Ascension: going higher in vibration

Source: origin of light + life

Return: make a U-turn

Tropical Leaves

Ascension begins with re

return, reconnect, realign, reunite, revive, remember, relax...

Ascension Tips:

Womb of Light
12/21 Ascension
Debunk the myth.
5 Misconceptions about Acension
Misconceptions block ascension.
Mass Awakening?
Herd Mentality
Dark Night of the Soul
Dark chaos is a natural part of ascension.
COVID19 Plandemic
COVID19 blocks ascension.
Go For Your Dreams
Stay above Mass Hysteria.
Survive 2020
5 spiritual strategies
How to access LOVE
Source loves me unconditionally.
10 Dimensions of Power
Become Multidimensional.
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