Womb Consciousness

Womb = Energy Source

Consciousness = Holistic Awareness

Womb = Power Field

Consciousness = Experiential Knowing

Womb  ≠  Environment

Consciousness  ≠  Mind

Womb Consciousness is the seed's awareness of its being one with the apple and being other than the apple. 

Womb Consciousness produces a sense of security (peace & warmth) and a sense of purpose (direction & motivation).

Where Are We?

Womb Within Womb

How Are We?

Cord Over Cord

Where to?

Birth After Birth

Sperm —> Planetary Seed —> Star Seed —> Galactic Seed

Animal Human —> Planetary Human —> Star Human —> Galactic Human

How to?

newgrange tempe of light.jpg

Womb Temple Revival

  Newgrange, a Megalithic Womb Temple

Built by Ancient Pleiadian Civilizers

Build Your Own Womb Temple

Chap. 20 New Womb Temple .png

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Chapter 19

Healing Primal Trauma, Entering Womb Space


Chapter 20  

New Womb Temple 


in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory


New Humankind - A Pleiadian Herstory thu

Womb of Light Meditation

Pleiadian Field - Womb of Light

Pleiadian Field

3 Doors to the Gaian Dream

Womb Consciousness

Child Consciousness

Play Consciousness

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