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The Anu Age of Darkness

Anu Age of Darkness.jpg

"The past 5000 years was a darkest night for Gaia and all her children, a long nightmare featuring your defeats and their victories—the victories of the offspring of the dark lord, Anu.


"History is Anu’s story.


"History is his-story, his story of “God” laughing and her story of Goddess crying over five millennia of brutality and pain. 


"Much fear has been spread under the cover of Nightly darkness. The long Night saw Earth turn into a terror planet with prison cells, torture chambers, and killing fields. War became a prerequisite for peace, and exploitation the norm in social relations. Instead of a fantastic paradise, humans have built with their own hands a monstrous Matrix machine that controls and depletes them. Operating from the lowest frequency, fear, humans are inmates who also guard the same prison.


"Your story is the most absurd one in our Milky Way Galaxy.


"From that tragic moment in the Middle East, it took five millennia of Nighttime for the Offspring of Anu (“Anunnaki”) to turn Earth into a planetary labor camp.


"The global labor camp is a dark pyramid based on a division of nation-states into the first, second, and third rank, all locked into a worldwide market of unfair trade. Conflicting national interests drive international competitions for power and superpower. It is the same old story from ancient Sumer. Only one game has been played out, in fancy variations:

His Story.jpg

"From then to now, evil has spread via two parallel routes: 


a) Genetic infiltration;  

b) Cultural infiltration. 


"Besides setting up a global pyramidal structure for energy sucking, the Anunnaki aliens’ agenda was to turn every human body on the planet into a carrier of the Anunnaki genetic code.


"The more bodies carrying the Anu Code, the more abundant their energy supply, the bigger their labor force. This particular Anu agenda was achieved about one and a half centuries ago. By the 20th century, practically all races of Earth humans had received the Anu Code, had been infected with the Anu Virus."  


Ch.14 "The Anu Age of Darkness" in New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory p. 308-309

The Anu Virus is much more dangerous than Coronavirus. 


Coronavirus has infected only a segment of the human race, while the Anu Virus has practically infected the entire human race. 


The current Coronavirus outbreak can help you see the viral Anu force at work.


Being infected with the Anu Virus means that you are susceptible to the mental manipulations of an astral force of darkness.

Dawn is the time period to expose the Anu Virus to the light of consciousness and heal humanity. 


The Anu force is a dark ET force that invaded the human domain during the Bronze Age and hijacked the original civilization of light. 


*  It originated from the dark side of Sirius.


*  It hides in the 4D (the portal dimension) and controls humans through 4D archetypes.


*  It is a draconian force (instead of the mislabeled "reptilian force" because there are benevolent reptilians on Earth and in space) that purposely blocks the natural flow of human ascension.  


*  It thrives on human pain.


The Anunnaki didn’t leave. Their energy, the Anu force, has been destroying the planet through its human instruments. The Anu force has existed so long on Earth because of your unawareness.

The Anu Nightmare and the Gaian Dream

Anu Nightmare.jpg

"The Nightmare" by John Henry Fuseli (1781)

Dreamers of an Earth paradise, wake up!


Expose the viral Anu force to the light of awareness.

The virus dies in the light of truth. 

Shine your light !

If you want to know how the Anu force infiltrated the human genome, hijacked the civilization, and built its dark pyramid, read Sincera Speaks, New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory, p. 250-347.


     Ch.12  Dark Infiltrations

     Ch.13  Aliens’ Curse on Humanity

     Ch.14  The Anu Age of Darkness

     Ch.15  Light and Anti-light


You can also read Journey to Our Neolithic Self, p. 495-529, Ch.23 The Alien in Me 




Don’t have time to read? 


Just meditate on the image below: 

26,000 Great Year.jpg

(This is a top-down view, not side view.)

Yes, around 2200 AD, not 2020 AD. 


Do not despair, dear ones!

The Age of Light is coming. 

You are already in the Dawnlight and

it gets brighter each day!

Shine Your Light on the PLANDEMIC Nightmare


Become aware of the Anu Origin of Wars on Earth

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