that this Gaza Test is being given to everybody, not just Children of Light.

It’s a test for humanity.

If we, the human race on Earth, can pass this key test, we will radically alter the course of civilization. We will initiate a new chain of events, leading to a bright future for Earth.

I know, you will take this initiation test as seriously as do.

Here, I want to point you to a revealing talk by David Icke, which can help you see more intricate details of the Anu Game being played out in Gaza:

By the way, “Anu Game” is a term coined by the Pleiadian Group of 8. It refers to the same nonhuman astral force that David Icke talks about, which secretly controls what he calls “the Global Cult.” David Icke hasn’t gone as far as naming Anu, although he’s been revealing the Anunnaki connection. The Pleiadian Group of 8 introduced the term “Anu Force of Darkness” to help us pinpoint the monster hiding in the dark.

How about ending this message with a manifesto?


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