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“Death is the only wise advisor that we have. Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you're about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death will tell you that you’re wrong; that nothing really matters outside its touch. Your death will tell you, 'I haven’t touched you yet.' “


— Don Juan in “Journey to Ixtlan” p.33

Death Is Your Advisor

Use Death as an Advisor

in the Time of Coronavirus

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A Personal Message from WJ Qin

Your death hasn’t touched you yet. 


Neither has mine.


But death is staring at us from nearby, through the bodies of the COVID-19 victims on the screens.


If you are a Millennial, this could be your first time thinking about death, a harrowing concept. Life was great until the coronavirus erupted and enlightened you to the fact that you are going to die someday somewhere.


Are you prepared?




Neither were the 700k+ victims who are now dead. They were making life plans just a few months ago. They were busy with their daily routines, just like me and you.




What kind of mental state were these folks in when they died? 


Very unlikely that it was one of "love and light.” 

And where are they now? 


Many of them have died with regret in shock, pain, and fear. Many are hovering over their graves as discarnate souls, disoriented and lost. 


The human vibrations are at an all-time low, partially because so many have died in an insulting, alienated atmosphere, in a bad way. 

One of the dark agendas of this orchestrated pandemic/plandemic is to generate a huge revenue of negative energy through these horrible deaths. Dark astral entities (including the Anu force that hides in the 4D) thrive on the energy of human fear and pain, which is food for them. The more humans that die in fear and pain, the larger their food source. 

I'll write more about this in another blog.




This blog deals with a problem that many people, even now, try to avoid:

We don’t know how to die.


We don’t prepare ourselves for death. 


The Buddhists do; some Buddhists prepare for their deaths well in advance.


But do you? Do the people around you?


Probably not.


Our global consumer culture is founded on denial of death, which is founded on a denial of the spirit. To a materialistic consumer, it seems stupid to prepare for death, which is considered a dead end. 


What if death isn’t the end, but a doorway into someplace else? 

What if you have great control over the dying process?

What if you can indeed ensure a good death for yourself?


If you haven't thought much about death, perhaps COVID-19 can get you started. Whether you are 80 years old or18 years old, now is the moment to start preparing for your death.




Three books from three spiritual traditions can help you along the way.

1.  The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Of all the living spiritual traditions in the world, Tibetan Buddhism arguably has the most detailed explanation about the death-and-rebirth process as well as the most elaborate methods for navigating one’s journey through the twilight zone, called Bardo. 


Based on the ancient Nyingma manuscript known as The Tibetan Book of the Dead, this book by Sogyal Rinpoche introduces you to a set of fundamentals shared by all Buddhists. You will find answers to basic questions including: What is death? What is consciousness? What is reincarnation, samsara, and nirvana? You will get a preview of what might happen after your body is pronounced dead.


You don’t need to convert to Tibetan Buddhism to benefit from its light of wisdom. Simply reading Buddhist stories about death will open your mind and show you the way. You will know what to expect when death taps your shoulder and says:

“Hey, you, I am here! Are you prepared?” 


Zhi-Khro Mandala from The Tibetan Book of the Dead

2.  Journey to Our Neolithic Self


Death and ascension are red threads in this book co-authored by the Pleiadian wisdom being, Sincera, and the Pleiadian starseed, WJ Qin


Based on channelings and memories, the book reveals Pleiadian teachings from the Neolithic era on how to live and how to die. 


Pleiadian bringers of civilization walked the Earth and then established a path to light through the gateway of death—a path of ascension. 


The Pleiadians have built megalithic temples around the world to help Earth humans master the death-and-ascension process. Carrowkeel is one of these important sites. The magnificent megalithic hilltop site, the book reveals, was an “Ascension Hill.” 


During the dark night of history, many of these teachings were forgotten. Now in the year 2020, it is more urgent than ever for us to remember and revive this ancient Pleiadian path to light, which is meant to be a viable portal through time.

Carrowkeel Pleiades Pleiadian

3.  Journey to Ixtlan


This 1972 classic by Carlos Castanada has joined many readers' lists of favorite books. It invites you into the magic world of the shamans, or sorcerers, where animals and plants are your allies, stones bring you messages, and the humans you encounter have more than one shape. If you aspire to be a spiritual warrior, this is the book to get you started on your journey to power.


Use death as an advisor is a core teaching in this rich text, in which the Yaqui shaman don Juan teaches the anthropologist, Castanada, how to become a hunter of spiritual power.


The book doesn’t discuss what happens during and after death, but it teaches you how to use death to wake yourself from the low state of self-indulgence, self-pity, and timidity. It urges you to embrace the death's presence as a source of power so you can live in the vigilant high state of a spiritual warrior.


Let each of your acts be your last battle on Earth is another motto from this book that can be applied to our present situation of dealing with COVID-19.

If you feel that you have a soul mission to fulfill in this lifetime, then make no more excuses and no more delays. 

The time to do your task is now! 

Death is your advisor

Our education has progrmamed us to hug life and reject death, but in doing so, we cut ourselves off from a tremendous source of power: the presence of death. 


We become weak in our lives from our rejection of life’s other side.


We spend so much energy fighting against death when we can turn around, bow to death, and say:


“I see you and honor you.

Be my teacher!” 

If you'd like to explore more along the Buddhist way, here is a documentary (I made years ago) about a Pure Land Buddhist path of ascension through the portal of death. The film has won numerous awards and joined the library collections of many universities in the US.

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To the Land of Bliss

If you'd like to continue along the Pleiadian way,

please go to the Death & Ascension page.

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