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Pleiadian Messenger

Channeler & Keeper

of a Unique Body of

Pleiadian Information

my Pleiadian self


* originated from the Pleiades

* joined a starseed mission to Earth

* survived the catastrophic fall of Earth

* vowed to stay till mission complete

* lived in many bodies, races, and cultures

* walked many spiritual paths

my P Side





a Starseed

pink taichi PINK HALF.png
Qin-Ra (WJ Qin, Wen-jie Qin).jpg
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pink taichi PINK HALF.png

my Gaian self



* born and raised in China

* educated at Beijing University (BA in Philosophy) & Harvard University (PhD in Religion)

* once a Fulbright scholar & award-winning filmmaker

* now a Pleiadian messenger

*  forever an adventurer

my G side





an Earthseed

pink taichi GREEN HALF.png

I am a  way  shower.

— a Gaian Field of love & wisdom

right in our domain of dense matter.

I show a way to the

— a Pleiadian Field of love & wisdom

right over our domain of dense matter.

I show a way to the

My Story

From darkness to light is the story of my life.

My life was divided into two parts—before and after—and the division line was 2006.

Before 2006, I was seeking light in the dark. From communist China to capitalist America and Europa, from philosophy to religion and art, from US academia to Dutch media, I carried on as a seeker and achiever, never satisfied with what I'd done or got. After attaining the highest academic degree and winning numerous film awards, I still felt this dreadful sense of being lost in an alien world; the desperation and desolation of a homeless wanderer never departed from my inner sensation of the self. Like that super agent, Jason Bourne, in the spy movie, The Bourne Identity, I knew I had unusual abilities, but I didn’t know who I was or why I was here on a lonely and difficult planet. Despite my certificate of knowledge, I, Doctor Qin, was an amnesic patient.


Then came a turning point.

WJ Qin met the Pleiadians at a dolmen in Carrowmore Ireland
August 7, 2006   
Carrowmore Megalithic Field Complex, Ireland

On August 7, 2006, together with my psychic Dutch friend, Mara, I encountered the Pleiadian Group of 8 in a parallel reality at an ancient dolmen in the megalithic field of Carrowmore on the island of Ireland. At the time of this surprise encounter, I didn’t even know what "Pleiades” meant as a word, let alone anyone or anything "Pleiadian." Yet, in this initial contact, much was given to me—the key information lost to the amnesic patient. This contact event is described in vivid detail in my books (or click here to watch or here to listen).

After 2006, I was seeking more light in the light. No longer in the dark about my true identity and true mission, I found myself engaged in a thrilling new adventure best described as "unplugging”—unplugging from the Anu Matrix. In The Matrix movie, Thomas Anderson must be unplugged from the Matrix machine before he can be truly Neo. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that unplugging is very much like dying.

From 2006 to 2018, I’ve been through precisely this: a great death. I don’t mean to scare you, but this was what happened to Neo after he met Morpheus, and this was what happened to me after I met Sincera, the spokeswoman of the Pleiadian Group of 8. Let me explain: Sincera is a personal interface between the Group of 8 and me. Sincera is to me what Morpheus is to Neo, what Don Juan is to Castaneda, what VALIS is to Philip K. Dick.

So in short, my Pleiadian ancestor/guide Sincera sent me into a 12-year death process in which every aspect of a false self must be peeled, every string of attachment broken, and every fiber of an aura remade. But as you know, the flip side of death is life. What my Pleiadian teacher sent me into was, inevitably, a great rebirth.

A new me slowly emerged from the ashes, with roots growing in multiple dimensions, with abilities to communicate with celestial and terrestrial spirits, and skills to channel images and words. A new me who is more and more at home on Earth and in the universe. This new me has gone through endless ordeals and tests. During one test she made a most important decision in life: “I’d rather die than to serve the Anu Matrix!” This new me lives to serve the Gaian Dream.


It was from within my share of the Gaian Dream that I made the following prayer on a paradise island in the Pacific Ocean on August 7, 2018—the 12th anniversary of my reunion with the Pleiadian Family of Light:

“I am ready to bring the Pleiadian info entrusted to me into public awareness by way of website and books. O grant me your blessings, Father Sun and Mother Earth!”

Pleiadian Family
Jsoephine Wall - starship.jpg

The lovely painting,

"Starship" by Josephine Wall,

can best show 

what Sincera is to me.

I’m just a way shower.

I'm showing a way


                           to Ra's Earth Paradise Dream.

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