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I am a way shower.

P Field


— a Pleiadian field of love and wisdom

right over our domain of dense matter.


 my Pleiadian Side





a star seed 

my Gaian side





an earth seed

Harvard PhD

writer, filmmaker, channeler,


my Pleiadian self


* originated from the Pleiades

* joined a starseed mission and came to Earth

* survived the catastrophic fall of Earth

* vowed to stay till mission complete

* lived in many bodies, races, and cultures

* walked many spiritual paths

my Gaian self



* born and raised in China

* educated at Beijing University (BA in Philosophy) & Harvard University (PhD in Religion and Filmmaking)

 * once a Fulbright scholar & award-winning filmmaker

 * now a Pleiadian messenger

*  forever an adventurer

 My Agenda

Be Myself  &  Inspire Others to Be Themselves



How difficult it is to be myself! 


Growing up in a totalitarian form of collectivism, I, like many others, had difficulty knowing who I truly am and what I truly want as an individual, as a person outside of a group. And having received a full package of schooling, from preschool to high school and grad school, having been thoroughly programmed by academia East and West, I had difficulty living outside books, outside what others have said about what the world is and should be. 


How difficult to be my normal self, how much more to be my abnormal ET self! 


Yes, I do have an ET self. 


Decades of soul searching in many cultures and lands had led me to the final acceptance that half of me has a star origin up there in the sky, that half of me is extraterrestrial by design. 


What does it mean? 


It means I have something extra. I have something that many others don’t: an energy, an orientation, a drive. I have visions that fly over rooftops, ideas that go beyond norms, passions that look outlandish, and memories richer than a person can harvest in one lifetime.


It means I don’t fit in, I don’t belong, I’m not part of the mainstream—-from one perspective. From another perspective, I belong to a huge family, I’m part of a vast network, I fit seamlessly in an invisible spirit realm.  


In the past, people like me were hunted down, locked up, beaten up or even killed. But now it is dawn. It is safe to come out of the closet. Now there exists a secure identity badge, which people like me can wear for self-protection and self-assertion. The identity badge is called “Starseed.”

“Starseed” signifies an earth human being who is self-aware of his or her soul origin in a star system up there, be it Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Vega, or someplace else. 


I openly say that I am a Pleiadian starseed, meaning I am a Pleiadian ET living on Earth, I am a Pleiadian human soul living in an Earth human form. This Earth human form has both a body component and a soul component, namely, a Gaian body and a Gaian soul.


To be my ET self here on Earth implores me to harmonize my terrestrial and extraterrestrial parts, to not let one side dominate the other, but let them make friends, let them become lovers, let them enter a marriage union.

A marriage of my Pleiadian soul and my Gaian soul—that is what I hope to achieve in this lifetime. 


Do you think I can? 


I believe I can. I believe this inner marriage not only works but works wonders. I believe this inner marriage produces a happy life of the new human on Earth—the multidimensional human who can access multi-dimensions of information and multi-degrees of power.       


It all begins with one person, one individual, one try. 


If more and more individuals can assert their extra parts, can shine their star light as well as their earth light, can be who they truly are as multidimensional beings, do you think this “Civilization of Light” that the returning ancient Pleiadian civilizers point us to is something beyond reach?

My Story

From darkness to light is the story of my life.

My life was divided into two parts—before and after—and the division line was 2006.

Before 2006, I was seeking light in the dark. From communist China to capitalist America and Europa, from philosophy to religion and art, from US academia to Dutch media, I carried on as a seeker and achiever. After attaining the highest academic degree and winning numerous film awards, I still felt this dreadful sense of being lost in an alien world: the desperation and desolation of a homeless wanderer never departed from my inner sensation of the self. 


Like that super agent, Jason Bourne, in the spy movie, The Bourne Identity, I knew I had unusual abilities, but I didn’t know who I was or why I was here on a lonely and difficult planet. Despite my certificate of knowledge, I, Doctor Qin, was an amnesic patient.


Then came a turning point.





On August 7, 2006, together with my psychic Dutch friend, Mara, I encountered the Pleiadian Group of 8 in a parallel reality at an ancient dolmen in the megalithic field of Carrowmore on the island of Ireland. At the time of this surprise encounter, I didn’t even know what "Pleiades” meant as a word, let alone anyone or anything "Pleiadian." Yet, in this initial contact, much was given to me—the key information lost to the amnesic patient. This contact event is described in vivid detail in my books. (Click here to watch  or click here to hear  this contact event.)

After 2006, I was seeking light in the light. No longer in the dark about my true identity and true mission, I found myself engaged in a thrilling new adventure best described as "unplugging”—unplugging from the Anu Matrix. In The Matrix movie, Thomas Anderson must be unplugged from the Matrix machine before he can be truly Neo. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that unplugging is very much like dying.

From 2006 to 2018, I’ve been through precisely this: a great death. I don’t mean to scare you, but this was what happened to Neo after he met Morpheus, and this was what happened to me after I met Sincera, the spokeswoman of the Pleiadian Group of 8. Let me explain: Sincera is a personal interface between the Group of 8 and me. Sincera is to me what Morpheus is to Neo, what Don Juan is to Castaneda, what VALIS is to Philip K. Dick ... and she isn't a figment of my imagination.

So in short, my Pleiadian ancestor / guide sent me into a 12-year death process in which every aspect of a false self must be peeled, every string of attachment broken, and every fiber of an aura remade. But as you know, the flip side of death is life. What my Pleiadian teacher sent me into was, inevitably, a great rebirth.

A new me slowly emerged from the ashes, with roots growing in multiple dimensions, with abilities to communicate with celestial and terrestrial spirits, and skills to channel images and words. A new me who is at home on Earth, and at home in the universe. This new me has gone through endless ordeals and tests. During one test she made a most important decision in life: “I’d rather die than to serve the Anu Matrix!” This new me lives to serve the Gaian Dream.


It was from within my share of the Gaian Dream that I made the following prayer on a paradise island in the Pacific Ocean on August 7, 2018—the 12th anniversary of my reunion with the Pleiadian Family of Light:

“I am ready to bring the Pleiadian info entrusted to me

into public awareness by way of website and books.
O grant me your blessings,

Father Sun and Mother Earth!”

August 7, 2006   
Carrowmore Megalithic Field Complex, Ireland

My Films

Documentary films (1994-2005) by Wen-jie Qin are distributed by: 

* DER (Documentary Educational Resources), USA  

* WMM (Women Make Movies), USA  

* BOS (Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation of the Netherlands)  

* VPRO Television, Netherlands  

To the Land of Bliss
The death of an eminent monk on a sacred mountain in China reveals the Pure Land Buddhist way of living and dying.

Aired on Dutch national channel Nederland 1
Grand Prize, Religion Today Festival, Trento, Italy
Silver Award for Documentary, New York Exposition of Short Film and Video
Award of Commendation, American Anthropological Association
Award for Technical Excellence in Filmmaking, Roxbury Film Festival
Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival
Distributed by
Loving the Dutch /Houden van Holland
The price of love paid by foreign women wedded to Dutch men.

Commissioned by VPRO Television and aired on Dutch national channel Nederland 3.

Nominee for ASN Bank Media Prize (Silver Zebra), Amsterdam

Nominee for Prix Iris, a division of Prix Europa, Berlin

Distributed by VPRO
Pure Land, Amsterdam
(Zuiver Land, Amsterdam)

Two Chinese Buddhist nuns transform the infamous Zeedjik street in Amsterdam into a pure land.

Commissioned by BOS (Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation of the Netherlands) and aired on Dutch national channel Nederland 2.

Distributed by BOS <>
The Calling
(De Roeping)

Conflict between love for the Buddha and love for one's family in the story of a Chinese woman married to a Dutch man.

Commissioned by BOS (Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation of the Netherlands) and aired on Dutch national channel Nederland 2.

Distributed by BOS <>
Woman Being
Women’s attitudes towards beauty and sexuality in contemporary China.

Berlin Ethnographic Film Festival

Dallas Video Festival

Asian CineVision Videoscape Festival

GIV’s Asian Video Festival

Distributed by Women Make Movies <>
We Are Not Beggars
The life of child street performers in urban China.

Nominee for Dore Schary Awards

NAATA’s Sixteenth San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

Royal Anthropological Institute Ethnographic Film Festival, London

Berlin International Ethnographic Film Festival

Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources <>
The Sprouts of Capitalism in China
The story of a Chinese entrepreneur and his family.

Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources <>
Full Circle
The repatriation of a Native American totem pole (by Harvard University to a Tlingit community in Southeast Alaska).

Commissioned by the Peabody Museum and the Film Study Center at Harvard.

Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources (
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 My Books

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Book Twins

WJ Qin at Loughcrew, Ireland


I’m just a way shower.

I'm showing a way


                                     to the Earth Paradise Dream.

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