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The 10 Dimensions

of Humanity

By design, you Earth humans are 10-dimensional beings.

If you reach the galactic level, the universal level will take care of itself.

Think of the 10 dimensions as the levels of a house.

ten dimensions of humanity for web.png

The above chart is largely based on information channeled from the Pleiadian wisdom being, Satya, by Barbara Hand Clow.

Barbara Hand Clow has made invaluable contributions to the age of awakening with her book The Pleiadian Agenda and its sequel The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, which provided a solid cosmological foundation for an emerging Pleiadian spirituality.

Our books are also based on the cosmological foundation laid by Satya/Barbara.


Below is an excerpt from our book, New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory, where the Pleiadian wisdom being, Sincera, teaches the starseed reader 10 dimensions of humanity.

Sincera's teaching of 10 dimensions differs slightly from Satya's teaching of 9 dimensions.

* Don't worry about how many dimensions our UNIVERSE has. Let's get to the GALACTIC level first!

Sincera Speaks

Multidimensional Humanity

Ten Dimensions Two Sides.png

The odd-numbered are feminine dimensions, on the light side; the even-numbered are masculine dimensions, on the shade side. Such pairing of yin with light and yang with shade may seem strange to you at first, but will soon make sense.

The even-numbered masculine dimensions serve as shades that contrast the light and give forms to the light. Due to the inherent, hidden nature of their workings in the overall picture, these dimensions are termed as “shades.”

The light dimension is a receptive blank sheet of paper, the shade dimension a projective pencil line demarcating an image. The shade dimensions provide structures, the light dimensions offer potentiality; the shade dimensions act as yang, the light dimensions react as yin. Without the mating dance of the two sides, our galaxy would be a boring field of nothingness.

Numbers were given to these dimensions to help you see. “Higher” is not better, “lower” not inferior. Higher and lower are relative terms.

As a starseed, you exhibit a tendency to want to escape from lower dimensions so as to dwell in higher ones, especially the fifth, where you are bathed in the home light of love.

To forsake the lower 3D in favor of the higher 5D, however, would be to fragment your own consciousness.

Dear starseed, you did not come to Earth to be a boring, one-dimensional creature.

You came to thrive as a universal superstar: a multidimensional human being.

* About the "building" metaphor:


If the 1D to 9D are the nine floors, the 10D is the entire building.

* Check out our New message (below) about the 10 Dimensions:

Gaia (i.e. Earth) is a multidimensional being.


“Dimension” here means two things:

a) vibrational density;

b) level of consciousness.


The relation between a) and b) is that of correspondence.


In her material form, Gaia has four layers of vibrational densities.


The 1D (i.e. the first dimension) is the inner sun at the core of her spherical body. The 2D, from the core to the surface, is her inner planetary universe, home of the elementals. The 3D on her surface is where you humans live in the company of animals and plants. The 4D is the astral plane, a partially human domain. 


In her spirit form, correspondingly, Gaia has four levels of consciousness.  


Presently, Gaia is approaching the endpoint of a great cycle, ready to embark on a monumental leap in her own evolution: ascension into the fifth dimension. In the new cycle, Gaia will be a planet containing five levels of density, and will assume an equal communication position with us, her Pleiadian family in the 5D. 


Her ascension is contingent upon your ascension.


You, her human children, are the designated species to channel, anchor, and spread the 5D energy—the energy of light—around her planetary body. You, human channels of light, are a key factor in this planetary ascension.


The ascension of Gaia proceeds through the fourth dimension.


The 4D is a bustling place. This semi-physical realm bordering the physical 3D and the non-physical 5D is a dimension between dimensions, a zone between zones.


An autonomous intermediary zone, the 4D works as a portal realm for inter-dimensional travels. You could call the 4D “the astral realm” or “the gateway realm.” 


On the level of human consciousness, the 4D is the realm of concepts, symbols, and archetypes, where collective expressions of human experiences are deposited, where ideas, feelings, emotions, and fantasies are generated and regenerated. 


Human mind and human emotion (of the earthly kind) are primarily 4D energies, and human emotion is the most precious gift that planet Earth offers to visitors from space. 


Human experiences, mental and emotional, are mediated by archetypes. Rudimentary archetypes such as father and mother, god and goddess, angel and demon function as holders of the life force, as calling codes to access powers from multiple realms. 


Concepts, symbols, and archetypes serve as channels through which other-dimensional energies descend or ascend to communicate with you, and as vehicles by which you travel up or down to reach other levels of consciousness. 


On the level of planetary vibration, the 4D as a vibrational zone houses major portals that connect the 3D to the 5D. These portals are time-locked. The 4D gates are time gates, locked to specific points along the timeline of 3D. Time gates open only at specific points. 


I know, many starseeds are searching around the globe for those legendary Star Gates and wanting to go on space journeys through them.


But it doesn’t work that way, my dear.


When the gate is locked, no matter what ritual magic you invoke or what technological gadget you employ, you won’t go anywhere. Because the gate opens only when planets and stars arrive at a particular position in space, the time lock can only be unlocked by celestial alignment


So you see, it is not a matter of opening the portal, but a matter of waiting for the time. And the time is fast approaching for the reopening of great portals all over planet Earth. But more important than finding the portal out there is finding the portal in here. Your human body is, by design, a portal into multiple dimensions. The greatest Star Gate is located within.


The fifth dimension is where your (i.e. Pleiadian starseeds') Pleiadian star home is.


The 5D is a realm of light, a realm of love, beauty, and creativity.


Earth humans experience the 5D energy as the energy of the Heart—the sacred heart, located at the center of your chest. 


The Heart Chakra is the physical receptor of love, a bio-device that receives, transmits, and radiates the 5D energy of love. The Heart is the bridge. The Heart is the doorway. The Heart is the 3D/4D portal to go through if you want to reach the higher dimension of 5D and above.


Above the 5D, up to the 10D, are light dimensions beyond your 3D sense of time and space, yet all accessible within your individual consciousness.


By design, you are a 10-dimensional being.


The microcosm of your humanity mirrors the macrocosm of our galaxy. Our Milky Way is a galaxy of 10 dimensions.


Groundbreaking information on the multiple dimensions of our galaxy and your humanity has been transmitted through the works of Barbara Hand Clow, one of the bringers of the first wave of Pleiadian information.


You can study Hand Clow’s two seminal books, The Pleiadian Agenda and The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, both channeled from a Pleiadian source (named Satya).


Here, I take you a step further, beyond the nine dimensions. We go to the 10th dimension.


The 10D is the “womb” that concurrently births the galactic space and galactic time. You can call it the Ultimate Nothingness. But this ultimate galactic reality is beyond the polarity of light and darkness, even beyond being and non-being, inconceivable and indescribable. You’d better call the 10D the Ultimate Mystery.

The 10 dimensions of Earth-human consciousness correspond to the 10 dimensions of Galactic Consciousness.


Galactic Consciousness manifests itself at different levels, from the 9D downward.


Think of it as a flow that emanates from the galactic center and goes from the abstract to the concrete, from the generic to the specific—a flow of consciousness.


Following are the nine levels of the flow, with respect to humanity: 


The 9D is the first-level manifestation of Galactic Consciousness, the first movement of the galactic womb energy, the one-in-all and all-in-one state; the 9D doorkeepers are human intelligences in the galactic core—the central sun, Ra.


The 8D is the realm of primal division of dualities, featuring rudimentary structural forms of Galactic Consciousness; the 8D doorkeepers are human intelligences in the Orion constellation. 


The 7D is the realm of sound and harmonics that can generate geometric patterns in 6D; the 7D doorkeepers are human intelligences in Andromeda, a twin galaxy to the Milky Way.


The 6D is the realm of numerical and geometric forms—the mathematical morphs (the Platonic ideas, so to speak); the 6D doorkeepers are human intelligences in the Sirius star system.


The 5D is the realm of beauty and love—the artistic morphs (the flesh-and-blood level of Platonic ideas, so to speak); the 5D doorkeepers are human intelligences in the Pleiades star cluster. 


The 4D is the realm of concepts, symbols, and archetypes, angels, demons, and spirits—an astral zone; its doorkeepers are astral lights, whom you call “angels.” 


The 3D is the realm of dense matter, home of organic and inorganic things in space-time; its doorkeepers are Gaian humans. 


The 2D is the realm of elemental spirits (i.e. earth, water, fire, air, and ether); its doorkeepers are the reptilian powers, whom you call “dragons.”


The 1D is the realm of Gaia’s inner sun, the source of planetary energy, the Root Chakra of all life forms; its doorkeeper is Gaia herself.

You exist, simultaneously, in 10 dimensions.


Our universe moves by way of the yin-yang dance.


Our galaxy plays through rhythmic interactions between her two polarized sides:

the light dimensions and the shade dimensions.

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