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1. What IS a Child of Light?

What Is Child of Light?

Child of Light symbolizes the true you

whose essence is infinite light.

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2. How to Be a Child of Light

How to Be a Child of Light?

Anyone at any age can be a Child of Light. 

Follow our Child-of-Light series below and learn how:

3. How to Become Newgrangborn

How to Become a Newgrange-born Child of Light?

You can become a Newgragen-born Child of Light via the Pleiadian Initiation Rite "Born into the Light" (which takes place each Winter Solstice at the Earth Womb Temple of Newgrange, Ireland).


* No need to physically travel to Ireland as the rebirth rite unfolds in the 4D.

Start by learning the two sets of info below:

1. What Is Newgrange?

2. What Is the Newgrange Initiation?

 (a New Pleiadian Tradition Since 12.21.2020)



- The rebirth rite unfolds on the astral level of Newgrange, in the 4th Dimension.

- You can access this Para-Newgrange from anywhere on the planet.

- Newgrange is alive in your mind and spirit.

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