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The Pleiadians


"During the Neolithic era, we Pleiadians used the Mother archetype to interact with you, our family on Earth. Returning now in the same Motherly energy, we wish to place a stronger emphasis on the equality between you and us, and an even stronger emphasis on the greatness of your existence on Earth."

"We are your closest kin in this universe. As an ancestral (and future) version of you, we never did and never will abandon you, our beloved family, no matter how forgetful you've grown to be of our close family tie."

"Just a few thousand years ago, we walked the earth side by side with you and built megalithic sites to support your growth. As darkness forced us to leave the Earth shore, we hoped that these mega tokens of our love would be able to provide you consolation and courage to carry through the night of separation."

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The Hill of TARA - Pleiadian Landing Site

Hill of Tara - Pleiadian Landing
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Mega Tokens of LOVE

The Cosmos Temple  
(Listoghil / Carrowmore 51, Ireland) 

"Now Dawn is here.

Wake up, dear ones, open your eyes, and see us, your family!

We are here, right around you, just beyond the edge of your physical plane."

Who are the Ps?

Who Are the Pleiadians?

The Pleiadians are light-bodied humans from the star world of the Pleiades. 

The Pleiadians are spirit beings of light.

Their accessibility is a matter of your transparency.

Transparency is a matter of your purity, and purity a matter of your authenticity. The purer your vibration, the brighter your light body, and the higher your resonance with beings of light. 


The Pleiadians came from the 5th Dimension, which is accessible through the portal in the 4th Dimension by your 4D archetypes. To reach the 5th Dimension, you must go inside of yourself.

Where to Meet Ps?

Where & How to Meet the Pleiadians?

There are 2 vastly different approaches for seeking contact with extraterrestrials (ETs):

the external and the internal


The external approach wants to meet them out there, in the physical realm, outside one’s body. 


This has been the conventional way, what we call the UFOlogist’s Way. It's portrayed in mainstream media, in Hollywood films and TV shows such as the popular Ancient Aliens series. It has been advocated by lead UFOlogists such as Dr. Steven Greer, founder of CSETI and architect of the CE-5 protocols for contact that involve the use of light, sound, and thought.


The internal approach means to meet them in the spirit realm, within one’s body.  


The Pleiadians are a benevolent ET group, a type of light ETs. When it comes to contacting them, the internal way has superseded the external way since the time of Billy Meier, who introduced the concept of Plejaren (later called Pleiadian) ships through photographic evidence. Now it’s become the mainstream way, let’s call it the Spiritualist’s Way, to reach them.


Most contactees who are in touch with the Pleiadians, such as Barbara Marciniak and Barbara Hand Clow, two leading channelers of our time, are walkers of the Spiritualist’s Way


In a nutshell, followers of the UFOlogist Way think that a physical device (i.e. UFO) is essential for making contact, while followers of the Spiritualist’s Way think that consciousness alone is enough.


To make contact, the former says you’d better go to the desert, while the latter says you can do it at home.

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Why did Ps build megaliths

Why did the Pleiadians build megalithic sites?

If you're new to our site, you may want to start with our eBook,  Ancient Pleiadians Return


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This little eBook, channeled from Sincera (a Pleiadian builder of megaliths), joyously reveals how civilization began on Earth and why humans have suffered so much during the past 5000 years.​


It’s a tantalizing prelude to the full story about Pleiadian love for humanity and the bright future of Earth.

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The Pleiadian - Sirian Alliance
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