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Womb of Light - Cosmic Womb - Earth Womb

Be a Child of Light

In a Womb of Light

NOTE: This message for 12/21/2020 is also useful for other years.

What to Do on 12/21?

 - Pleiadian Advice - 

Dear Starseed,

You want more power on this date, don't you? 

Well then, go to the most powerful spot in your world!


The Heart of Earth is the source of life, the place where everything begins.

No place is more powerful than the G Center (Gaian Center), or call it the G Spot.


Nothing would go wrong during the Winter Solstice transition (12/20-22) if you stay connected to the Heart of Earth.

There are  2 ways  to connect to the Heart of Earth.


1.  Visualize an umbilical Cord of Light connecting your Heart with the Heart of Earth, as a light source down there, outside your body. This way, you re-activate your Root Chakra and re-align with the 1D level of your multidimensional humanity

Cord of Light.jpg

2.   Visualize a Womb of Light around you, with your Heart aligned with the Heart of the Earth Womb—you are at the center of the Earth Womb, surrounded by a set of star wombs up to the level of cosmic womb. You place yourself at the most powerful position: the heart of a cosmic Womb of Light.

Womb of Light concentric circles.jpg

The next most powerful thing you can do is: 


Be a Child of Light.


Allow yourself to be a child again, feeling the purity, openness, and trust that a child is born with, and more importantly, the abundant light (aka love) that the child is entitled to.


What's the most powerful thing a Child of Light can do?


Receive light.

You don’t need to earn this light. 

You don’t need to work hard to get this light.

Just receive.

Just receive, like a pampered child.

The above 2 visualizations can be done anytime, anywhere, even driving a car. It’s basically a shift of consciousness, a remembrance of something always going on at the vibrational level of your being.


You need no group mediation, or guided mediation, to make this shift. 


You can do it now, as you are reading this message on a laptop or phone.

Modern Senior Woman
I'm a Child of Light !

Without even closing your eyes, you can, for a few seconds, allow yourself to be a Child of Light in a Womb of Light. 

Be a Child of Light 

is one of the best initiations you can give to yourself.

Image by Patrick Hendry

 Your Mantra for 12/21:  " Relax and Receive ! " 

WJ Qin

Channeler's Note:  


For those who plan to take the Newgrange “Child of Light” Initiation Rite, you should know that the Earth Womb temple of Newgrange is a multidimensional portal device to help us humans realign with the heart of Earth.


From within the temple space of the 4D Newgrange, you can easily descend to the center of our mother planet—Gaia’s Heart in the 1D.  

Newgrange Child of Light Pleiadian Initiation 2021.jpeg

Ascend with Earth,
not from Earth!

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