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Gaian Dream

The Dream

The Earth Dream

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Earth, a self-expression of the Great Dreamer, 

who dreamed a universe into existence.



Gaia, the spirit of Earth, fulfills a dream as the mother of endless life forms. Her garden is a paradise, her children beauties, herself the epitome of feminine grace.


The Gaian humans live to play, acting as communicators between diverse species and creators of an infrastructure for life experience.


To embody many types of biological intelligences is the aim of the wise species aptly named Homo sapiens.

3 Doors to the Gaian Dream

Womb Consciousness

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Child Consciousness

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Play Consciousness

Krishna Radha.jpeg

The Return of the Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent_Rainbow Snake.jpg

To the Human Heart

Gaia Order
Gaia Order.png

Head of the Order:  


No hierarchy

No dogma

No pope

No rank

No regalia

No address

No fee

No broker

No rule

No propaganda

The Gaia Order

The Gaia Order is a Pleiadian call for action:

"It's time to create a new worldwide order!"

The Gaia Order is a renewal of an ancient spiritual order.


The order has been in operation since the birth of Gaia, its goal being to assist the Earth Paradise Project.

A multi-dimensional and multi-racial organization, the order considers humans its prime members and prized agents of light.


Open to anyone who honors Gaia’s way, the order's human branch is a secret (anonymous & unbreakable) society of light that battles the Earth-damaging culture of darkness.

As freedom fighters in spirit, as priests and priestesses of green magic, members of the Gaia Order call themselves “Sons and Daughters of Mother Earth.”

They are the new shamans.

Their agenda is to serve Gaia, the soul of Earth.

Q & A

Q:  Who can join the GO (Gaia Order)?

A:  Anyone.

Q:  What qualifies?

A:  Service Consciousness.

Q:  How can I join?

A:  Anywhere anytime: to join is to make a conscious bond between the soul of you and the soul of Earth.

Q:  What makes the GO different from many ecological movements?

A:  Here, Gaia is seen not as an environment but as a spirit: as a teacher, guide, and leader of humanity.

Q:  What makes the GO different from many nature-honoring religions?

A:   Its emphasis on zero obstruction between you and Gaia (i.e. no middleman, no tollbooth, no 3rd party).

Q:  Is the GO a religion?

A:  No. The GO is a spiritual movement, which unites people from different walks of life. As “Sons and Daughters of Gaia,” its members are united in their Service Consciousness.

Q:  What is the essential energy of this worldwide spiritual community?

A:   Love for Gaia.

Q:  Why does it have to be a secret society?

A:   The GO is a “resistance movement” against the dark force dominating the planet. It is secret only to the Anu Matrix of darkness. It is open to all who seek freedom. Such secrecy, still needed, ensures self-protection, self-preservation, and self-expression.

Q:  Why is such an order necessary?

A:   Because Gaia needs her human children to channel the 5D energy of light into her body, to help her ascend into the 5th Dimension. Humans are key players in her dream.

Q:  What do “Sons and Daughters of Gaia” do?

A:   To live and die in the Gaian Way.

Q:   What exactly do they do?


To serve as shamans (wise men and wise women).

To serve as magicians

     (multidimensional channels for divine powers).

To serve as caretakers of the Gaian family.

To serve as priests and priestesses of light.

To serve as visionary fighters for the new Earth.

Tarot the Magician.jpg

Q:  How do they live?

A:  They live in nature as much as possible. 

They live by nature’s calendar based on cosmic time 

(i.e. the cycles of Sun, Moon, Earth, planets, and stars). 

They defy the Anu calendar based on a machine time.

Q:  What is the #1 duty of the GO shamans?

A:   To Listen to Gaia’s voice. She speaks through water and fire, earth and air, through birds and beasts, trees and flowers, and of course men and women, boys and girls.

Q:  What is the #1 act of the GO shamans?

A:   Wuwei (non-egoic act). Selfless act.

Q:  What do the GO shamans seek?

A:   Love and wisdom.

Q:  Do I need some kind of a ceremony to join this invisible order?

A:   A ceremonial gesture is important for this act of committing to a new life of serving the soul of Earth. Also important to invent your own prayer and rite for binding your soul with Earth’s soul. Whether solitary or communal, it is primarily a ceremony of self-initiation.

In other words, be creative.

Q:   What happens after I join the order?

A:   You enter a new relationship with Gaia. From here on, she will guide you. You've become a co-creator with Gaia: you let the Earth Spirit dream through you.

Q:   Can I seek guidance from other GO shamans?

A:   Of course! Gaia has many faces and personas. She talks through human voices as well. However, you learn to seek guidance directly from Gaia by tuning into her presence inside yourself.


It's always between you and Her.

New Humankind - A Pleiadian Herstory thu

Read More: 

Chapter 3.  Earth Paradise Project

in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory,

p. 94-115


A tree of light stands tall in the celestial realm of the Great Spirit.


Its terrestrial reflection grows wild in the human park of the Garden of Earth.


The undulating reflection presents a dance between light and shadow, a play of dualities.


The path to the real tree winds through the deep yearnings and high ideals within the human capacity to dream big.  

The Blueprint
Pleiadian-Sirian Alliance symbol.jpg
The Pleiadian - Sirian Alliance
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