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of the Plandemic's Dark Agendas:

- Forced Vaccination

- Population Reduction

- Mass Surveillance

- Wealth Polarization

- Psychological Warfare

Stay Free!

Image by Rachel McDermott


covid roadblock.jpg
covid roadblock.jpg


“What’s been going on since the start of 2020?” you reached out to us, your Pleiadian family, and asked. Our dear ones, what’s been going on can be summarized in one sentence: 

The Anu force created the plandemic to block your ascension.

1. The Anu Force

The Anu force is the archenemy of humanity.


This non-human extraterrestrial force (aka the Anunnaki) invaded humanity and hijacked civilization during the Bronze Age in Mesopotamia and installed step by step in the timeline a global pyramidal structure of hierarchical control, which we call the Anu Matrix.


For 5000 years, this dark ET force has been ruling humanity, abusing humanity, and deceiving humanity; in short, enslaving you. It hides in the 4th Dimension (4D), an astral shadow force, and enslaves humanity through mind-control. 

The Anu force controls all governments. It controls both the establishments and the shadow governments (the so-called “Deep States”), those in office as well as those appearing to be the system’s opponents. Through creating and puppeteering the opposites, the Anu force runs the Anu Matrix, a vibrational prison for you, the Earth humankind.


The COVID-19 pandemic/plandemic is an Anu Matrix event.

For a full exposé of the Anu force, read our eBook: New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory, p. 250-347.

Ch.12  Dark Infiltrations

Ch.13  Aliens’ Curse on Humanity

Ch.14  The Anu Age of Darkness

Ch.15  Light and Anti-light

2. Created the Plandemic

COVID-19 is the Anu force’s latest trick. Coronavirus is not a lie, not a hoax, but a real threat. It did not originate in nature, but in a lab.

Gaia, the spirit of Earth, did not (and would not) create a virus as such against her human children. The Anu force created coronavirus through government-sponsored scientific experiments. This particular virus was purposely created and strategically spread. A viral attack was unleashed on humanity in 2020, as planned.

Coronavirus is the latest biological weaponry that the Anu force has been developing since its invasion of Earth’s humanity in the Bronze Age. The Anu force was behind all the major pandemics in Earth-human history such as the famous Black Death in medieval Europe, the Spanish Flu in the 20th century, and your most recent, SARS, MERS, and now COVID-19.

There was a schematic approach to the Anu force’s development of biological (and all other forms of) weaponry. The Anu force introduced warfare to Earth as well as the drive to perfect weaponry. As an extraterrestrial anti-human force, it works on a large time scale, yet step by step in the timeline. Coronavirus has been planned not decades ago, but centuries ago.

Not only was this virus planned, the year 2020 had also been planned.


The Anu force had seeded the idea that 2020 was an apocalyptic year. Similarly, it had seeded the idea of 1999 and 2012 as the “end of world” years. 2020 was special indeed. But the Anu force designated it to be special in its intended way (by planting various prophecies ahead of time). On a cosmic scheme, 2020 was just another important one of your transitional years in Dawn.

You still have nearly two centuries to go before your full entry into the Age of Light. The time when the Central Sun rises above the horizon and shines its direct light on Earth is not 2020, but approximately 2200. You are still at Dawn, in indirect Daylight. 

To learn about Dawn and the Central Sun, go to The Age of Light

3. To Block Your Ascension

To make you believe that the Age of Light would begin in 2020 was to confuse you and misalign you with the energy of Dawn.

Ascension means going with Earth’s flow into the Daylight. You ride the upward energy of Dawn and go higher and higher in vibration. You ascend naturally with Earth. (Read more: Ascension)

The belief that coronavirus originated in nature works to block your connection to Earth. It destroys your trust in Gaia, the spirit of Earth. It makes you fear Earth as a threatening environment. As your spirit is estranged from Earth, you can’t go with her flow, you can’t ascend. 

Needless to say, this plandemic has induced a tremendous amount of suffering and deaths around the planet. It dragged the human race down to the lowest level of vibration: that of fear, anger, and despair. Instead of going up, you are weighed down, as if anchored to the ocean floor, unable to float up.

The human vibration on the planet is at the lowest point since the days of WWII. 2020-21 has been a darkest period for many individuals, families, and communities. The plandemic has created an enormous vibrational roadblock. With this huge roadblock standing in your way, you are prevented from reaching the source of light.

Besides creating the NEGATIVE kind of roadblocks, the Anu force is good at setting up POSITIVE roadblocks to trap your attention.


The Anu force spreads a variety of concepts and promotes a range of social movements to trap your imagination. Unknowingly, you get involved with these attractive roadblocks. You send your energy to beautiful but deceptive concepts, to exciting but orchestrated events. Unknowingly, you become energy providers to the Anu force of darkness. 


The Anu force uses a million tricks to harvest your energy, to steal your energy, and to drain your energy. We will speak about how to see through the Anu force’s tricks in part 2 of this message.



(Part 2)   

See Through Tricks

coronavirus trap.png

Our dear ones, what’s going on in 2020 can be said in one sentence:


The Anu force created the plandemic to trap you and suck your energy.


With this one-sentence guideline (in two variations) that we gave you, you have an overview and can always look down at the plandemic from a higher position of detachment. 

The next step is to see what this plandemic does to you on different levels.


The COVID-19 plandemic is essentially a TRAP. Think of a hole-in-the-earth kind of trap that hunters use to catch wild animals. This plandemic is a similar trap, to catch you on four levels:


1) physical,

2) emotional,

3) mental

4) spiritual.

1) You become a trapped animal as you lie under a ventilator inside a ICU, or as you sit in your car waiting in line to receive food. This physical entrapment is something you immediately understand.

2) You become a trapped animal as you watch your stock price plummet to an all-time low, or as you open your mail to see another utility bill. Many people have never experienced this type of raw of fear of survival before. This emotional entrapment is something you can easily understand.

3) You become a trapped animal as you find yourself sitting in front of a computer or checking your phone every hour or every minute. The internet has become your whole universe. This mental entrapment is something you easily understand as well. 

4) You become a trapped animal as you sign up for a petition to demand those in office to change, or as you join a mass meditation to call down ET ships of light (knowing that we, your star families, are already here). This spiritual entrapment is something we are particularly cautioning you about in this message.

The Anu force is a cunning force. It has lasted for so long in its control of you because it knows how to tap into your deepest spiritual yearning and present a false objective. It knows how to hook you with baits, how to divert your attention with promises, and how to get you stuck on roadblocks, mistaking the fakes for your real destinations.

The Anu force is the trickiest trickster, a master deceiver skilled at blocking your connection with the Source. It blocks you, traps you, and sucks you dry, just as a spider does to its prey.

While it planned for the coronavirus pandemic, the Anu force devised a whole range of false solutions to appeal to the massive demand for solutions and change. It gave you the problems first. Then it gave you solutions. The solutions have been created along with the problems.

There is a dazzling array of false solutions now circulating on the internet. Many of them have been planted years, and even decades, ago for a fruition point in 2020-21. We don’t need to name names. We trust that you possess the power to see for yourself. You CAN see through tricks.

“How?” You ask us, “How do I see through tricks?”

The Anu force is a shadow force that thrives on the energy of the Nighttime. This is a Night phenomenon that perishes in the light of the Daytime.

Light kills shadows. 

By exposing a trick (a shadowy thing) to the light, a trick loses its potency. By exposing the Anu force to the light, you disable the Anu force’s operation. 


So this is what you can do:


expose everything to the light.

Or shine the light on everything. Whatever belongs to the shadow energy of the Anu force will not be able to survive.

“I don’t know how to shine the light,” you say.

Perhaps you forgot that you are a being of light. Light is your essence.


Unless you are an “Anu Seed” (a very rare phenomenon), you have light in you, whether as tiny as a spark or huge as a beacon. The light in you is who you truly are.

We, your family of light in the 5D, cannot do it for you (we are here to help you reconnect with your inner light, not to obstruct your path as authorities of light). You have to do it yourself. You have to shine your own light on each and every situation and make choices as your true self.

As you learn to exercise the power of your inner light, you will find yourself moving more and more in sync with your soul and with the cosmic flow. Then, nothing and nobody can force you or seduce you into wasting your precious energy again. Even a monstrous thing like the COVID-19 plandemic can’t trap you physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.


You are free!

Image by Sam Bark

Wake Up

from the Anu Nightmare

Go For

the Gaian Dream

Stay Free!

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