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Mass Awakening - True or False?

“Mass Awakening” used to be a buzzword in the New Agers’ world. Now, even politicians are using it. Ha, a sign of something not quite right!

Do you see a mass awakening happening on the planet?

I don’t.

From my observation, I can say there are more and more people waking up. But the masses, the vast majority of the seven billion humans on the planet, are snoring away, not waking up.

I see mass hypnosis, not mass awakening.

Just look at 2020, a year of mass manipulation and mass hysteria. The human race has been fooled big time. The sad thing is, many saw the worldwide street protests against racism as a sign of mass awakening.

What if I tell you that mass protests were a plot written in a sinister screenplay? The masses unknowingly served as an instrument to actualize a movie plot. Being used and victimized (as protests and campaigns helped the virus spread) without the slightest clue. Call that mass awakening?

Or you think prisoners voting for a new prison ward is an act that will set them free?

The core issue this blog discusses is not how many humans will wake up, but how awakening ought to happen—via the mass route or via the individual route?

What’s your answer?

Here’s my answer:

Mass awakening? No.

Individual awakening? Yes.

The masses will never wake up but the individuals will if they choose to. Awakening can only happen through each individual waking up, which results in a social movement.

The danger of the concept of “mass awakening” is that it pulls us right back to the same old Herd Mentality that created and sustained the horrible slumber we are in.

Previously, it was “follow the herd and be asleep.”

Presently, it is “follow the herd and be awake.”

The trick of this concept is that it prevents you from starting the process of becoming the true you—a unique individual human being—which is the essence of spiritual awakening.

You can’t find your unique individuality in a herd that has been totally homogenized and dumbed down.

To find your true self, you’ll have to step away from such a herd.

Even a spiritual herd.

But it takes courage and determination to walk away from the herd, to face the unknown all by yourself. It is much easier to follow the other sheep’s rear ends, feeling safe and secure, believing that these fluffy white ends are moving in the direction of light.

The New Age world is packed with sheep and shepherds.

But you know, there is a 3rd choice available:

Be Wolf

The forest is big, and life abundant.

A lone awakened wolf will meet another lone awakened wolf.


Siddhartha was a lone wolf.

He was all by himself in the forest, with nobody to talk to.

He didn’t become the Awakened One (the Buddha)

by joining a mass meditation or following a guru.

Is there a 4th choice?

Tell me.




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