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12 Signs That You Are a Starseed

If you're here reading this, you've heard the term, felt some connection to it, and thought “Am I a starseed?”

Starseeds (star seeds) are humans who are aware or becoming aware of their souls’ off-planet origins. A part of their souls, they feel, originated from an extraterrestrial world, on another planet, in another star system or even galaxy.

Many starseeds are living in a state of amnesia about their extraterrestrial origins, their starseed awakening yet to begin. You might be one of these awakening starseeds.

Star in this context doesn't mean the same thing as it does in “star athlete.” It's not like being Hollywood star, social media star, star student and so on. Being a starseed doesn’t make one a better or brighter human being!

There's a lot of confusion on the internet in the way people use the term. So let’s clarify what we mean by “starseed.”

We don’t know who invented the term. The sources we have point to Brad Steiger, who talked about “star people” in his 1976 book Gods of Aquarius, where he introduced the notion of a type of humans whose origins could be traced to extraterrestrial realms.

“Star people” evolved into “starseeds” sometime during the 1980s, notably with the publication of Starseed Transmissions, a book channeled by Ken Carey.

Now in 2020, “starseeds” has become a popular keyword on google search. It's a popular New Age concept circulating on the internet.

The concept of “starseeds” has both broad and narrow uses.

In a broad sense, it's connected to panspermia theories (the idea that life on Earth began when microorganisms or certain organic compounds landed here from space), echoed in the popular saying that “we are all made of star stuff.” In this sense, starseeds are everyone and everything alive.

This broad sense of the term is valuable because it helps raise our awareness of our connection to the wider universe. However, being broad can lead to being vague. As a term expands to include everything, the concept becomes diluted and loses its focus and strength.

In a narrow sense, “starseeds” is linked to the original concept of “star people.” These humans are a type apart, living a life disconnected from the mainstream. These people have been living in the shadows, and the term “starseed” serves as a means of self-discovery. It gives them a way to identify themselves and live with an enlightened consciousness.

This narrow sense of the word “starseeds” is the one we're using here.

We use “starseeds” as a classification label, applicable to a specific type of humans who make up a very small part of the world's population.

Starseeds (as extraterrestrial souls living in Earth-human bodies) exist in all races, cultures, genders, and age groups. What makes this small group of people starseeds are not their external appearances but their internal traits.

Here are 12 psychological traits commonly found in the starseed population. See if you resonate with these starseed characteristics.

12 Starseed Traits

1. You feel intrinsically different from other people.

Everyone feels different from everyone else. But the kind of difference that starseeds feel goes deep into their bones. They feel profoundly separate. Who they are at the deepest level cannot be mirrored by others or really understood by others.

They have a hard time finding close friends, let alone finding a group to truly belong to. Although some of them are socially active and seem to be popular, on the inside they feel utterly alone.

2. You feel stranded on planet Earth.

Since childhood, you’ve felt uncomfortable about living here on Earth.

You felt you had somehow fallen from a higher realm into the low realm of Earth-human life. Was it a celestial world? A star world? You couldn't remember, but you remembered the feeling of having lived in a world full of love, beauty, and joy in the company of souls who could effortlessly understand you.

As you grew up, it was impossible to recreate such a high-level existence here on Earth, so you felt stuck in unpleasant, even hostile existential situations, like an alien on Earth, not knowing how you got here or how to get out.

3. You feel homesick no matter where you are.

Most starseeds feel a sense of homelessness that stays with them everywhere they go. They are homeless wanderers in search of places where they truly belong.

Many of them were born into difficult family situations, which only intensifies these feelings.

The few who had normal happy childhoods still experience the strange sensation that their parents are not their real parents, that their physical homes are not their spiritual homes.

Many of them have spent their lives moving from place to place, from relation to relation, from religion to religion, in search of a perfect environment where they can finally say “home at last!”

4. You yearn for outer space.

Ever since you were a kid, you've been gazing at the stars with a yearning too deep for words. Sun, moon, and stars could move you to tears. As you grew up, you developed a keen interest in sci-fi, fantasy, or spiritual literature.

You immersed yourself in anything otherworldly.

You've indulged yourself in fantasy travels, wishing that a flying saucer could land on your house’s front lawn and you could hop on it and fly away.

5. You're carrying the sense of an unfulfilled mission.

“Why am I here? What is my mission in life?” This question eats at you but no matter what you do, you can't find a clear answer.

You know you were born for something great, something more important than getting a job, getting married, and having kids. Yet this “something important” has stayed vague and elusive in your mind.

Like an amnesic super agent who has lost the memory of his assignment, you don’t know what your task is.

Not knowing is a constant source of torment. While others just let it be, you’d do anything to find out what your mission is.

6. You seek freedom.

Easily frustrated by the limitations of physical existence as well as the constrictions of social norms, you are a freedom seeker.

The material world feels too heavy, the status quo too antithetical to your existence. Professions that require strict adherence to regulations don’t appeal to your heart. Situations that most people see as stability look like imprisonment to you.

It’s difficult for you to hold a 9-to-5 job in a rigid hierarchical structure. You can’t stand following rules set by others. Instead, you want to do things your own way. Many starseeds are mavericks.

7. You are ultra-sensitive.

Many starseeds suffer physical allergies. Their bodies tend to be hypersensitive, overreacting to pollen, dust, foods, or chemicals.

They demonstrate an extremely low tolerance level to noises. Normal everyday sounds that others don't even register can be torturous to starseeds.

They are psychically sensitive to the vibrations of others, hearing people’s thoughts and sensing their feelings.

Most of them are empaths, with paranormal abilities to perceive others’ inner states. This ultra-sensitivity is both a strength and a weakness. For self-protection, starseeds often put up a solid wall around themselves or withdraw into a hard shell. If they don’t, they’d be in pain.

8. You love being in nature.

If being around people causes pain, being in nature brings joy.

You feel at ease in the natural environment. You feel happy taking a walk in the woods or taking a swim in the sea. You take refuge in nature, even though you feel that planet Earth is not your ultimate home.

You follow and honor nature, seeking company in trees, flowers, and animals. You yearn to climb mountains and visit caves. Earth is sacred to you, and the spirit of Earth speaks to you. You are a born environmentalist.

9. You are driven to create.

Creativity is an essential part of all humanity, but starseeds find themselves driven by a stronger urge to create something new, to innovate. Whatever profession they're in, starseeds are usually the inventors who introduce new ideas, set new courses, or start a revolution.

They don’t always understand where their inspiration comes from, or why it seems to come more easily to them than to others. They have a huge desire to make something out of nothing and to change what exists. They’d always rather create than copy.

10. You are prone to addiction.

Because of their psychic openness, starseeds are susceptible to lower-vibrational influences. They're easily pulled into heavy vortices of energy, finding it difficult to get out.

Their lack of strength to safeguard their vibrational sovereignty, combined with their need for spiritual escape, can easily result in addiction: drugs, alcohol, gaming, gambling, relationships.

Depression is a common experience for starseeds, and some are driven into suicide. Many starseeds find themselves going though the Dark Night of the Soul again and again, and they blame themselves for it.

11. You are a wounded healer.

It's not uncommon for a starseed to begin this lifetime in a difficult family or social situation. This is because starseeds are here with a mission to open paths from realms of darkness into the light.

Many of them had volunteered to be (re)born into a dark scenario in order to assist in the collective task of creating trails of light. Their souls have agreed to take on abuse, to be wounded in childhood so that they can become healers in their adulthood.

If they understand this deeper collective reason behind their personal traumatic experiences, they may develop their inborn healing abilities and turn from victims into healers. A part of their mission in this lifetime is to heal humanity, starting with themselves.

12. You are a visionary.

You are brimming with original ideas and visions about what the future will or could be like. You see the big picture and feel a sense of responsibility for the destiny of humanity and planet Earth.

You might not call yourself a utopianist, but you’d call yourself an idealist. You have vivid visions of a peaceful and vibrant planet, but these dreams clash with what exists out there in the current establishment.

Starseeds are usually souls coded with a blueprint of civilization. The inner blueprint shines from within them, experienced as dreams, visions, and ideals. If starseeds could understand that their personal visions come from this grand blueprint, they’d become more daring in their creativity and more assertive in their expressions.


If reading these 12 starseed traits gets you excited, chances are that you are a starseed, or have close connections to extraterrestrial civilizations from other dimensions.

If reading them convinces you of the opposite, there is nothing to be sorry about. Instead of a “starseed,” you can proudly call yourself an “Earth seed”—a child of Gaia, gifted with a set of talents that even starseeds envy.

Children of Earth have many strengths. For one, you likely understand planet Earth and its people much better than starseeds do, and can teach starseeds how to connect with Earth and ease their burdens.

You are spared the inner conflict and torment that come with the starseed package. This planet is your home. You aren’t torn between wanting to stay and wanting to leave. You are born more unified and wholesome, more able to focus on making the best home on a planet of abundance.

Blessed you are as an Earth seed!

And blessed you are, if you find yourself a star seed!

Your pain, your suffering, your “curse” can all be turned into sources of energy to help you realize your starseed dreams on Earth.

The best thing about being (re)born in this lifetime, at the crack of dawn, is that you can regain your lost connection with your star home.

Your star family is here on Earth because of the dawn energy opening communication portals. They are reaching out to you. They're here to guide you and support you.

As you reach out to them, you will regain your lost home connection and recover your lost mission in life.

You will remember why you are here.

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The most difficult moments of life are when we aren't understood, I go long periods of time w/o anyone who i can interact with on the level that i want to take it. They are quick to judge me and reject me, i always try to give before asking and help people first; my intent is always pure i simply want to help. This world is good to me in a lot of ways but personal relationships don't last.

Thats ok because i know i was sent here to love and help others. Walk through the fire is something i do a lot, i will die for my truths. Even if the only one who believes in them is me.

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