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Cosmic Love

2023 Winter Solstice - Pleiadian Initiation - Born into Love/Light

Love is what you Earth humankind need.

Imagine a love that supports both Palestinians and Israelis, both peacemakers and warmongers, a love great enough to hold every imaginable drama in the Earth Theatre, and beyond, in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Call it Cosmic Love (or Unconditional Love, or Source Vibration). The words refer to the same energy that manifests and sustains Earth, Sun, and the Cosmos. 

Why call this energy love? 

To help you connect to it in your heart. 

Why call this energy light? 

To help you connect to it in your head. 

"Love/Light" is a new term we coined to name this essential and inexhaustible energy of the Source Field (or simply, the Source). 

Seen as a point, the Source is brilliant like a sun. 

Seen as a field, the Source is infinite light and endless love.

Imagine being born into a sea of love on the morning of Winter Solstice.

2023 Winter Solstice Pleiadian Initiation

Born into Love/Light

No Need to Travel

to Newgrange in the 3D!

Channeler’s Note

The two links above are self-explanatory. By walking through them, you will have a clear idea about this self-initiation rite (free & open to all). The independent you can then take the initiative to design and perform the rite on your own.

Remember such a rite of passage doesn’t promise any overnight change—you won’t turn into a brand new person and live happily ever after! This is just the beginning of a new adventure. It’s called the Child of Light Journey. 

If you are already a Newgrange-born like me, you can play with this rebirth act. Indulge yourself in a fantastic rite of passage into the 1-year-old, 2-year-old, or 3-year-old you.

This will be my 4th time. I was born on 12.21.2020.

For this year, my entire Winter Solstice Holy-day (Dec.21 to 23) will be spent in a Ra field of infinite light and endless love.

I don't know about you but I’m gonna treat myself to a nonstop three-day Cosmic Sun Bathing!



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