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The Pleiadian - Sirian Alliance

Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance logo.png


Pleiades logo size.jpg


* 5D star system

* "Sisters" to the Sun

* Feminine in relation to Earth


* Light-bodied star humans

* Ancient civilizers

* Megalithic builders

* Founding “mother” of agrarian civilization

* Driving force behind artistic creativity

* Ireland as one of their ancient schools

* Operated in even numbers: 2,4,8,16




* 6D star system

* "Brother" to the Sun

* Masculine in relation to Earth


*Light-bodied star humans

* Ancient civilizers

* Megalithic builders 

* Founding “father” of urban civilization

* Driving force behind scientific creativity

* Egypt as one of their ancient schools

* Operated in odd numbers: 3,5,7,9


Pleiadian Mother - Sirian Father - Earth Human Child

"Within the galactic family of light, we Pleiadians and the Sirians had been assigned complementary roles. You could see us as the “mother” and “father” figures for the Perfect Human child. 


"The Pleiadian influence was similar to that of a mother, who births the child and nurtures it in the postpartum phase. When the child reaches a level of maturity, the father steps in to provide masculine nurturance. The Sirian Technos were to assume the role of fatherly educator only when the Perfect Human child was toddling on its feet. 

"We are not in a wife-husband relationship with the Sirians, understand?  'Mother" and "father" are just metaphors. To be exact, we are allies." 

— Sincera Speaks, Chapter 5, New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory,  p.135-136 

To learn about the Pleiadian seeding of agrarian culture and Sirian seeding of urban culture, click on the image to read or download our free eBook.

New Humankind - A Pleiadian Herstory thu
abstract waves.jpeg

"See us (the Pleiadian and Sirian civilizers) as 2 waves running through the timeline of Earth-human civilization. The 2 waves are interdependent, and you, our family on Earth, need assistance from both of us."

                                                                           -  SINCERA (Pleiadian teacher) 

Sirian Starseeds Scientists.jpg

"At the moment, 90% of our technological inventions are in the hands of the dark force. The future of Earth depends upon the awakening of your scientists."

                                                                                                  -  KTRS (Sirian Techno teacher) 

The Dark Force

Anu Age.jpg

The Anu force originated in the dark side of Sirius.

The Anunnaki infiltrated the human genome and hijacked civilization during the Bronze Age.

Read More About the Dark Sirians


Journey to Our Neolithic Self 2020 thumb

KTRS, a Sirian Techno being of light, revealed that the dark Sirians have been using Sirian starseeds to destroy Earth. 

Read Chapter 10 "Crunchy Scientist"

in Journey to Our Neolithic Self, pp.314-325

hijacked egypt.jpeg

The Hijacked Egypt


"You can see the Pleiadian and Sirian experiments on Earth as two sections of a fantasy park.  A visitor from space could go to the Pleiadian side to acquire one set of experiences and then to the Sirian side to acquire another."

                                                                                                        - KTRS  

Newgrange wide.jpg



Image by Jeremy Bishop



Pleiadian Fingerprints

Sirian Fingerprints

Pleiadian Sirian fingerprints.png

Pleiadian Way

Sirian Way

5 points to bear in mind: 

1. The Pleiadians were mound builders, the Sirians pyramid builders.

2. There existed a Pleiadian layer in prehistoric Egypt and a Sirian layer in prehistoric Ireland.

3. Pleiadian starseeds were initiated in Sirian schools, Sirian starseeds initiated in Pleiadian schools.

4. Pleiadian and Sirian teachings overlapped in the area of medicine, alchemy, astrology and more. 

5. The Pleiadians have been inspiring the Artist energy in humanity, the Sirians the Scientist.

Read the Full Story in

Chapter 5 "Womb Phase"  &  Chapter 11 "The Sirian Father"

in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory

12 is number for Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance

"Your future begins now

with you reconnecting with your

Pleiadian and Sirian family of light."

Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance logo.png

"The Star Gate to 

the Pleiadian and Sirian realms of light

lies within you."


  is the number for  Pleiadian - Sirian Alliance 

P Field.jpg

Pleiadian Field

Sirian Field.jpg

Sirian Field

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