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The Sun In You

- Claim Your RA Power

Dear Ones,

Your living situations could turn even more challenging in the coming months and years due to maneuvers by a shadow force purposely making life miserable on planet Earth.

Fear not future hardships! For there within you resides a great power that shall carry you through all crisis situations, and this power is available to every awakening individual, accessible to each Child of Light.

We call it your RA Power.

1. What Is Your RA Power?

“RA Power” is a metaphor. We chose to seed this new concept, which is quite memorable, to empower you, our beloved family, at this critical juncture of Dawn.

“RA Power” refers to the powerful energy of the Source. The Source can be called by many other names (such as the Divine, the Universe, and Being), all referring to the ultimate true reality that supports your very existence as a ground vibration. The energy of the Source can thus be termed as "Source Vibration."

Source Vibration is often felt by Earth humans as a sun-like presence.

As you know, in ancient Egypt the Sun was called Ra. Now both “Sun” and “Ra” serve as conceptual devices to transport you into a state of experience. Most likely, you would experience Source Vibration as a brilliant source of light, like a sun.

Three simple facts you'll need to bear in mind:

1) Inside, Not Outside

Source Vibration is to be experienced not as a sun out there, high in the sky, but rather, as a sun inside your chest—an Inner Sun.

RA Power = the power of your Inner Sun

2) One, Not Two

Although experienced as a form of light, Source Vibration is above all dualistic experiences of light vs. darkness. Think of it as a non-dual LIGHT that encompasses light and darkness, a unifying energy that leads you to a state of oneness.

RA Power = the power that dissolves all shadows

3) Heart, Not Head

The Inner Sun is located at your Heart Chakra inside your chest, which is the seat of your soul/consciousness. The head, on the other hand, is the seat of your brain/mind.

Your mind can understand this mysterious Inner Sun, but can’t quite experience it. Rather, it is your soul/consciousness that has full access to your inborn RA Power.

* * * *

In a nutshell, inside each one of you there shines a sun-like source of energy, which enables you to not only survive future hardships but also thrive in a new Earth reality.

2. How To Access Your RA Power?

Let’s do a short meditation.

Sit still for a few minutes.

Bring your awareness to the sensation at the center point of your chest. Is this spot cold or warm, heavy or light? Focus on the inner sensation without passing any mental judgment.

Think of someone you love, a person, an animal, a plant, or a scenario. The thought of love brings up a sweet and warm sensation in your bosom, doesn’t it?

Enter this sensation and sink deep into the feeling of love.

Let this feeling of love grow and expand into something bigger, which we call LOVE. What you do here is that you use the small love as a springboard for leaping into a big LOVE, so big that it permeates the universe.

Feel this LOVE.

Feel its expansive energy, radiating out like a sun in your chest. Feel the sensation of warmth, lightness, and sweetness. Let the energy expand to all cells of your body, to the edge of your aura, to the world outside, further and further … to infinity.

To close this meditation, you may want to spread your arms and say an affirmation:

“I am the source of infinite love!”

Use this affirmation as a mantra, if you like. Anytime and anywhere, you can pause for a moment to remind yourself that you are the source of infinite love.

As you realign with the Source point at the center of your being, you’ll find yourself rising above your anxieties, doubts, and fears. You’ll see your life situation more clearly, which direction to take, and which choice to make.

Above all, you’ll experience inner peace and inner security, even if you are smack at the center of an epic crisis.


Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

You can also say:

“I am the source of infinite light!”

Many of us use “love & light” as a form of greeting. Yet I always see love & light not as two separate things, but as two faces of the same energy.

Love is light, and light is love. Therefore, love/light is a more accurate expression.

“Love” and “light” are also verbal tools that we use to access a vibrational reality, which is wordless and imageless. “Love” and “light” work as two magic doors into the same mystery garden.

For some people, the Love Door seems more attractive, for others, the Light Door. Whichever doorway (i.e., portal service) you use, you’ll arrive at the same sanctuary: a place of feeling so wonderful that you wish to make it your permanent home address.

This blissful state is something I’ve tasted again and again. Thus I can assure you that indeed, bliss is our birthright, and you, too, can claim it right now, right where you are.

Hey, you, Child of Light,

in no situation are you powerless.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going,

with a mantra:

“I’ve got RA Power!”

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