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How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension

Part 1 - A New Way to See the 5D

Dear Ones,

Presently many of you feel stuck in a low-vibe zone, unable to ascend to the 5D realm of love & light. Being stuck is a frustrating state, which has much to do, externally, with the Anu Force tightening its control of humanity, and internally, with your misconceptions of the 5D.

Many of you think that:

  1. you have to leave the 3D for the 5D;

  2. you have to leave the body for the 5D.

Actually, you don’t. But this isn’t the deepest level where you’ve been stuck.

We, your Pleiadian family from the 5D, are here to help you become unstuck. In this two-part message, we will focus on the internal factor and show you a way to break free.

Part 1

A New Way to See the 5D

You experience what you see. How you see the 5D determines whether you’d experience the 5D or not.

For you, Earth humans, thinking and imagination happen simultaneously. Your conception of a thing evokes both words and images. In your mind, concepts and symbols often come hand in hand.

When you think of the 5D, what do you see?

Close your eyes for a moment and let the image emerge. What does it look like?

For most people, the thought of 5D evokes an image of something up there—a bright space full of love and light—high above the Earth plane.

Somewhat like the image below:

Such imagination isn’t incorrect.

Indeed, the 5D is a vibrational zone of love/light beyond the dense material zone of the 3D wherein you live. And we, Pleiadian star teachers, initially seeded the concept of a 5D in that vein: we used the metaphor of a building to teach you about multiple dimensions.

The 5D is like the 5th floor of a nine-floored building.

(Please study our two web pages about multiple dimensions: 10 Dimensions of Humanity & Your 10 Zones of Power).

This model of seeing the 5D proves to be useful. However, it is only the first step, to be followed by the next—a leap of imagination.

Since images work better than words, let us present you with a graphic that juxtaposes our old model and the new one we’re introducing here:

Contemplate the two models for a moment. You might have already gotten it at first sight. “Aha!” you say.

Now, let’s delve into the picture.

We use words to explain what the new model implies:

Instead of seeing the 5D as a zone above, you see it as a zone all around.

Instead of seeing the 5D as something higher, you see it as something greater.

Instead of seeing it as a place you must struggle to reach, you see it as a place you can play your way into.

Furthermore, we use a chart to show their differences:

Our old model isn’t outdated—it’ll always be useful, as a first step. But if you treat it as the final symbol, you could easily develop a dualistic, mechanistic, and hierarchical mindset.

Such a mindset is largely responsible for your being stuck.

“So where am I in this new model?”

Dear one, you can see yourself in the 3rd ring, as a human being in the 3D. Or even better, as a human in 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D simultaneously, since these four dimensions constitute the domain of planet Earth and thus the Gaian part of you. Yet, seen from our perspective, you are inhabiting all nine rings at the same time!

You can be in any zone—you just didn’t know that you can.

It takes a change of perspective, a shift of consciousness. This shift of consciousness is precisely what we’ve returned at Dawn to help you, the awakening ones, to achieve.

The new humankind for the new Earth operates with a new understanding of who they are and where they are. They’ve upgraded themselves to a bright new relationship with themselves, and with the cosmos.

This new relationship is expressed in a metaphor that we seeded two years ago:

The new humans have shifted their consciousness into perceiving the cosmos as a multi-tiered spherical space. Not as a mechanistic environment that surrounds you, but as an organic field that constitutes you.

You are the universe.

Thus, the 5D is seen as the 5th sphere of you, as the 5th ring of your power.


Ask yourself: “Am I ready to upgrade my relationship with the universe?” This is more fundamental than the question, “Am I ready to ascend to the 5D?” Because ascension into the 5D requires a shift at the deepest level of you.

If the answer is a loud yes, you can begin by reexamining your worldview. Take time to feel the energetic difference between these two models shown above. Learn to transition into the new model, to see the universe in a new way.

Take the leap of imagination. Warp the multi-floored building into a multi-ringed sphere. Situate yourself in the new space wherein you are covered 360 degrees.

You take the center position. The 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D constitute the planetary level of you, while the 5D, 6D, 7D, and 9D the stellar and galactic levels of you.

“This is the Cosmic Me!”

You tell yourself.

Cultivate this new sense of orientation in meditating or walking, in whatever you do.

Until you’ve begun this paradigm shift, you’d find it difficult to access the 5D. You’d find yourself still in a stuck position, sandwiched between the upstairs and downstairs.

It takes time to turn this Part 1 of our message into your experience. It's better to break our message into two parts. This way, you could slowly prepare yourself for Part 2 (How to Access the 5D) , which we’ll transmit in a few weeks.


Channeler’s Note

from Qin-Ra

What is the 5D?

If you are new to our website or are still unclear about the 5D, please study the two aforementioned web pages (10 Dimensions of Humanity & Your 10 Zones of Power).

Ascension into the 5D is the zeitgeist of our time, or “Heavenly Mandate” for us the awakening ones. We’ve chosen to reincarnate in this particular timeframe to assist Gaia in ascending (which means expanding) into the 5th Dimension.

No need to emphasize how important the 5D is for our new Earth, or how significant the return of 5D Pleiadian teachers to our world.

But I do need to emphasize two points:

1) We are ascending with Gaia, not from Gaia.

2) We are bringing down the 5D, not departing for the 5D.

We, starseeds, are here to channel 5D energy into planet Earth. That’s our main task at Dawn! When you remember this, suddenly it becomes not so unreachable a goal.

You see, we are meant to be in the 5D, and Pleiadian teachers from the 5D have just given us a new key:

The 5D is not high above us, but all around us!

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