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A tree of light stands tall in the celestial realm of the Great Spirit.


Its terrestrial reflection grows wild in the human park of the Garden of Earth.


The undulating reflection presents a dance between light and shadow, a play of dualities.


The path to the real tree winds through the deep yearnings and high ideals within the human capacity to dream big.  

The Blueprint for the Gaian Dream

The Blueprint and 10 dimensions.png

As Below, So Above

The 10 dimensions of humanity correspond to the 10 dimensions of the Milkyway.

Read:  10 Dimensions of Humanity


Back to Plato

plato's cave.jpg

The Cave of Shadows


Illusory World

Physical Plane  

Reality of the Senses

Level of Matter



plato's cave.jpg

The World of Sunshine


Real World

Metaphysical Plane  

Reality of the Soul

Level of Forms



Plato (ca 428 - 348 BC) was a seer.      


He turned his visions into words and the words became a philosophy.


He saw higher-dimensional designs and called them ideas and forms rather than blueprints.


He remembered the source of light whence he came, whence humanity came.


He was a super star seed. 

Beyond Plato


Alas, Plato was a historical man!


Living in the midst of the Nighttime, Plato could not see through the Nightmare of His-story,  could not see through the social hierarchy, military glory, or hegemonic drive of his Hellenic culture.


He could not see through the many Anu shadows that haunted his Greek cave.


His account of Atlantis has both inspired and misled generations of seekers. With its armies and weapons, kings and soldiers, Plato’s Atlantis is a microcosm of an Anu Empire.


We must look beyond Plato in remembering our forgotten Blueprint.

“Beyond Plato” is more complex than just that, however.


It means we must radically change our attitude to celebrate the Gaian world of matter.


It means we must transform the Cave of Shadows into a Cave of Visions, a cave of song and dance, laughter and play.

Let's make it a Cave of Adventurous Dreams!

Let's call it "Lila Cave."

shadows in cave.jpeg

Cave of Dreams

newgrange wide angle.jpg

The CAVE-WOMB Temple

Newgrange, Ireland  

hand on concentric circles.jpg

Blueprint Activation

Step 1

Many starseeds are coded with a blueprint for civilization in your souls.

Megalithic sites built by Pleiadian and Sirian families of light can help awaken your dormant seed and activate your inner blueprint.

On 12.21.2020, Newgrange became the first megalithic site activated at Dawn. 

Read More: Q & A on Newgrange

3 Doors to the Gaian Dream

Womb Consciousness

Child Consciousness

Play Consciousness

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