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Meeting Point

53°34′39″N  6°36′43″W

You are in the space of PLEIADIAN FAMILY

— official website of the Pleiadian Group of 8.

 The Group of 8

 The Group of 8 was the Ireland team of a Pleiadian civilization mission that landed on Earth circa 9500 BC and instigated the worldwide Neolithic Revolution.

Returning now to Earth-human awareness, the Group of 8 launched PLEIADIAN FAMILY as a platform to disclose information and support starseeds — as a new Tara Hill to aid the rebirth of humanity. 


We, the Group of 8, are eight personifications of one Pleiadian soul. This Pleiadian human soul is the ancestor to a tribe of Pleiadian starseed souls now living on Earth.

During the Neolithic era, this soul appeared as 4 couples / 8 individuals to various Earth-human tribes for teaching purposes. In the current era, we use the same form to resume communication with you, our greater family.

Our channeler, WJ Qin (Chinese by birth), had close interactions with us in Neolithic Ireland. One of our earthly offspring, Qin reconnected with us during a journey to Ireland in 2006 AD and offered to serve thereon as our co-worker and messenger.

Our team consists of two sides:


a. the Group of 8

    (ancestral soul in the 5th Dimension)

b. WJ Qin          

    (starseed soul in the 3rd Dimension)

Our Symbol:

 The Group of 8


As one of the 40-plus souls aboard the civilization mission, our soul has worked at several locations—there were numerous Pleiadian cradles of civilization on Earth in the New Stone Age (ca 9000 to 3000 BC). Now we, the Group of 8, present Ireland as the first Pleiadian site for disclosure, the first ancient Pleiadian civilization to be brought back to your awareness.

      Why Ireland?

In the Neolithic era, Ireland was an exemplary Pleiadian “kindergarten" for starseeds.


Many graduates of our Ireland school are alive on Earth, now reincarnated in different races and cultures. These starseed graduates need to remember their golden childhood and reconnect with civilization’s sparkling roots.

In the Information era, Ireland shall play a key role in the awakening of Earth humanity. A portal island into other dimensions, a treasure island of megalithic temples, Ireland is a timeless gateway to the realm of sacred Earth and sacred cosmos.

          Why Tara?

We chose Tara to represent our global Pleiadian family presence because the Hill of Tara has best preserved the energy of our family bond. Among all our sites, Tara features the strongest symbolic visuals.


The entire Pleiadian civilization mission previously landed on Tara ca 5000 BC. Today, the Tara meeting point hosts a direct link to the Pleiadian family field, a vibrational field accessible to every Pleiadian starseed on Earth. Through the Tara portal, a starseed can re-experience our vibrational presence.

Within an hour’s drive from Dublin Airport, the Hill of Tara is accessible to international visitors today.

         Why New Tara?

During the Neolithic era, we Pleiadians used the Mother archetype to interact with our family on Earth.

Returning now in the same Motherly energy, we wish to place a stronger emphasis on the equality between you and us, and an even stronger emphasis on the greatness of your existence on Earth.

The New Tara of conveys our deepest love, respect, and admiration for you, 
our brave family fighting for a galactic dream on the frontier of Earth. 


We are here
 to raise you up


1. To Rebuild the Civilization of Light
As bringers of agriculture, builders of megaliths, and givers of civilization, we are back to steer our civilization onto its original course and to regrow a nature-loving culture of happiness.

2. To Dispel the Culture of Darkness

The Anunnaki alien force invaded humanity and hijacked civilization during the Bronze Age and utilized humans to build a global matrix of pseudo civilization. We are here, fighting side by side with you, to drive the Anu force out of Earth.     


3. To Empower Starseeds

Starseeds are the backbone of the future civilization of light. However, the star seed within many humans lies dormant. That seed of power has to be activated so that you, our esteemed fighter of light, can carry out your true mission in life.


 You can contact us at

 You can also contact us the soul way,

via telepathy.


Dormant in your starseed body is a giant oak of knowledge.

The Tao of  Acorn

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