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The Power of Thy Future

Sincera, one of the Pleiadian bringers of civilization and builders of megaliths, speaks of a bright future of Earth in her prelude book, Ancient Pleiadians Return.

Sincera Speaks

The Power of Thy Future


I am from your past, and from your future.


We, the 5D Pleiadians and 6D Sirians, are spirit beings just above your 3D space and time. As your stellar Family of Light, we are part of your past and part of your future. As your stellar soul ancestors, we are with you throughout your past, present, and future.


We are your higher selves, and therefore, we are your future selves. 


In fact, you are your future self, returning to the present to ensure the victory.


What victory? 


The victory of a Paradise planet over a Matrix planet.

The victory of a free human race over an alien ruler race.

The victory of light over darkness. 


You came from the future Earth, from the Age of Light. The light of the future is beaming its colorful rays into the present, to invite, to attract, to arrange events so as to ensure its total illumination. This process of self-fulfillment is what has made you an individual spark.


In your current incarnation, you are an individual expression of this manifesting momentum of a future reality, this attracting mechanism of a future pole.


You are your future self, returning to the present to help you live your choice. 


You have made the choice, at the great roundabout, at the last traffic circle that splits the human race into two camps. But the force of the vortex keeps dragging you back into the circulation. You need power to break free from habitual repetition and to go for your chosen direction. So you came, to give yourself a push.

Last traffic circle.jpg

The future is an energy.

The future is a vibration. 


What kind of vibration? 


Imagine, if the hijacking of civilization hadn’t taken place, what kind of world you would be living in!


To say the least, there would be no massacre of humans or other species, no ecological crisis, no nuclear threat, no famine and starvation, no rulers and masses, no kings and queens, no army and police, no terrorists or patriots, no stock markets or banks, no GMO foods or chemtrails, no bird flu or AIDS, no casino, no brothel, no corporate—there would be no Matrix. 


Imagine the high-energy foods you are eating, the second-skin clothes you are wearing, the light-sensitive houses you are dwelling in. Imagine your noiseless vehicles, your biomimic appliances, your green cityscape and lush countryside. Imagine the fun at school, the laughter at work, the healing at hospitals, the inspiration in theaters, and the unconditional love at home. 


Imagine the music, poetry, and dance, the paintings and sculptures, the stories and songs, the crafts and cuisines feeding all five of your bodies. Imagine talking to birds and trees, to mountains and seas, to planets and stars as effortlessly as you talk to a fellow human being. Imagine everyone having a heart-to-heart connection.


“But the damage is done!” you say. “There’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t go back in time and undo history.” 


Yes, you can undo history! 


History is but a nightmare, remember? A nightmare is insubstantial and ineffectual, a mere harassment to the original dream state. It may seem monstrous and it may seem humongous, but the nightmare of history can only scuttle its lowly way along the sidewalk of delusion. And when a nightmare falls away, the original dream resumes its course.


So you came, to get yourself back on the dream course. 


What happened was, the hijacking created a split in the growth of civilization, like a tree parting into two branches. One branch grew to be history, another branch herstory. One branch became a reality, another branch a possibility.


The original civilization was never lost, but was forever suppressed. It went into hiding, it became a phantasmagoria, it lay dormant inside human consciousness as a forgotten dream. 


The dream was kept subliminal and was utilized to feed the nightmare. Under the tyrannical nightmare, the true reality of Earth managed to survive as a faint possibility buried deep down in the human memory.


To dispel the nightmare of history is to turn that possibility back to reality. 


Think of that possibility as a vibration. 


A layer of vibration underlying human consciousness, a layer of vibration embedded in the earth, it cannot be erased. It cannot be destroyed. It cannot be forsaken. It is lodged in the ethereal record of this resilient planet, as a permanent presence. 


Such a possibility, being a vibration of the original dream plan, is beyond the reach of all nightmares…


Painting by a Chinese child named Xue Yufan

… and beyond the reach of evil adults.


The Matrix has no heart. Paradise does. 


The present you feels dead stuck inside the Matrix, a monstrous prison guarded by ten thousand demons. The present you doesn’t know how to fight through the siege or how to get free. So came the future you, to free you from your current entrapment.




To free your energy, to begin with. For you have been misusing your energy, fighting the wrong battles against the wrong demons. 


First, you free your energy from trying to REFORM the Matrix.


The Matrix is a fake world pulled over your eyes to blind you from seeing that you are enslaved by a ruthless force and utilized as its energy source. To improve the status quo, to convert it, to make it humane, to breathe into it a soul, to insert into it a heart … these are but noble acts of ignorance that end up benefiting the Matrix. You see, no matter what you do, the Matrix will never respect you, let alone love you. 


Second, you free your energy from trying to DESTROY the Matrix.


Fighting the Matrix with the Matrix’s weapons only enhances the Matrix, and the fighter ends up in exhaustion, frustration, and despair. The Matrix feeds on your militant energy, which is the very energy of the Matrix itself. It wants you to think of it as a real monster so that you’ll rally all your life forces to do battle with it and thereby energize it. 


Fighting an illusion with an illusion never works. Seeing through the illusion works, and works wonders. The moment you see that the Matrix domain is but a fake reality, is but a counterfeit civilization, and that the Matrix control could never touch your true state of humanity, you are instantly free from its domination. 


The Matrix is in your head. Its external existence is codependent on your inner sanctioning of it. Thus, the real fight is resisting the takeover by illusions and refusing to accept alien rules. The real fight is reversing the reversed originals. The real fight is holding on to light. Light is truth, light is beauty, and light is love.


True civilization is founded on the heart. It is through the heart, the sacred heart, that you will find access to civilization’s original blueprint. The Blueprint is stored in your memories and ideals, and is accessible by way of the heart, not by way of the head. The heart’s way and the head’s way direct you into two vastly different realities.


As said before, the time you are in, Dawn, is a strange phase where two contradictory realities run parallel to each other: one true, one fake; one with the heart, one without; one according to the Blueprint, one against. Each moment you must decide which of them to align yourself with. 


If you align yourself with the vibration of the Blueprint, you will be riding on a most powerful force. When you manifest the energy of the Blueprint, the Matrix in your head comes crumbling down by itself. 


It is a war situation, and you must fight. 


To win this spiritual battle, you must stop fighting the Matrix the way it wants you to fight. Now you fight for truth, for love, for beauty. You fight for your dreams. You fight for visions, and fight with visions.


You are Visionary Fighters.

We urge you to go to nature, to Gaia’s domain—that is where true power is. 


Remember, the Matrix is an artificial construct imposed on the nature of Earth. When you are inside the Gaia domain, you are outside the Matrix domain. 


You go to her mountain or sea, to her forest, river, or lake, to feel her pulse of life, to hear her heartbeat.


More importantly, you go and feel an emotional bond with her. Emotional bond is the key to having a four-bodied connection with your mother planet, and this four-bodied connection holds the key to the fifth treasure, your Light Body.


And we urge you to go to our megalithic sites, also where true power is.


Although these mega stone structures were artificially made, they were essentially products of our co-creation with Gaia, with her permission and assistance, for her benefits. These megalithic constructs were written in the “civilization chapter” of the Blueprint, to function as civilization’s power stations. 

Megalithic Foundation of

Why are our megaliths called power stations? 


Because they mark earth power spots—they sit on the key junctures of Gaia’s meridian lines along which her vital energies flow. Moreover, they mark sky power spots—they point to stellar sources of energy. 


And because they are portals to multiple dimensions, they are switchboards connecting cosmic forces, they are storehouses of Light, which nourishes the Light Body of you and the Light Body of your mother planet, Earth.


Our megaliths are not glories of the past—they are glories of the future. We buried some and shut most of them down before we retreated from your physical plane. We concealed many of them so we could reveal them at a future time.


For heaven’s sake, they are civilization’s foundational stones! How could their makers ever think of abandoning them?


They must, and will, survive the nightmare of history.


They had to lie dormant in the night and wait for the day, like that Sleeping Beauty in your children’s story who awaits a magic kiss.


You are the Prince, to kiss the Sleeping Megalith back to life.

. . . . . . . .

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