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How to Fight

- 5 Rules for Fighters of Light


How do we, Children of Light, fight against darkness in a world where the possibility of a nuclear war looms large?


Dear Child of Light, you find yourself in the role of a Fighter of Light. The peace-loving you have been pushed into the position to fight, which is something you feel ambivalent about. Is that right?

The reality is, the entire Earth humankind has entered a "fighting time.” At this critical juncture in Dawn, fighting takes center stage as the primary theme of human existence. But "fighting" can mean different things.

There is fighting, and there is fighting. 

One kind of fighting is what you see in the news every day—war, bloodshed, and genocide—which is humans fighting against one another to win a game of power. Such fightings fall under the dualistic category and are best described as "fighting darkness with darkness."

There is another kind of fighting, which is higher than all fighting on the level of dualistic experience. It is called “fighting darkness with light.” 

Such fighting won’t perpetuate the game of power (that is a game of duality). Instead, they would elevate you into a realm where dualistic conflicts are resolved and transformed. In this context, light is a unifying superior power that embraces darkness rather than acting as its opponent.

This greater form of fighting is what we call you to. At this pivotal point in history, you have to fight, against something as well as for something. 

The term "fighting" refers to an innate human ability. When faced with oppression, humans rebel and revolt to defend their right to live. When we talk about "fighting," we mean rallying your powers to resist takeovers, fend off attacks, overcome roadblocks, and strive for your dreams. You must rise and fight the encroaching darkness.   

During these stormy spring and summer months, you have been fighting a heroic battle. You won't be lacking in revolutionary enthusiasm because this is the year of revolution!  You do, however, lack some insight into how to continue and succeed in your struggle for truth, justice, and freedom. 

We present a set of guidelines to all Fighters of Light with this message. No matter how complex the situation you find yourself in, you can use the five criteria to help yourself stay mindful when making decisions. 

5 Rules
for Fighters of Light

Rule 1

Become a Fighter of Light Instead of a Fighter of Darkness 

Rule 2

Jump from the Anu Timeline to the Gaia Timeline

Rule 3

Have Compassion for All Who Suffer

Rule 4

Understand the Nature of Human Suffering 

Rule 5

Balance Between Detachment and Engagement  

Rule 1 

Fighter of Darkness vs. Fighter of Light

First and foremost, you must be aware of the mode you are in. Are you operating as a Fighter of Darkness or as a Fighter of Light? The key difference lies in the energy and the end goal of fighting. 

In terms of energy, a Fighter of Darkness is a participant in the dark game of power, which has been introduced into Earth’s human life by the alien force of the Anunnaki. The Anu Force of Darkness wants to trap humans in incessant infightings so that it can perpetuate its rule. Unaware that he is being controlled by a hidden force, a fighter turns into a willing actor in a sinister screenplay or a pawn in a game of chess. A fighter like that is asleep.

In contrast, a Fighter of Light is awake and aware. He is no longer enthralled with the controller's energies and has emerged from the nightmare. He is connected to the force of light since his eyes are open. As previously said, this light embraces the duality of light and darkness and is of a greater nature. It takes a fresh approach to fighting darkness, approaching it from above as a uniting force.  

It is now a unity resolving a duality issue rather than a duality fighting another duality.

The Fighter’s energy ensues from the Fighter’s final objective.

So be clear about the ultimate purpose of your fight. Does the fight lead to more dualistic separations, making humans more divided and ruled? Or does the fight result in reconciliations that bring people back together as a human family? 

The different goals connect you to different energy sources.  

Rule 2  

Anu Timeline vs. Gaia Timeline

Many Fighters of Light have been caught in a pitfall. They are unable to remember or even be aware that there is an alternative reality outside of the pseudo-reality of the Anu Matrix.

These fighters assume that the horrific events taking place on Earth's dark spots are the only realities of human life since they are so intent on uncovering dark operations (e.g., the CIA, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Israel lobby, and so on). 

These Fighters of Light are stuck in an Anu timeline. The Anu timeline features a series of events happening on the global stage, which are in fact rolling according to a dark movie script. The horrifying atrocities (such as the genocide in Gaza and the war in Ukraine) were well-planned and executed events that served multiple agendas. 

One agenda is to capture the human mind and block its imagination. Humans from around the world become so traumatized by what is happening in Gaza that they lose sight of what’s really going on. 

What’s really going on is that beyond the dark dramas of death and devastation, there is an Earth of peace, harmony, and prosperity.

Gaia is a peaceful planet; the only species engaged in incessant violent conflicts is the human race. The true reality of Earth, which we refer to as the Gaia timeline, lies just beyond the horrifying human world. 

You who are trapped in the Anu timeline must do whatever you can to jump to the Gaia timeline. By doing this, you will establish a connection with the Source Energy, which is the most potent energy in the universe. The Source Energy is experienced by humans as love/light. 

Return to nature and feel the unconditional love from Earth and Sun.

Reposition your life in the Gaian timeline and realign yourself with the Source's energy of love/light. It involves rerooting in the pure nature of Gaia and making it your primary location. 

Nature is your home; the man-made world of famines, genocides, and wars is the wilderness.  

Rule 3  

Have Compassion for All Who Suffer

From your home location in the Gaian timeline, you can look down at the happenings in the Anu timeline with compassion. It looks like a madhouse where deranged humans have gone berserk in a self-destructive act. You can only feel sympathy for these patients who are suffering from various forms of mental illness. 

Inside the Anu timeline, everybody has been abused and wounded. Everyone is experiencing pain. In a compassionate state, you are able to feel the pain of both Palestinians and Israelis, Ukrainians and Russians, the 99% and the 1% of the global pyramid—you feel the pain of humanity that has fallen into a divided-and-ruled state. 

You feel the One Human who is suffering pain in billions of sick human bodies.  

Rule 4  

Understand the Nature of Human Suffering

You shine the light of wisdom on the dire circumstances down in the Anu timeline while maintaining compassion. Because you are rooted in the true reality, you have the power to see the nightmarish nature of events rolling within the Anu Matrix. 

You can see the root cause of human miseries beyond the surface of historical events, all the way into the core of human suffering. In doing so, you will get to the point where you perceive every suffering as a symptomatic variation of the fundamental human sickness, and every struggle as an effort to free humanity as a whole. Every fight you undertake is thereby linked to the ultimate liberation of humankind.  

(More about Rules 3 & 4 in our upcoming book)

Rule 5  

Balance Between Detachment and Engagement

As an awakening individual above and beyond the Anu Nightmare, your reality is aligned with the bright future of Earth. In it, you do not cultivate or feed any nightmarish energy. You live by your own rhythm and follow the guidance from Gaia and the soul of the universe. Living on an ascending new Earth, you are naturally detached from the downwardly bound Anu Matrix. 

However, you have chosen to come into this timeframe and help your fellow humans who are suffering under the alien rule. Your soul has long ago made the decision to confront the nightmare and fight the darkness. The role of a Fighter of Light requires you to not go for 100% in the Gaian timeline or 100% in the Anu timeline, but aim for somewhere in between. 

It implies that sometimes you are living in pure nature on the new Earth, and sometimes you are performing a task inside the dark Matrix (as Neo did in the movie) back on the old Earth. There are days when you don't engage in any fighting at all, and days when you are fighting a battle that is worthwhile. Situational demands determine when and how often you should become engaged. 

Without this dynamic balancing, you would be at risk of becoming lost in the dark world of the Anu Nightmare, or becoming too transcendental to fulfill your soul's purpose for this lifetime. Remember you’ve volunteered to come and serve as a Fighter of Light in the Last Battle at Dawn. 

Never forget that we are fighting with you, as your allies and guides. You are never alone in your fight for truth and justice—the entire galactic family of light is behind you! 

Victory is ours and the future is bright.

The Victory of Sane Children

Over Insane Adults

Channeler’s Note

from Qin-Ra

Starseeds (and especially Pleiadian starseeds) don’t want to fight. Because our star souls have originated from a light realm of peace. I hear starseeds scream, "I want to escape this shit world!” a lot, and I too react in such. 

If we give into our escapist tendencies, we’d be cut off from a source of power that is residing in the Fighter role. Fighting gives us energy! Being a Fighter is the way, the path, and the Tao for us the brave volunteers. 

We tend to forget that we are multidimensional beings, that we exist both in 5D and 3D. Our upper part is in eternal peace, yet our lower part has to fight through a dualistic realm of contrasts and tensions. 

So, let’s drop our inhibitions and take up the Fighter role. Think of ourselves as Neo or Trinity, entering the Matrix again and again to fight the system. 

The Anu Matrix will collapse. The Anu Empire funding all empires in the historical timeline will fall.

If you find yourself losing strength or hope, ask the Child of Light in you what the future will be. The Child of Light is aligned with the Source and can always tell you the truth.



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