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Pleiadian Ireland

Knowth - an Earth Womb temple built by the Pleiadians

Brú na Bóinne, Ireland

Photo by Kevin Stroup / Wikicommons

Ireland’s Connection to the Pleiades 

During the Neolithic era, the Pleiadians chose to build a model island of civilization in Ireland. Neolithic Ireland was a Pleiadian center of learning—a "kindergarten" for starseeds. The Pleiadians built an extensive network of megalithic classrooms on the island (and elsewhere on the planet) to teach tribal humans the steps to develop a civilization of light.

Kindergarten in 3 grades.jpg

Why Ireland?

Ireland is a portal island into multiple dimensions. With her wealth of natural and supernatural resources, Ireland excelled as a prime persona of the Earth spirit.


Prehistoric, pre-Celtic Ireland was inhabited by tribes of starseeded Homo sapiens—Earth human beings with an extra component of starseed soul in their consciousnesses.

The Tara Portal

Who are the Pleiadians?

We, the Pleiadians, are light-bodied human beings from the star cluster of the Pleiades (also known as the Seven Sisters in your folklores). We are your family in the 5th Dimension, your closest kin in the galactic human family.

Who are the Pleiadian civilizers?

We, the Pleiadian civilizers, were the bringers of civilization and the builders of megaliths.

In response to the 10,000 BC catastrophe, an interstellar mission was dispatched from the Pleiades to Earth to salvage the Human Project. The Civilization Mission (with a Pleiadian majority onboard) came to initiate agriculture and civilization around the globe.

Our mission first landed in the Middle Earth around 9500 BC and initiated the worldwide Neolithic Revolution. Our mission came to Ireland around 5000 BC, landing first at the Hill of Tara, and introduced to the island a variety of stock species and the farmer’s way of life (Read More: Agriculture from the Sky).

Who are the Pleiadian Group of 8?

We, the 8 Pleiadian figures (4 couples) were the builders of Ireland's megaliths and the teachers of Ireland’s kindergarten. 


During the Neolithic era, we walked the earth side by side with you, the Earth humankind. In perfect bodily forms that were twice your height, we, the Pleiadian teachers, were honored by your Neolithic ancestors as the Shining Giants.


Using the same bodily form, we, the Group of 8, first made contact with our messengers in 2006 at Carrowmore, a site that we had built nearly 6,000 years ago. (Watch this contact event here.)

We, the Group of 8, were the first Pleiadian group to self-disclose the Pleiadian origin of the Neolithic Revolution and megalithic civilization. (Read more in ABOUT)

Pleiadian Group of Eight 8

 Symbol for the Group of 8

Pleiadian Group of Eight 8

We, the Group of 8, were the "Ireland Team" within the Civilization Mission. The Group of 8 was actually one Pleiadian soul that was self-projecting as eight individual human forms. We were lifelike to the Earth-human senses.

The Carrowmore Portal

When did the Pleiadians leave Ireland?

We, the Pleiadian teachers, invited Sirian beings of light to co-teach in Ireland at the start of the Bronze Age. Meanwhile, the Anunnaki (an alien force from the dark side of Sirius) invaded the Earth-human domain and hijacked our civilization of light in Sumer.


As the vibrations on Earth became increasingly heavy, we could no longer exist in the 3rd Dimension in bodily form.  The Anu force of darkness eventually pushed us, your Pleiadian and Sirian families of light, out of Earth’s physical plane. Pleiadian and Sirian presence in Ireland ended around 2000 BC.

When will the Pleiadians return?

We never really left.


We didn’t leave the Earth sphere. We withdrew into Earth's spirit plane and communicated with sensitive Earth humans through telepathy as angel-like spirits.


We, ancient Pleiadian civilizers, are returning first to your awareness as spirit beings inside you. We will physically return to the external world as we did in Neolithic times when the light on Earth is strong enough to anchor our descent.


The full return of us, your Pleiadian family of light, depends upon the light work that you complete. You are the builders of a vibrational landing pad necessary for our physical return.

We've left on Earth many megalithic tokens of our love to support you through the long night of separation. These megalithic portals, once activated, will serve as new meeting points. 

Carrowmore Pleiadian Pleiades

Mega Tokens of LOVE

The Cosmos Temple  (Carrowmore 51) 

What is Ireland's role for today?

Ireland leads the world in her rich Pleiadian heritage.


Think of Ireland as a Pleiadian Theme Park, compact, complete, well-preserved, and prepared for reopening.


The Civilization Mission chose Ireland as the first center to reveal in the 21st century, the first showcase for an ancient Civilization of Light soon to be revived.

Watch our first contact event at Carrowmore 51 

First Contact With the Pleiadians 

The Beaghmore Portal

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