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Pleiadians Are NOT Nordic Aliens

Misconceptions about the Pleiadians run rampant on the internet. The biggest of them all is “Pleiadians are Nordic aliens.”

The Pleiadians are often labeled as “Nordic aliens”—alien beings with beautiful Nordic features such as blonde hair, blue eyes, and tall stature.

Is it true, the Pleiadians are Nordic aliens?

The answer is NO.


Before we set the picture straight, let’s set the terms straight.

Pleiadians” refers to intelligent beings from the star cluster Pleiades (astronomically labeled as M45, about 440 light-years away) who are now on Earth actively involved in human affairs. Because of their extraterrestrial origin, they are a type of ETs, and because of their close resemblance to us in some of their contact forms, they are human-like ETs.

ET” is short for extraterrestrial, a neutral umbrella term.

Aliens” refers to beings from another realm, a foreign world, an outside territory. Due to the negative connotation of the word “alien” as an adjective, the term “aliens” has lost its neutrality to a xenophobic sense of distrust, dislike, and distaste. The word “aliens” induces a cold constrictive feeling of alert or even fear, being next to words such as “alienation” and “alienated.”

Nordic” refers to the geographic location of Scandinavia or a physical type of Northern European peoples characterized by tall stature, light coloring, and long skull.


Now we have the terms straight, let’s set the picture straight.

We set it straight by breaking the misconception “Pleiadians are Nordic aliens” in two steps:

1. Pleiadians are NOT Nordic

First and foremost, Pleiadians are spirit beings, nonphysical and immaterial.

They exist in the 5th Dimension, a higher dimension above this 3rd Dimension of matter, in a parallel reality perceivable through not our five senses but our extrasensory awareness.

As spirit beings of light, the Pleiadians can be described as having light “bodies,” which are completely different from the flesh bodies of our earthly kind.

The light “bodies” of the Pleiadians can appear in anthropomorphic forms as well as abstract forms. The Pleiadians can come across as human beings of light ( as the so-called “Shining Ones”) or as fields of light or streams of light without even border or shape.

How the Pleiadians appear to the Earth-human awareness is always a matter of two sides interacting with each other, a matter of the meeting of two projections.

Just as people see angels in all kinds of forms, people see the Pleiadians in all kinds of forms. What registers in the Earth-human perception is the form that is most intimate to the Earth-human side and most strategic to the Pleiadian side.

The highly intelligent Pleiadians use the most appropriate visual form to interact with humans on Earth. The blond-hair blue-eyed anthropomorphic form was the most appropriate one for the first group of contactees in Europe and North America in the 20th century. Thus they projected a Nordic appearance into these contactees’ awareness.

The Nordic form was one of the numerous anthropomorphic forms the Pleiadians have projected. For the dark-haired dark-skinned peoples on Earth, the Pleiadians projected dark-haired dark-skinned appearances instead. This was what they did as ancient civilizers millennia ago when they seeded agriculture and built megaliths around the globe. They purposely looked like the locals.

The Pleiadians are currently making contact with humans around the globe, not just the English-speaking white-skinned group. To pin the Pleiadians to the Nordic form risks serving a hidden “Western hegemony” or “white supremacist” agenda.

To put it mildly, to pin the Pleiadians to the Nordic form goes against the Pleiadians’ will.

2. Pleiadians are NOT aliens

The Pleiadians are our closest kin in the known universe.

Although they can appear in abstract forms as fields of light or waves of light, they are essentially streams of human consciousness in the 5th Dimension. They are 5D human souls with light “bodies.” They are human intelligences of a celestial kind, fundamentally compatible with the human intelligences of ours, the terrestrial kind.

The Pleiadians are human, not humanoid.

The word “humanoid” implies a quasi, lower status. The Pleiadian humans are another type of humans in the galactic human family. One could say that they embody much more of the human ideals of beauty and love than we do. Compared to their brilliant presence, we Earth humans, as a tormented sick species of today, look rather humanoid.

The Pleiadians were ancestors to many Earth human tribes.

They were our ancestors in two respects:

1) Genetically speaking, a number of human and humanoid animal species came to planet Earth by way of the Pleiades. The 5D Pleiadian-human world was the last dimensional station to mold and perfect the Earth-human design, which had come out of the galactic core in the 9D and undergone the styling of the 8D, 7D, and 6D.

2) Consciousness-wise, as far as a large segment of the starseed population on Earth is concerned, the human soul/consciousness has partly originated from the Pleiadians. Many starseeded Earth humans could trace their soul ancestry back to various conscious beings residing in the Pleiadian star system.

As masters of the 5D station on the actualization route of the human design, the Pleiadians have played a pivotal role in the development of Earth humankind.

They've served as sculptors of the human character, bringing the human design into full-fledged forms, refining its details, and ensuring its practicality as a template for materialization in the 3D Earth realm.

Many times have the Pleiadians come to this planet to assist Earth human evolution, many times sending inspirations, many times offering aids, and many times bringing rescue.

The last Pleiadian rescue resulted in the seeding of agriculture and establishment of a global network of megalithic power stations during the Neolithic era.

Teachers, helpers, and allies. The Pleiadians are FAMILY to us, not ALIENS to us.

Neither Nordic nor alien, the Pleiadians should be rightly perceived as our family from the Seven Stars.

Now well into the 21st century, we are at the dawn of global contact with many types of ET races.

The best way to interact with our Pleiadian family is through consciously employing a form that is closest to your heart.

For me, the form turns out to be an abstract one of light.


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bns je m appelle Étienne et j adorerais pouvoir partager et rencontrer les pleiadiens


Muhammed Wally
Muhammed Wally
Mar 03, 2021

According to recently declassified U.S. gov documents, a meeting with pres. Eisenhower took place where a "deal" was made. In exchange for 5 of their craft, the U.S. was to allow samples taken and tests performed on the population. This is when "abductions" started being reported.

Muhammed Wally
Muhammed Wally
Mar 05, 2021
Replying to

Abduction is a deeply personal negative experience. Most of humanity is incapable of seeing nature or "acts of God" as impersonal. If I were charged with collecting biological matter to save my species, I would do it as humanely as possible . This seems to be the case with legitimate "abduction" stories (except for conscious moments reported) , however, as you mentioned, Pleiadians can choose an appropriate form for contact, needed samples could easily be obtained voluntarily. That being said, the "blue eyed Nordics" mentioned in the "deal", seem to not actually have been Pleiadian, or perhaps the abductions were /are done by our own species. I think I just answered my question. It reminds me of the disaster of…

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