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Good Reptilian vs Bad Reptilian

Human survival and health largely depend on the victory of the good reptilian (protector of life) over the bad reptilian (saboteur of life).

Claim Your Sacred Reptilian Heritage!

Bad Reptilian Evil Dragon.jpg


a neutral word

The Good Reptilian

Keep You Healthy


- Reptilian species native to Earth in 3D

- Reptilian energy protecting Earth in 2D

- Reptilian component of humanity

Sacred Snake

Snakes, turtles, lizards, and others

embody the reptilian energy

upholding a base layer

of the biosphere.



an ancient symbol 

The Bad Reptilian

Keep You Sick


- Reptilian extraterrestrial invaders 

- Reptilian destroyers of Earth

- Reptilian force hiding in the 4D


The Anu force is 

a reptilian-machine force 

that invaded humanity &

hides within humanity

We, the Pleiadians, are NOT related to the reptilians.

But we urge you, our Earth-human family, to claim your reptilian heritage.

Below is an explanation.

Sincera logo .png

Sincera Speaks

This is an excerpt from Chapter 21 "Tantric Reunion"

in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory.

Earth humankind is a composite species. Do you realize it? 


In your physiology, you are a special type of primate. However, on the genetic level, you are a chimera made of mammal, bird, fish, amphibian, reptilian, and many other kinds. 


In shamanic terms, you could say you have a variety of animals and plants for family members.


In scientific terms, you could say you share DNA information with many seemingly unrelated species inhabiting the biosphere of Earth. 


To claim your Earth human heritage, celebrating the specialness of your species wouldn’t be enough. To fully claim your Earth human heritage, you must also honor the commonality between you and other life forms.


You know the saying: You share one body with all living beings on Earth.


Truly, at the deepest level, in your 1D, you are the same as eagles in the sky, bears in the woods, frogs in the ponds, and snakes in the swamps—you are one Gaian Being.




Josephine Wall-spirit of flight.jpg

"Spirit of Flight"

by Josephine Wall




Of all branches of your animal family, the reptilian branch gets the worst rep. The word “reptile” in popular usage hangs just above the gang of words for “abject evil.” The reptiles are arguably the most condemned, most hated, and most feared animal kind in the human imagination. 


But they are one of the oldest enduring species on Earth. They had been living here long before humans came on the scene. They serve as guardians of Gaia’s forces and keepers of Gaia’s records. More importantly, they safeguard an integral part of your human genetic makeup. Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and turtles in symbolic, as well as actual ways, personify your reptilian component—they represent your reptilian ancestry.


By now, you are aware that two kinds of reptilian energies have been interacting with you.


“Sacred reptilians” refers to the original reptilian species in the Earth Paradise Project, who inhabit 2D and 3D. They are native residents of Gaia and loyal protectors of Gaia. 


“Evil reptilians” refers to malevolent extraterrestrials of the reptilian kind, who are invaders intent on destroying Earth and Earth human beings. The 4D metallic reptilians from planet Nibiru, known by their Sumerian name Anunnaki, qualify for being called “evil” in every sense of the word.

These evil reptilians were able to infiltrate Earth humankind because they resonated with your reptilian component, because their vibrational field was compatible to the reptilian part of your vibrational field. Due to the mechanics of vibrational resonance, they infiltrated your reptilian part through the energy gate governing survival and procreation (i.e. the Sacral Chakra). 


From down up, they marched along the pathway of the kundalini snake. The evil reptilians’ ploy is to destroy your sacred reptilian heritage. Your reptilian heritage is the source of your power and health. The sacred reptilian energy, symbolized as the Snake, is the primal life force, the sexual energy named kundalini. 


To enslave you humans, the mechanic-reptilian Anu force must first gain control over this vital energy route. Since they had no power to directly snatch the treasures, they set out to lure you humans into voluntarily giving away your treasures. They did it by making you fear, hate, and forget the Snake within.

Adam Eve Snake.jpg

They began by painting an ugly picture of the sacred snake.


The Snake was portrayed as a seducer and deceiver causing humanity to fall from grace.


They twisted the original story and added the part of their own treacherous deeds, and the result was the “Adam and Eve” propaganda piece, wherein the Snake became the chief criminal responsible for the fall of mankind.


But as you now see, the very character traits of evil that they have heaped on the good snake are those of themselves. 




Their next step in enslaving the human race was to suppress sexuality.


With the expansion of the Anu force in the historical timeline, suppression of sexuality became a dominant norm in cultures around the globe. Religion, education, media, medicine, and law joined hands in promoting taboo and guilt over sexual expressions that are natural and free. This suppression of sexuality, in public and in private, served a most cunning agenda—to steal your kundalini energy. 


You see, these 4D parasites feed on human sexual energy. But they prefer to feed on the energy expressed in negative forms—they prefer to drink the energy of illness and disorder. They coax you people into repressing your kundalini so that the outlet for this ecstatic life-enhancing energy stays a destructive one.   


A step further, an even cleverer strategy they used was promoting sexual promiscuity.


In recent decades, on the sweeping wave of globalization, it has become a worldwide fashion for humans to be super active in sexuality. The more lovers, the healthier; without a lover, you are a loser.  Such was the subliminal message the mass media presently bombards you with. 


Random, casual sex only depletes your energy. It drags you down vibrationally.


Without love from the sacred heart, without a union of the four bodies, without even basic compatibility of vibrations, the union of human genitals couldn’t even rival animal sex. Humanity can never ascend in banal carnal conjugations. The human spirit falls with such misuse of the human flesh.


The Anu way of doing sex is sexual perversion without disguise. 


The rebirth of humanity depends on the rebirth of the Snake. A new human can only emerge from you remembering who you holistically are and reclaiming your entire genetic and soul heritage. Being a core component of your human design, the sacred reptilian force plays a pivotal role in your awakening at Dawn. It provides, above all, the alchemical fire that is essential for the magical procedure of self-transformation.  


You need a strong dose of sexual energy, in other words.


You must raise your kundalini, my dear starseed. 

- End of Excerpt -


Read the full Chapter 21 "Tantric Reunion"

in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory. p.423-456

and learn how to raise your kundalini.

Qin-Ra 2020.jpg

Channeler's Note

To claim our reptilian heritage doesn’t imply that we invite snakes to live in our house or go swimming in a river with crocodiles, though our feelings about these strange-looking beings do change as we begin to see them as a part of us, as a part of the 1D level of me. 


The Pleiadian call to action implies a re-connection also in the 2D, the 2nd dimension of Earth inhabited by elemental spirits and guarded by reptilian energies, which our ancestors called the dragons. The dragons are spirit animals.


The 2D reptilian energies also express themselves as turtles.


baby and mom turtle.png

One of my techniques for bonding with the 2D reptilian energy is visualizing myself as a baby turtle on the back of a giant one, whom I call “Grandma Turtle.” When life gets stressful or confusing, I simply relax into my baby turtle position and say, “All's well ‘cause Grandma knows where to go.”


Did you know that "Turtle Island" was a Native American name for Earth?


The Return of the Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent_Rainbow Snake.jpg

To the Human Heart

Other Names:

Rainbow Snake, Winged Snake, Feathered Serpent, Sacred Snake, Good Dragon, Good Reptilian, Naga, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, 龙

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