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Civilization of Light

Are we living in cultures of darkness? What is the "civilization of light" that the Pleiadians have called us to rebuild? Sincera (an ancient Pleiadian civilizer) gives answers.

Civilization of Light

Sincera Speaks

A civilization of light for the coming Age of Light is founded on the pillars of light-bodied human beings.

Without such human pillars of light, there won’t be any civilization of light.

What is light?

Light is truth, beauty, and love.

A civilization of light is a human society in which individuals are true to themselves and to one another. They use their creative energies in building a life of beauty and joy. They love Earth, love all sentient beings, and love the cosmos.

A civilization of light is powered by Earth light, is an expression of Earth light, is a human personification of the multifaceted magic being called Earth.

This civilization begins with the premise that “nature is good and nature is sacred.” Not anti-nature, not moving against the way of nature, it must be fundamentally compatible with nature and going with the natural flow.

A nature-loving and human-loving civilization can only function based on the spherical model that we have shown you before:

Equality, respect, sharing, caring, collaboration, inspiration, individual freedom, communal support … these are characteristics of a civilization of light. If one word is to be used to describe the vibrational state of such a spherical society, that word would be “security.”

Secure humans.

Ontologically secure humans.

They have basic trust in Mother Nature, and in humanity. They have safe feelings about Earth, Moon, and Sun, about planets and stars, about space, about life beyond death. If you set secure humans and insecure humans on a vibrational scale, they would be at opposite poles. Secure humans are in a high vibrational state, peaceful and happy. Only in a secure state can humans be truly creative.

The whole aim of our Agriculture Project, which began 11,000 years ago, was to restore your sense of security.

“No more struggle against nature or against one another; from here on, life is secure,” we said to your inner spirit. The whole Civilization Project we had initiated on Earth was built on this fundamental sense of security.

It might be difficult for you to feel such a sense of security, for you have lived for 5000 years in extreme insecurity.

The Anu Age (3500 BC until now), despite its dazzling technological advancements, has reduced you to a pitiful state of insecurity.

The history of the Anu Age was one of free humans degraded by cutthroat competition for artificially limited resources and locked into a brutal struggle for survival on a planet where, ironically, abundance actually abounds.

The Anu “Culture” (not Anu “Civilization” because of its barbaric quality) is built on a nature-hating and human-hating system. The dark pyramid of power, which you’ve already seen, gives you nothing more than a deep sense of insecurity.

It is impossible to reform such a dark pyramid, to transform it into a light pyramid or light sphere.

The Anu force of darkness doesn’t contain in itself the seed of light. It cannot self-correct and, even if it could, it is unwilling to be corrected. It desires the darkness in which it thrives.

The civilization of light has to be a total replacement, not a reformed version of the culture of darkness.

Although it sounds futuristic, the civilization of light is neither a utopia nor a fantasy, but rather a project interrupted, a reality put on hold.

Just over 5000 years ago, it was civilization of light all over the planet.

In Neolithic times, humanity was pure and light, and human societies were based on egalitarian principles. It was love on Earth. It was peace on Earth. It was happiness on Earth. A civilization of light for the coming Age of Light needs to be built on the very foundation of this Neolithic civilization of light.

Why? Why Neolithic, not Paleolithic?

Because agriculture will continue to serve as the bed soil of human civilization well into the Age of Light. New humans will eat basically the same kind of food that humans have been eating since Neolithic times. The talk about returning to Paleolithic diet or upgrading to artificial and ethereal foods is unrealistic.

If you see that the 5000-year Anu culture of darkness is at its core an alien hijacking, twisting, and misusing of your original civilization of light, then you see the logical solution.

The solution is simple: take back the flight of civilization and reset it on its original course.

The original course is the Gaian Dream, the hijacker’s course is the Anu Nightmare.

You, as a species, are entering a powerful vortex of energy. Entering this vortex is like driving into a great roundabout with exits into many different realities.

Although numerous personal realities are available to you, there are only two main exits from which you can choose. These two exits, going in opposite directions, will split the human race into two camps and the planet into two realities. In this last traffic circle, which exit will you choose?

The Last Traffic Circle

Will you choose to serve your mother planet, Gaia?

Or will you choose to serve the alien lord, Anu?

We, your Family of Light, respect your free will. Even at this critical juncture, your sky family is not commanding you to go a certain way. Instead, we are all saying to you:

“Make a choice!”

The power to choose can protect a world or destroy a world, can open heavens or unleash hells. And every one of you has that power. The choice you now make determines your next place in the cosmos and affects the future of planet Earth.

If you don’t make a choice, you’ll be swept up in the force of the Herd Mentality and go the mainstream way, which is Anu’s way.

Every human on Earth deserves to be informed of this final traffic circle, so that he or she has a chance to make a choice.

You who are starseeds, among those first informed, can reach out and inform others. Of course, you can’t decide for another person, but you can inform another person.

You came to serve as bringers of light.

As bringers of truth, you are storytellers of the truth of what happened in the past.

As bringers of beauty, you are visionary designers of a future new Earth.

As bringers of love, you are angelic messengers delivering compassion via your life situations in the present, the now.

Your original starseed energy is there, intact in your being. Your beautiful volunteer and adventurer energy is there, waiting to be reclaimed and released into the world. You have volunteered to come and serve as artistic directors of the Earth Living Theater, and as innkeepers of the Earth Bed and Breakfast.

But it takes time to become who you are. It takes time to purify your aura. It takes time to break old patterns and make a habit of new ones.

Take your time in healing your wounds and transmuting mountains of heavy energies. Take all the time you need in living out the most magical episode of your earthly saga.

Be patient. Be very patient. Judge not the external outcomes, but value instead the internal process. You are in uncharted territories, with no straight line for a trail. You circle around, go back and forth, rise up and fall down.

Trust the way.

Trust your way.

There is no ready-made way, but a way-in-the-making, by you.

There is no path in front of you. But there is a path behind you—a path to light, made by your own footsteps. You are your own path maker. You are your own torchlight. You are a solo pilgrim treading a path in the pathless wilderness.

You are the path.

Everywhere you go you find yourself a minority, quite often a minority of one. Yet, you are not alone!

You cannot see us, but we can see you. You can trust in our presence, especially late at night when you feel utterly dejected, defeated, sometimes even deranged. Still, we are right around you, as your Family of Light.

We are less than an inch away. We are but a thought away.

Ask us for help. Your gesture of asking invites us into your home. When you make this opening, we are permitted to come in and offer you our assistance. That’s because your sky family respects your autonomy and will not offer any aid without your asking us first.

We are not your saviors—we are your allies.

We are not your bosses—we are your guides.

We help you out in your initiation dramas along life’s perplexing labyrinths. The gentle voice you hear inside the dark maze is our voice, the voice calling you: “Come this way! This way leads to light. This way leads to freedom.”

We are here, just outside your five senses. We are in the reality parallel to your own, accessible through the portal of your sacred heart. And you need not do anything to earn love from us. We love you simply because we are your family.

Yet, you cannot meet your family with a hierarchical mindset—such a mindset keeps us segregated. You can only meet us in the spirit of equality, in the spirit of trusting audacity, letting your small self bask in our large energy field.

The only way to meet us is to become one with us.

Now, I have some cheerful news for you.

Many starseeds who have received the extra code of light are now alive on Earth—this is your biggest group incarnation ever!

This time, you are incarnated not at one central spot, but everywhere; you do not appear in one skin color, speaking one local dialect, but are back on stage in all races, genders, and ages. You are back to build a global spiritual community that yields to no political, economic, or religious border controls.

You are here to fashion a new civilization of light, out of the ashes of darkness. A beautiful new Earth is emerging, who vibrates in love, not fear, whose human children follow not schedules or routines, but their sacred hearts’ calling.

You are here to revive an ancient civilization of light, founded on the pillars of megalithic power stations.

You are here to manifest the blueprint for the Earth Paradise Project, forever shining in your starseed soul.

YOU are the civilizers.


You've just read Chapter 22 "Civilization of Light" channeled from Sincera by WJ Qin in our book, New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory.

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