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Unconditional Love

How to access unconditional love? Pleiadian beings of light are back on Earth to help humanity regain the ability to love.

- A Message from the Pleiadian Group of 8 -

Winter brings out your deepest fear. As the nights get longer, you may experience a drastic decrease of energy; dark emotions such as depression and despair may invade your inner landscape of sun. This is the perfect moment to tap the power of unconditional love.

What is unconditional love?


Unconditional love is a vibrational presence that accepts and validates you whatever you do, wherever you go, and whoever you are.

This vibrational presence is none other than the source that has birthed you and the rest of the human race. Source, or call it life, loves you unconditionally.


Yet, most humans on Earth operate in a mindset that can be summarized as follows:

“If I … I will be loved.”

This “if I ...” can be broken down into three categories:


1. If I DO something, I will be loved.


If I smile, if I think positive, if I work hard, if I buy presents, if I donate to charity, if I win the competition, if I win the lottery, if I get promoted … I will be loved.

2.  If I HAVE something, I will be loved. 

If I have her, if I have him, if I have that car, if I have that job, if I have a diamond ring, if I have perfect skin, if I have the charisma of a movie star… I will be loved.

3.  If I can BE somebody, I will be loved

If I am rich, if I am tall, if I am smart, if I am handsome, if I am successful, if I am sexy, if I am brave, if I am perfect… I will be loved.


To access unconditional love,

you just need to remove the conditions

that you have imposed on love.


You remove the “if ” block, and you remove the “will be” block. This “will be” sets the event in the future, thus delaying your experience of love, which happens always in the now.

And you replace the old mindset with a new one that says: 

“Even if I ... I am loved!”

“Even if I am a loser, a gambler, a lier, an alcoholic, a maniac, an addict, an idiot, a geek, a nerd, a nut ... I am loved. Even if I failed my tasks, screwed up my relations, lost my chances, let people down, got myself in debt, got others in debt, want to quit, want to disappear ... I am loved."

This method of changing "if I ... I will be loved" into "even if I ... I am loved" creates in an instant vibrational shift, a 180-degree turn from dark to light. So why not give it a try?

Or, you can simply say to yourself: "Source loves me no matter what!”

Each day you allow yourself more moments to experience “Source loves me no matter what,” each day your energy level shall increase, each day more rays of happiness shall dispel your gloom & doom self-talk.

Winter can bring out a deepest self-transformation. Now at deep winter, you may consider going through this annual death-and-rebirth portal phase consciously, you may even want to give yourself a death-and-rebirth treat!

We send you our very best wishes along with a gentle reminder:

Often the darkest place is where you find the brightest light.

(A Rising Sun at Winter Solstice Shines Into

the Pleiadian Temple at Newgrange)


Who created the megalithic marvel at Newgrange and what was its purpose?

You can read the Pleiadian revelations in Chapter 11 "The Sirian Father"


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