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Q & A with the Pleiadian Group of 8


1.  True Pleiadians vs. Fake Pleiadians

​Q:   How do I differentiate between true Ps and fake Ps?

A:     True Pleiadians bring no obstruction between you and the source of light.
        Fake Pleiadians block your connection to the source of light.

There are beings of “love and light” who, as deceptive obstacles, carry a secret agenda to block your path and steal your love.

equality is a Pleiadian principle and non-duality a principal Pleiadian teaching.

If you are a Pleiadian starseed, you possess an innate ability to communicate with your Pleiadian family. We, the Group of 8, are a doorway to the Pleiadian family field. But you don’t have to go through WJ Qin to meet us, and you don’t have to go through us to meet your Pleiadian family.  

As a P seed, you are a true P!


Because of who you are, you are able to differentiate instinctively between true Ps and fake Ps.


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2.   Pleiadians  &  Plejarens

​Q:  The two names often show up side by side. Are these two ET groups the same?

A:    Pleiadians and Plejarens are NOT the same, though we belong to the same galactic human family.

Plejarens introduced themselves to your world in the 1970s through Billy Meier, who presented stunning photographs of Plejaren beamships and raised mass awareness of contemporary ET visitations. The Plejarens described themselves as having come from a planet named Erra some 80 light years beyond the Pleiadian star system. They were not from the Pleiadian world and not Pleiadians per se.

As ET humans, the 
Plejarens were benign visitors to Earth. They played a temporary teacher role during their short visitation before withdrawing from Earth in 1995. Despite sharing an ancestral link with Earth humankind, they were not long-term participants in the Human Project on Earth as we were. Plejarens never played the civilizer role. They never participated in the Neolithic Revolution that we had initiated.  

There has been much confusion about
Pleiadians and Plejarens. Such confusion clouded your view and muddied your understanding. You have thereby built up an image of Pleiadians as blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic astronauts in sexy, tight spacesuits, traveling in flying saucers and UFOs.


Popular images of the Plejarens and their flying saucers

Popular Images of the Plejarens​

​Such an association is dangerously misleading—it keeps you stuck in the space of materialism.

The space of materialism is exactly what you need to get out of in order to enter the true Space Age.       

Pleiadians are operating on Earth as nonphysical spirit beings in a higher dimension, accessible to your soul/consciousness. In the Neolithic times, you did meet us on the outside, in the 3rd Dimension of dense energy. In this time period, however, you must meet us first on the inside, in the 5th Dimension of subtle energy. As spirit beings, we can appear in a variety of forms—often as abstract lights—to interact with you, our starseed family around the globe.

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3.   Pleiadian Literature

​Q:  How is your information related to other Pleiadian information?

A:   Ours is part of the 2nd wave of Pleiadian information arriving on Earth in your current timeframe.

The 1st wave peaked in the 1990-2000s, resulting in a body of Pleiadian information substantial enough to be called Pleiadian literature. The 2nd wave is a development of the 1st wave. Besides expanding the old, the 2nd wave introduces new concepts and new symbols.

If you are already familiar with the 1st-wave Pleiadian literature, you can use our 2nd-wave information to deepen your journey on the Pleiadian path. If you are new to the Pleiadian world, consider giving yourself a thorough education by reading books from both waves.


You have two options:

1) You can start with our 2nd-wave books, which cover the basics and are suitable for both beginner and advanced levels. You can then work your way back to the 1st-wave books.


2) You can go from the1st to the 2nd-wave books, following the timeline.


Either way, it would nourish your mind and soul to read the following four classics from the 1st wave:


Wave 1


Bringers of the Pleiadian dawn; Ken Carvey, Barbara Marciniak, Amorah Quan Yin, Barbara Hand Clow


Wave 2


Anicent Pleiadians Return 2020 thumbnail


Pleiadian Book Twins by WJ Qin

Book Twins


4.   Angels  &  the Pleiadians

​Q:  Are angels from the Pleiadian realm? Or are the Pleiadians from the angelic realm?

A:    You have to ask yourself what you mean by “angels”—the word itself is a source of confusion.

If you mean an intermediary, you are not far from the original Greek word “angelos,” which means messenger. Since messengers could serve the light or the dark, there are light angels and dark angels operating in the astral realm.

Most likely, you mean “messengers of light.” In that sense, we Pleiadians are angels. As light-bodied human beings, we dwell in the 5D (5th-dimensional) realm of light, and we bring galactic light to you, Earth humans, who dwell in the 3D realm of matter.

Not all angels are Pleiadian, of course. For example, there are 6D Sirian messengers of light—“Sirian angels,” so to speak. As you know, angels can appear in a variety of sensory forms to interact with you.


5.  Christ, Buddha, & the Pleiadians

​Q:  Any relation among the three? Are they from the same family of light? Or are they ploys of a mind control scheme?

A:    The true Christ (Yeshua ben Joseph) and the true Buddha (Siddhartha) were sons of light. They were light souls incarnated in earthly bodies to assist humanity during the dark night of history.

The fake Christ and the fake Buddha are, indeed, ploys of a mind control scheme. They are symbolic devices used by a dark ruling force to trap your imagination.

Fake Christ and Fake Buddha

The true Christ, true Buddha, and true Pleiadians belong to the same galactic family of light, though the souls of these two historical men originated in a light dimension higher than our Pleiadian stars.

A major difference between the true Pleiadians and these two historical figures is that we, the collective of Pleiadian civilizers, did not incarnate in earth-human bodies.


We projected images of body-like forms when we were teaching on Earth in the Neolithic phase of prehistory. In contrast, these two souls went through full incarnation processes to help humanity through the dark night of history.


6.  Hierarchy vs. Higher Dimensions

​Q:  You speak of higher dimensions. Does it imply some sort of spiritual hierarchy?

A:    Our galaxy has many levels of energy fields differentiated by vibrational speed. We call these vibrational levels “dimensions.” A higher dimension refers to a level whose vibrational speed is faster than a level compared—higher and lower are relational terms.

Bear in mind that underlying our galaxy is a vibrational unity, a ground-level oneness that renders these differences illusory. You can see these dimensions as emanations of a primal oneness and as stations of a fluid field. You can visualize our galaxy as a sphere (with your 3rd Dimension at the center) wherein energies flow in all directions.


The spherical model of an ideal human civilization of light
LIGHT Sphere


The Anu Pyramid of Dark Power
DARK Pyramid

​There is no hierarchy inside a sphere, or you can say, a spherical structure doesn’t do hierarchy.

By “hierarchy” we mean a structural setup that segregates, discriminates, and destroys its parts. Hierarchy is the essence of the Anu Matrix, an alien system of domination and destruction that has been imposed on you and ruling you for 5000 years. You can learn about the Anu hierarchy, the Anu Matrix, and the Anu pyramid of darkness in our book, New Humankind: a Pleiadian Herstory.

5000 years inside the Anu pyramid of darkness has programmed your mental conception of the spirit world. When you look up to the celestial world, you see ladders and stairs, you see high ranks and low ranks—you see a pyramid.

It is time to break free from the historical hierarchical mindset. It is time to revive the egalitarian heritage of your prehistory. The freedom of humanity and the future of Earth depend on a rebellion on your part against all social as well as spiritual hierarchies.

You can never meet us, your Pleiadian Family of Light, inside a pyramid of dark power.

You can only meet us, your higher-dimensional ancestral selves, inside a sphere of light power.

You can only meet us by becoming one with us.


7. Why Don’t You Pleiadians Land on the White House Lawn?

​Q:  … and make a direct appearance on CNN and BBC?

A:    We are beings of light, unable to land in zones of darkness.
In the Neolithic times, we were able to walk the Earth side by side with you in body-like forms because the vibration of Earth and of humanity then was light, much lighter than today.

Now at dawn, we are returning to your reality, first to the light inside your soul. The light inside you is our landing pad. We must first make soul contact with you before any physical contact is possible. If enough humans on the planet can facilitate our return in their souls and can anchor our presence in their consciousness, a vibrational zone will grow, making our full entry into your dense material realm possible.

You are the generation to build this landing pad for our full return in the near future.


We will land at our old landing sites (such as the Hill of Tara in Ireland) in body-like forms again. But this future event in the Era of Light depends very much on the work you do now, our dear family.

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