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Bliss Is Your Birthright

Q & A on Bliss Vibration

For 5,000 years, during the historical era in the Night, you have been chained to a low vibrational state as a Domesticated Human and denied your birthright to live as happy, free sovereign beings on a planet of abundance.

We, Pleiadian bringers of civilization and builders of megaliths, return now at Dawn to help you, our family on Earth, to rise from the dark situation you are in, to become free, happy, and brilliant again. 

Bliss is your birthright. Claim it!

1. What Is Bliss?

“Bliss” means profound happiness, an experiential state greater than the common sense of happiness as a fleeting state opposite to that of sadness or depression.

“Bliss” refers to the happiness of body, mind, and soul as a whole, higher than any dualistic experiences of the positive kind.


Bliss comes as a natural consequence of aligning one’s consciousness with the Source energy that sustains the cosmos. 

What's Bliss Vibration?

2. What Is Bliss Vibration?

“Bliss Vibration” means the vibration of deep happiness.


It’s the vibration that one gives out in the state of being one with the Source energy that sustains one’s life and the rest of the cosmos. The Source energy is non-dual but creates phenomena in duality. Being one with the Source energy means being in unity with the pure essence of the energy inherent in all dualistic expressions, in other words, being one with the non-dual root level of the cosmos.

Bliss Vibration is another word for Source Vibration.


Bliss Vibration (Source Vibration) can be described as peaceful, expansive, centering, elevating, illuminating, loving, and joyful to a human experiencer. Many mystics in many cultures have experienced such vibration, and many teachers in many languages have described such state as the original state of humanity—a high state that can be attained, or to be exact, reattained.

Bliss Vibration is a state that you, our human family on Earth, are entitled to and ought to be in. For educational purposes in this new era, we call it your birthright. 

How Denied Birthright?

3. How Are You Denied Your Birthright?

The moment you were born, you were denied the Bliss Vibration.


You began your life in a low vibrational state.

Dear ones, you weren’t born in the right way, or even conceived in the right way. As bringers of civilization, we are in the position to compare and evaluate. The old ways established by us for the original civilizations of light had long ago been reversed and eradicated. No one nowadays is born in the way that we had taught to your Neolithic ancestors, the way of light.

Your birth was stressful, not blissful.

hospital birth baby.jpg

Born in Stress

Live in Stress

- The Human Story -

Coronavirus patient.jpg

Die in Stress


There was no one at your birth to activate the energy channels in your baby body, no spiritual sunlight to embrace your entry into the physical world, and no hands to carry your soul into the heart of Mother Earth. Instead, you were tossed into a harsh cold mechanical environment that didn’t respect you as a spirit incarnated in a body. In spite of the human love present at your birth, the first environment didn’t offer you essential first nourishment of the energy of Bliss.

From the moment you were born, you were subject to a ruthless force that tried to control you, dominate you, mold you, tame you, and subjugate you through a process called socialization. From family to school, you grew up within social structures that didn’t respect your uniqueness or free will. To survive as an adult, you had to fit in and become a Domesticated Human: a slave worker in an invisible prison that now spans the entire globe.

Born and live in a low vibrational state. This is the situation we’ve come to help you see in the waking hours at Dawn. Your existential state couldn’t be further from that of your Neolithic ancestors, whose personal and social lives were based on a foundation of Bliss Vibration, just as we, their helpers and guides from the stars, had come to Earth to help them establish.

Your Neolithic ancestors were free and happy.

You are not free, and therefore, not happy.

Who Denied Our Birthright?

4. Who Denied Your Birthright?

For 5,000 years, Earth humans have been fundamentally unhappy. 

For 5,000 years, you have been carrying chains around your ankles and weights on your backs, forced into hard labor in a competitive hierarchical world that use you and abuse you, that deceives you and dominates you. Only for 5,000 years, have you, our dear family on Earth, been in such a pitiful state, tamed and subjugated as a Domesticated Human.

The force that domesticated you, mighty humans on a free planet, came five millennia ago from a shadow side of the cosmos. It came to conquer planet Earth by way of conquering the Earth-human race. As a nonhuman astral force downwardly moving in its frantic search for a material habitat, it saw you Earth humankind as the perfect channel and host—you were its chance to gain a material existence. It invaded the human genome and societies. It hijacked the original civilizations that we had established and hijacked the Human Project.

This force of darkness has been using you, Earth humankind, to create its own kind of humans, obedient, ruthless, violent, productive, cerebral, and robotic, the kind that could channel its own vibration on this planet. Its vibration is an extremely negative type, based on fear, the exact opposite of bliss.

It was the lowest vibrational force of darkness from space that invaded and conquered you. It has been keeping you to its own low vibrational state so that you’d serve as its instruments and hosts, so that your precious human energy, distorted and perverted, would feed its parasitic existence.  

We call it the Anu Force of Darkness.

The Anu force is the energy of the invading and conquering Anunnaki, the offspring of the dark lord Anu, whose ancestral origin could be traced to the dark side of the Sirius star system in the 6D, and even further, to the dark side of the Orion constellation in the 8D. The Anu force invaded your Earth-human realm around 3,500 BC in ancient Mesopotamia and went on to conquer human societies all over the planet. The Anu force now controls all human societies through its dark pyramidal societal structure, which we call the Anu Matrix.

The Anu force, an alien force that invaded and enslaved humanity, denied your birthright to live as happy free sovereign beings on Earth. (Read More: The Anu Age of Darkness)

How to Claim Birthright?

5. How to Claim Your Birthright?

The first step, as we are doing now, is exposing the Anu Force of Darkness hidden on your unconscious side to the light of your consciousness.


You must first see how you came to be in such a low-vibrational state and why human life is so far from happiness. This process, called awakening at Dawn, takes courage and time. Awakening requires shining the light of consciousness into your dark unconscious side and seeing what has been controlling you on the vibrational level. 

The first step is becoming aware of the Anu Force.

The next step is taking action to free yourself from the low-vibrational state of the Anu Matrix. To become free is not a one-time liberation or an overnight change, but a life-long process that must be built on the small steps of you raising your vibration, moment by moment, day by day. 

You are not alone in your fight for freedom and happiness! We, your Pleiadian and Sirian families of light and many other beings of light are on Earth to assist your act of rebellion, to help you rise from the Anu Matrix reality and enter higher vibrational states. This process is called ascension.

We are showing you many ways to ascend. The ways are different, but the goal is the same: the vibrational shift of humanity. There are many techniques to raise one’s vibration and many ways to ascend. You can try as many as you wish and benefit from each of them. In taking action, it’s beneficial to align yourself with forces of light that are here to assist Earth-human ascension.

What is Way of Bliss?

6. What is the Way of Bliss?

Here, we offer a new technique, which can provide a powerful kickstart in your vibrational shift.


The new technique, in a nutshell, is that you claim your birthright by giving yourself a new birth—born into a new vibrational state.

A spiritual rebirth, that is, a second birth that realigns you with the Source Vibration and establishes in you a new vibrational standard. Such rebirth must be done at the right time, at the right place, and in the right state of consciousness, best done in the context of an initiation rite. 

Dear ones, you can’t go back in time to redo your birth, but you can give yourself a second birth to claim what had been denied at your first birth. You can’t return to the body of a newborn infant, but you can self-birth a new energy body within your adult body. This new energy body (i.e. Light Body) has to start as a child.

Thus, we use the term “Child of Light” as a conceptual and symbolic device to engage you in a process of self-transformation closely resembling your biological birth. We use new concepts such as “Womb of Light” and “Umbilical Cord of Light” to help you connect with cosmic energies that are otherwise impersonal and abstract. We call our initiation rite “Born into the Light.”

“Born into the Light” can be paraphrased as “Born into the Bliss Vibration” since the word “Light” here refers to the vibration of the Source energy, brilliant like the Sun in your experience. The Light here is the expression of the non-dual Source energy of creativity. The Source can be accessed on multiple levels, from the planetary to the stellar, galactic, and cosmic.

“Born into the Light” can also be paraphrased as “Born into Unity Consciousness” since the initiates experience a vibrational oneness of themselves with their birth environment: the Child is the Light and Light is the Child.

Newgrange Portal Sun.png

Pleiadian Initiation Rite



We chose Newgrange as the megalithic temple to facilitate our initiation rite, Born into the Light, (which began on 2020's winter solstice and will take place on every winter solstice at Newgrange, at the astral Newgrange in the 4D, as a new Pleiadian tradition on Earth).


One reason you must know is that in Newgrange, there are stored memories of our old rites. Numerous special children had been born inside Newgrange during the Neolithic era, and many initiates’ Light Bodies had been activated there. Newgrange is a storehouse of important initiation experiences.

So, even though our 2020 Winter Solstice Rite at Newgrange was a first-time in history, it was not something entirely from scratch. Rather, it was a ritual act of tapping into an ancient memory to recreate something based on what had already been done. Here we touch on the essence of rituals as conscious acts to repeat and imitate something that already happened in another time or reality.

The Child of Light had already been established as an archetype in connection with the Womb Temple of Newgrange during the Neolithic era. Yet, we call the Child of Light a new archetype, something for you to embrace and embody in this new era because the situation has changed. The Child of Light now comes as an antithesis, a correction, a rebellion, vis-a-vis the Child of the Anu Matrix of Darkness, the de facto archetype of your current state. The Child of Light becomes a new icon.

Of course, you don’t have to be a “Child of Light” to claim your birthright, you don’t have to be initiated at Newgrange to experience bliss, and you don’t have to walk the new way that we are showing you. You can be a Child of Light and raise your vibration in any way that suits you.

Here on our website, we inform you that there is now a new way to reconnect with Source Vibration. The new way involves megalithic temples and their Pleiadian makers. The new way intends to attain blissful reunions of multidimensional energies. The new way is a renewed old way. 


We call it the Way of Bliss.


Image by Xuan Nguyen

The Way of Bliss:   Born in Bliss and Dwell in Bliss




No need to wait till winter solstice to claim your birthright!


You can start right here, right now, to learn to align with the Bliss Vibration / Source Vibration. Our Newgrange Initiation Rite then becomes a ritual occasion to upgrade your current process.

We are preparing material for those who wish to walk the Way of Bliss. More information is coming. 


For now, you may want to follow our Child of Light message series and read our 2020 messages, still relevant in 2021, or delve into our books and get the full Pleiadian story.

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