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The 1,2,3,4 of the Gaian Dream

The 1 Life Principle

All lives are One Life
at the core of Earth.

The 2 Modes of Existence

Night and Day

The 3 Keepers of Life

Sun, Moon, and Earth
Man, Woman, and Child

The 4 Rings of Power

1D,  2D,  3D,  4D  
4 concentric circles diagram.png

Gaia's 4 Rings of Power

Gaia's 4 Rings of Power.png
Earth's 4 Rings of Power.png
Inner Sun diagram.png
5 Elements diagram.png
Wheel of Life diagram.png
Rainbow Gate diagram.png

The 1st Dimension / 1st Density

Earth Core, Seat of Earth Soul, Gaia’s heart

Gaia’s own Singularity Point: zero time, zero mass

Sheer light, source of Gaian power




The 2nd Dimension / 2nd Density

Earth interior (in material terms)

The Underworld (in shamanic terms)

Realm of the elementals: earth, air, fire, water & ether

Abode of the reptilian guardians (Sacred Snake) of Earth

Home of nature spirits (fairies, divas, etc.)

The invisible half of the biosphere

Non-linear time, fluid space


The 3rd Dimension / 3rd Density

Earth Surface (in material terms)

The Middle World (in shamanic terms)

The visible half of the biosphere

Realm of dense matter

“This world” in the common talk

Linear time, rigid space, hardcore dualism


The 4th Dimension / 4th Density

Earth’s astral zone, semi-physical

Gateway to the Upper World (in shmanic terms)

Portal to the heavens

Home of angelic keepers (Magic Bird) of Earth

Realm of human symbols, concepts, archetypes, and emotions

Storehouse of starseeds’ blueprint

Incubator of civilization

The military base of the Anu force of darkness

Battlefield (Family of Light vs. League of Darkness)

Non-linear time, fluid space, soft dualism

Gaia's 4 Rings of Power
4 dimensions 4 wheels.png

The Way of GAIA 

The Way of Gaia

An Incessant Movement From Birth to Growth, Destruction, and Death

The Way of Gaia.png

The Medicine Wheel

Moving Along Gaia's Circular Way  —>  Health

Moving Against Gaia's Circular Way  —Sickness

3 Doors to the Gaian Dream

Womb Consciousness

Child Consciousness

Play Consciousness

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