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Pleiadian advice for lightworkers 2020.j
Pleiadian advice for lightworkers 2020.j

Go For Your Dreams!

— Pleiadian Advice for Lightworkers

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about Coronavirus:

The killing of George Floyd sent shock waves around the globe, sending people into the street to protest against the evil of racism.


As your allies of light and family from the stars, we the Pleiadians are accompanying you in your fight for justice and freedom. We are proud of your courage and strength. We are proud of your light!  


As a lightworker, you may have participated in these protests in spirit, or even in person. Now that your voice has been heard and your actions have been seen, you feel somewhat confused in an uncertain situation.


What to do next?


We say to you, our dear one, that this is the moment to pause and reflect on your role as a lightworker.

A lightworker is a soul committed to bringing more light into the world.


Light is truth, beauty, and love.


Whether you are a star seed or an earth seed, a lightworker is one who chooses to vibrate in the energy of light and operate from the position of light, no matter the situation.


It’s difficult to be a lightworker in 2020, a time of escalating chaos. We know how challenging it is for you right now, and thus we’d like to offer you a set of guidelines to help you operate from the position of light.

4 Guidelines For Lightworkers

1.  Watch the Plandemic Movie as an Observer

This pandemic is a Plandemic.


The coronavirus outbreak was planned a long time ago and orchestrated with precision to actualize sinister agendas such as:

* Population Reduction

* Mass Surveillance

* Forced Vaccination

* Financial Chaos


These overt agendas serve a covert mission to reduce human vibration to the lowest level, thereby blocking and delaying the human ascension process.


You are in the midst of a horror movie made by a dark force that uses both the establishment and the Deep State. Those who appear to be political opponents are in fact working for the same agenda.


Once you understand the planned, deceptive, screenplay-like nature of what’s happening in front of your eyes, you are no longer trapped inside as an actor, but removed as an observer.


As an observer, you see that police brutality leads to demonstrations, which lead to riots, which lead to increased police presence and more virus infections, which lead to more deaths—a plot written in the Plandemic screenplay. 

2.  Stay Above the Vortex

As an observer, you can see that this Plandemic plot is trying to suck you in so that you will participate in actualizing its story. You recognize it as a super vortex of negative energy, a black tornado that wants to suck every human on the planet into its whirlwind. You also see that you have the power to resist its pull.


As a lightworker, you have two choices:

     a) Refuse to participate in the horror movie, refuse to send it your precious energy.

     b) Participate with high awareness in order to accomplish a specific task.


Option b) is a level up from a).

Whichever you choose, as a lightworker you must rally all your powers to resist the pull of this dark vortex. Stay out of it physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually if you can.


Most humans on the planet have already been pulled in, involved, engaged, and enraged. You may find yourself a minority going against the stream in your effort to stay detached. Your friends and family may call you selfish and uncaring. But you know that you are doing the right thing.

3.  Bring More Light into Darkness

The tragic death of George Floyd broadened the window of opportunity created by the coronavirus outbreak. With more darkness exposed, more light can come in. The best way to defeat darkness, as you know, is by exposing it to light. As a lightworker, you can purposely utilize this opportunity to bring more light into your reality, starting with your personal reality.


Below are 3 aspects you may wish to consider:


3.1. Light of Consciousness


You use this opportunity to dig deep into the problems.

You don’t operate at the superficial level, settle for mainstream explanations, or follow what others have said. Instead, you use your original thoughts to go deeper into the issues. You turn on your unique torchlight and uncover the roots of racism, inequality, and injustice.

You don’t stop at a recent point in the historical timeline. Instead, you venture back to the beginning of the nightmare of history, and then further back to the prehistoric phase of your peaceful egalitarian origin.

You go to the roots.

We invite you to meditate on the two images below and see the pattern that has survived 5,000 years of so-called “social progress.”

Pleiadian advice for lightworkers 2020.j
George Floyd Death Pleiadian Advice.jpg

We invite you to summon your courage and look into the dark closet to learn how a dark force from outer space arrived to control humanity, how it abused you, separated you, and propelled you into a perpetual struggle against one another.

To see the Anu force at work in these two images with your own eyes—that’s the level you need to reach.

Read More: The Anu Age of Darkness

3.2.  Light of Unity Consciousness


The killing of George Floyd presented a perfect showcase of the game of dualities: black vs. white, poor vs. rich, powerless vs. powerful, victim vs. victimizer.

The variety of power games introduced by the Anu force to the Earth-human realm can be traced to the foundational level: a duality game. The novel coronavirus plandemic is a novel version of the age-old duality game that they created. 

Now that your eyes are more open, you can recognize the foundation of this duality game at work in 2020.

Such recognition helps you to realign yourself with the Source vibration, which is non-dual, and it helps you stay centered and grounded in the Source vibration, refusing to participate in dualistic drama and games. 

To abide by unity consciousness, you need to operate from the Heart, which is the portal to the Source vibration. 

Source vibration is unconditional love. When you are realigned with the Source vibration, you are able to embrace both the victim and the victimizer, to hug both George Floyd and Derek Chauvin, to hug the whole scenario. 

When you are in the Source vibration, the Anu force’s divide-and-rule trick no longer works on you. You no longer wish to join any protest, because it is an action with a dualistic mindset. As stated before, protest is a plot written in the sinister script.

Read More: How to Access Unconditional Love


3.3.  Light in Action

Or call it enlightened actions.


Unity consciousness can guide you to take appropriate actions within the duality realm—the 3rd Dimension in which you live—that ensure your safety, health, and wellbeing. Your example can then help others do the same.


Unity consciousness also guides you away from actions that are not aligned with your soul’s purpose, actions that expose you to danger or waste your energy.


As a lightworker, your energy is precious!


Don’t squander it on something just because others say it is a noble cause.

Don’t misuse your energy, even if everyone else is misusing theirs.


Often, the best action is no action.


If you need to act, then let the act be in total alignment with your soul’s purpose.

4.  Go For Your Dreams

From a position of light, you can see that this 2020 plandemic is a vibrational act that sucks the human energy and uses it as revenue to feed the Matrix nightmare.


Instead of spending 2020 manifesting your dreams, you were forced to deal with a monster, to feed a nightmare with the energy of your own dreams.

Using your energy to build their Matrix is the basic plot of the Anunnaki history on Earth (now coming to an end if you choose to rebel).

The best way to rebel against this Anu Matrix nightmare is to be neither a Reformer nor a Destroyer of the nightmare, but a Builder of your own dream—to use your energy to build your own share of the grand Gaian Dream.

The Matrix cannot use you; you are unavailable and uninterested. You are not a slave to the Matrix, but a free person. That’s victory.

We understand that your freedom is now restricted, your means cut, your access denied. Yet no plandemic can restrain your ability to soar in your own imagination. You can create many alternative parallel realities through imagination. Please don’t let a small virus limit your ability to dream big!

And please don’t let others’ dystopian stories convince you that such is the future you are all destined to. A beautiful new Earth already exists in the Age of Light. That’s the future you choose to align yourself with.

Our dear worker of light, we’d like to call you a fighter of light, our esteemed fighter of light. You’ve chosen to come and incarnate in this challenging time to fight for light, to assist Earth in her ascension into the Age of Light.

Always remember, you came from the victorious future to ensure the victory.

You came from the new Earth, and light has already won.


End of the Plandemic story.

Coronavirus Pleiadian Message
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