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12/21 Ascension to 5D - True or False?

Most likely, you’ve heard the idea, “On December 21, 2020, a great event will happen: Ascension into the 5D.”

Despite its popularity on the internet, this is a false concept.

This is one of those deceptive counterfeit concepts designed to do the opposite—to BLOCK your ascension.

This blog debunks a myth that has trapped the imagination of many genuine seekers of truths, a myth planted years ago and orchestrated with precision to accompany in the 2020 plandemic: it’s another element of the dark screenplay.

1. First, let’s look at what this myth says.

It says that there’s going to be an overnight change on Winter Solstice day, a drastic societal-reset kind of change that makes the dark Matrix collapse, that ushers in a bright new Earth existing in the 5th Dimension, the dimension of love and light.

Why? Because Earth, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn will enter a special alignment on 12/21, because there will be a super blast of solar flares from the Sun on this day, and because the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, and other ET ships are going to beam light onto Earth on this special day, etc., etc.

2. Now, let’s deconstruct the myth.

We break it down to three parts: 12/21 Ascension into the 5D


Is it true, a special planetary alignment on 12/21?

True, indeed! The 2020 Winter Solstice will be graced with a special happening: the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

What does it mean? It means we will enter a powerful energy field around 12/21. What happens when we enter this energy field? No one knows for sure. This energy field could stir or calm us, could bring us dramas or peace, could change or maintain the status quo, could make matters better or worse.

I’d say that the kind of apocalyptic change promised by this myth will NOT take place. Though great, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction just doesn’t have the kind of power to “catapult humanity and Earth into a higher dimension.”

12/21 will be a powerful time, but not so powerful that it resets society, upgrades the planet, and elevates humanity. Besides, the days, weeks, and months after this date will continue to be powerful. In other words, this isn’t a narrow window of opportunity, a quick opening and closing of a door to Heaven. If you miss it, you still have many chances.

(Note added on12/14: If you miss the 12/21 Initiation Rite at Newgrange, you don't miss your chance to ascend! But you do miss the opportunity to do something very special during a once-in-a-life-time alignment.)


Ascension means going higher in vibration. So what is supposed to ascend on this date? Planet Earth?

No! You see, the alignment of Sun, Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn is a 3D (material) event that couldn’t possibly push planet Earth into a 5D (immaterial) reality. Neither could a blast of solar flares (By the way, did the Sun announce to some elite here that he’s going to blast more flares on this date?) push Earth out of the physical into a non-physical existence.

If planet Earth will leave 3D and enter 5D on this date, we’d wake up on 12/22 looking for our physicality. “Where is my body? I can’t find it!” How likely do you think that'll happen?

So, not the planet. Is it then us, the human race, who will ascend (go higher) on this date? Given the situation of how divided we are, one can reasonably say that some may go higher and some lower on this date, as on other days. Going higher? Maybe for some, but not guaranteed.

Into the 5D

There is a root concept, a true concept, “Earth ascending into the 5D.”

This isn’t a counterfeit concept but a description of what’s going on in the cosmos. Earth is ascending, becoming lighter, because she is moving in her orbit, along with the rest of the solar family, into the zone of galactic light. (Read More: The Age of Light)

But many misunderstood this root concept. People think Earth’s ascension means that Earth leaves 3D behind and enters 5D.

What happens is, Earth is incorporating the 5D into her domain. Earth so far contains four dimensions in her native domain (i.e. 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D). Earth is in the process of acquiring a new dimension. The new Earth will have an extra dimension, the 5D.

“Earth ascending into the 5D” can thus be paraphrased as “Earth expanding into the 5D.”

Needless to say, this is a gradual process that takes a few centuries to complete.

The ascended Earth (meaning an expanded Earth) in the Age of Light is a planet featuring a five-tiered domain(i.e. 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D).

This outer process on the macro level of our planet is reflected on the micro level of our individual humanity. On the inner level, the 5D is a dimension of consciousness that each one of us can access from within, anytime, anywhere, since the 5D is a part of our multidimensional human design.

The 5D is a part of you, it is the 5th floor of the palace of you, so to speak.

You can access the 5D, today, tonight, right here, right now!

Why wait till 12/21?

(Read More: 10 Dimensions of Humanity & Access Your 10 Zones of Power )

3. Let’s expose the DARK AGENDAS behind this myth.

2020 has been a year of mass hysteria. This “12/21 Ascension into the 5D” myth is another conceptual device unleashed to hype up a millenarian hysteria.

This one boasts an ancestral link to that infamous myth of 2012.

Remember that one? Deja vu?

Both myths promote a deceptive but seductive idea: a one-time event of total change.

Both are spiritual traps.

The dark agendas behind this 12/21/2020 Ascension Myth include the following:

  • To divert your attention from the present moment

  • To capture your imagination

  • To harvest your energy (by getting you to join this or that)

  • To get your money (its’ a business opportunity)

  • To set you up for disappointment and depression

In short, to block your natural and gradual process of ascension.

You see, Earth is ascending, without you doing anything, without Jupiter, Saturn, or the Sun doing anything special. Ascension is a natural flow and you are a part of that flow. It’s happening each moment, this movement toward light, whether you feel it or not.

Such a false concept pulls your awareness away from the natural planetary process, which is a present continuum. It alienates you from the natural ascending flow.

4. So what to do now, before 12/21?

Every Winter Solstice is a powerful portal phase; this one could be a bit more powerful than other years.

The advice my Pleiadian guide gave me, due to the spiritual hysteria we are in, is:

Relax, relax, relax!

Relax in nature, alone or with people whom you trust.

Relax into the womb space of Earth.

Clear your mind.

Clear your aura.

Clear your path.

Stay open and receptive.

Have no expectation.

Let go.

“Forget even the idea of ascension!” a Zen master would say.

Just be.

(Pleiadian & Gaian Advice)




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