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Pleiadian Characteristics

You want to know what the Pleiadians look like. More important than that, however, is to know what they feel like.

The Pleiadians are nonphysical spirit beings. They came from a level above our dimension of dense matter, beyond our space-time, outside our five senses’ range. You cannot see them with your physical eyes, or hear them with your physical ears. You cannot encounter them as flesh-bodied astronauts coming down a ship.

But you can feel them with your body.

Yes, with your physical body.

Because inside your physical body there resides the nonphysical aspect of you—your soul, or call it consciousness or awareness. This extrasensory awareness of yours can receive, decode, and transmit a wide range of frequencies outside the narrow range to which your five senses are confined.

Your nonphysical aspect is always communicating information with your physical aspect. Your physical body, by design, is engaged during most of your soul activities. Your body can feel what your soul is doing unless it is an out-of-body event.

To feel the Pleiadians, you need to start with the nonphysical aspect of yourself.

You need to go within.

The Pleiadians interact with you from the inside.

Remember they came from beyond our space-time. When you are with them, there really is no difference between inside and outside in your perception.

To be with them is not something as difficult as you think. Pleiadian beings are open to global contact, and Pleiadian vibration is accessible to all humans on Earth. It’s just that starseeds with soul origins in the Pleiades have more direct and easier access since Pleiadian energy is their home energy.

Being a Pleiadian starseed, I’ve had deep experiences of the Pleiadian energy over my 13 years of starseed awakening. I shall describe to you what the Pleiadians feel like to me.

As you know, there are a variety of Pleiadian collectives and individuals active on Earth. From my knowledge and belief, I can say that there is a unified agenda among the true Pleiadians, that there is a Pleiadian family of light, whom we can fully trust.

The hallmark energy of this overarching Pleiadian family of light is what I'm describing down below:

Characteristics of Pleiadian Energy

1. It’s a celestial energy

Before our modern space age, people described whatever energies they’d experienced from higher realms as “celestial” and this was how Pleiadian energy had been known throughout history (some Pleiadians never left the Earth realm). Pleiadian energies had been described in “angelic” terms.

And angels they are, if we use the word “angel” in its original sense of messenger and go-between.

The Pleiadians see themselves as messengers of light, as go-betweens from the galactic source of light to assist the ascension of Earth humanity. They serve as 5D “angels” going between the 9D galactic realm and 3D planetary realm.

2. It’s a heart-warming energy

The core agenda of the Pleiadian family of light revolves around helping Earth humankind to restore the ability to love.

The original civilization the Pleiadians had seeded in the Neolithic era was built on the foundation of love. The hijacking and corrupting of civilization by the Anu force of darkness has severely damaged the human ability to love.

Love is an energy generated by the Heart (short for Heart Chakra). The Anu empire that had been ruling Earth for 5000 years always aimed at attacking and closing the human Heart. As a light force counteracting the dark, the Pleiadians are naturally focused on healing the wounded human Heart.

Pleiadian energy goes straight to the Heart whenever personal encounter occurs. They connect with you from the Heart (by the way, the Heart is the seat of your soul) and communicate with you from within the Heart.

The Pleiadians meet you in your warm Heart space.

3. It’s a mind-stretching energy

Light has two wings: love and wisdom.

The Pleiadian light beings are wisdom beings. They carry and deliver information. They wake up human minds from a hypnotic trance state of ignorance by shining the light of true knowledge. They help us break free from the iron cage of instrumental rationality.

They clean our minds, expand our minds, enlighten our minds so that we can become autonomous free thinkers again, thinking original thoughts, making truthful judgements, and most importantly, living imaginative lives.

They challenge us, constrained and controlled Earth humans, to think outside the box.

4. It’s a soul-nurturing energy

Pleiadians, true Pleiadians, would never teach you how to find a pot of gold, but would teach you how to find a way home.

To go home to your true self, vibrating in abundant joy, enjoying the richness of earthly life, and manifesting the blueprint coded in your soul—that is the missionary aim for Pleiadian helpers dedicated to helping humanity make the next leap of consciousness.

Contact with Pleiadian energy may not result in an instant increase of the numbers in your bank account or in your social media group, but may result in an instant boost of your self-confidence, your trust in life, and your ability to handle situations of hardship.

Pleiadian energy enlightens and empowers you. Suddenly you feel you are OK, you are strong, you are right on track. You see where you are going in life.

I can go on and on about this beautiful feminine light force from above that has guided me through many Dark Nights of the Soul.

But you get the point.

Now you know that you can indeed feel this exotic thing (the "Pleiadian energy") without going to the desert for a UFO sighting, without booking a session with a Pleiadian channeler.

You can tune into yourself.

You can DIY.


Watch my 2019 video on how I met the Pleiadians in Ireland in 2006:


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