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The Sky Origin of War

War is NOT a part of human nature, but learned behavior.

The budding spring brought bombs, not blossoms, to the people of Ukraine. As the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine invaded the hearts of many around the globe, some see their hope turn into worries and despair.

Could this be the start of World War III?

No, we assure you, World War III isn’t a part of your human destiny even though it looms in the distance as a probable future. The war between Russia and Ukraine could lead you closer to, or further away from this much dreaded probability.

It all depends on the awakening of humanity at Dawn. If Earth humankind doesn’t wake up and see what's really going on, World War III is almost certainly an inevitable event.

Can you Pleiadians come down and stop all wars?

Dear ones, this is your planet, not ours.

It is your responsibility to face the war problem and solve it. As your family from the Seven Stars, we’ve returned to fight with you for a peaceful new Earth. But we can’t intrude into your territory or impose our reality on yours. What we can do, as beings of light, is awaken you to the power of light so that you can change your world in peaceful ways.

We fight with you, but we Pleiadians don’t do wars.

Warfare and weaponry do not exist in our Pleiadian world. We are beings of peace. We value harmony and collaboration. Thus, we would never encourage you to fight violence with violence or to go to war, be it just or unjust.

So, what do we do in this situation, as Children of Light?

Stay awake—that is our advice.

As with the COVID plandemic, this war in Ukraine offers you Earth humankind another opportunity of spiritual awakening. Another occasion to open your eyes and see what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Who’s controlling the world?

Who’s orchestrating these military events?

You need to look beyond conventional Conspiracy stories, beyond all secret societies, elite cult groups, royal families, banking cartels, and shadow governments that are uncovered so far. You need to see who is controlling all these human puppets.

We’ve returned to Earth to expose the Anu force of darkness that has been ruling you clandestinely for 5,000 years. We shed light on wars so you can see the following fact:

the Anu force introduced warfare to Earth.

You must know that just a few thousand years ago, there was no war on Earth. Your Neolithic ancestors had no concept of war. Warfare was a historical phenomenon, something that came when you were deep in the Nighttime of History. Warfare was an alien insert into your peaceful Earth-human life.

The alien practice of war was brought to Earth by the Anunnaki aliens, who had come from the dark side of Sirius. These space thugs invaded your human domain in the Bronze Age and imposed their war mentality and war culture on your pristine humanity.

The Anu Warrior

Step by step in the timeline, these conquerors from the sky turned you human subjects into soldiers and warriors, into mirror reflections of themselves. What's more, these largely immaterial beings used your creative talents to invent and enhance weaponry of all material types, from iron swords to nuclear bombs.

The Anunnaki never left. They’ve been hiding on Earth, in the astral shadow side of the 4th Dimension. They've been deceiving and manipulating you through mind-control techniques. They've been driving you humans into battles and wars to divide and rule you, and to live off your energy—they are astral parasites.

These astral shadows want incessant wars because they feed on the energy of destruction and chaos. They eat the energy of human suffering and pain.

War is but a food festival for the Anunnaki.

Knowing the Anu origin of war, you become much more aware. This awareness can guide you to see through the Anu force's many tricks and not fall into any of its traps.

The Anu force controls all governments and the mainstream media. By examining just the news, you can detect the Anu force at work. You can see how a mastermind blatantly manipulates people into wanting violence and wars.

The Anu force has prompted both sides to create the current war situation in Ukraine. Since it craves the energy of human suffering, the Anu force desires deaths and bloodshed—the more the better. It tries to pull as many humans into this war as possible, to aggravate the situation of violence, destruction, and displacement.

Send arms and ammunitions, as "aids."

Distribute guns to men, women, and children, for "peace."

Sadly, these men of courage (below) are giving the Anu force exactly what it wants.

For Children of Light, the best thing do in this situation is becoming aware, and helping others to become aware.

Aware of the Anu force behind all wars.

Without this awareness, Earth humans are easily manipulated into combats and fall victim to the Anu force's ruthless tricks. Let this awareness guide you into taking actions that can contribute to the restoration of peace.

Children of Light refuse to be pulled into the dark vortex of any Anu Matrix event. You dwell in the realm of light; you operate in the mentality of light; you safeguard your energy so that not a single drop goes into supporting the matrix of darkness.

Children of Light are keepers of peace.

To eradicate war and bring peace back on Earth, the human races must reunite as one and fight against the real enemy—the Anu force hiding in the dark.

War will continue ravaging Earth as long as her human children remain unaware of the Anu origin of warfare. But if more and more Children of Light help others see that war is but an alien insert into the original plan for humanity, the alien practice of warfare will lose its hypnotic power over the human psyche.

You, Children of Light, are among the first to become aware, and can show the rest of the world a way back to peace.

Stay awake!

Stay free!


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