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"I Am the Source!"

Mantra of the Year (highest affirmation - highest success)


2024 is another revolutionary year for both the human collective and the human individual, “revolution” in the sense of old systems being broken down to be replaced by new structures that are vibrationally matched with the ascending Earth. 

To successfully ride the revolutionary flow to get to where you want to be, you can use a powerful ancient mantra (i.e., affirmation), uttered in Sanskrit as “Aham Brahmasmi” and in English as “I am the Source!” 

Aham ( I ) Brahman ( the Divine Source ) Asmi ( Am ).

Now draw a deep breath and say it aloud, like a superhero in a movie,

“Ahaaam Brahmaaasmeee!”

This is the most powerful mantra on Earth. Use it and success is guaranteed. 


Because the most powerful energy in the universe is the Source energy and the highest state of human consciousness is where you experience being one with the Divine Ultimate—you are the Source. 

If you operate from the highest position, using the most powerful energy, you are already at the endpoint, having succeeded. This is the Victor’s position.

Or God’s position.

The Source can be called by many names including “God.”  If you'd rather say the mantra in your way, choose a name that feels closest to your heart.

For example, sometimes I say “I am Tao,” other times “I am Ra,” or “I am the Sun Buddha.”

It may feel like a cliché for a Hindu to say “Aham Bhramasmi” or a blasphemy for a Muslim to say “I am Allah.” If you don’t want to use any religious term, just say:

“I am the universe!”

What does the mantra do?

In saying it, you are in your mind remembering who you are vibrationally at the ground level, being identical to the Source field. You are beginning to tap the Source energy.

While saying it, you visualize the Source either as a point or as a field. You could visualize a cosmic sun (Ra) shining in your Heart Chakra or a field of light/love (Ra Field) spreading from the center of your chest. 

Not just visualize it, but also feel it.

I know you can say and visualize the mantra but can’t quite feel it as a state of being. Don’t worry! It will happen, I assure you. Keep saying it, feeling it, and believing in it. One day, you’ll notice that the mantra has morphed from an affirmation into a description of what you are experiencing. 

In that high state, you see things differently, do things differently, and evaluate things differently. “Success” then means that the Source energy completes its movement in the timeline by way of you, leaving behind a trail of personal experiences, be they positive or negative, thus forming a circle from zero back to zero.

Formlessness back to formlessness.

“I am the Source” can also be paraphrased as “I am nothing and I am everything!”

If you carry such an attitude throughout this year of unprecedented change, no scary event from the Anu Matrix of Darkness can scare you out of your wits, not even a WWIII. 

You’d find yourself living on a different planet, happy and free. 

Qin-Ra’s Announcement

My next blog message will come in the summer—I need to use the spring to accomplish a more urgent task. 

While my Ra side is infinite, the Qin side is finite. So are you. The Qin level of me must prioritize her tasks and do things step by step in the timeline. So must you.

I feel this message and the previous one ("A Bright New Beginning") from the Pleiadian Group of 8 have provided you with the right amount of guidelines. You don’t need more info, my fellow Child of Light, you need to turn information into experience.

Now you have the Mantra of the Year—you are all set—and I can refocus on my top priority.

In closing, I'd like to share my favorite version of the Mantra of the Year:

"I am infinite light & endless love!"

Feel it.

Feel it in your bones.  

* For those who have taken the Winter Solstice Newgrange Initiation, you can follow our instructions from 2021 onward (click here: Child-of-Light Message Series). Most of our Pleiadian messages are timeless: they can guide you this year and today.



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