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Agriculture From the Sky

You're about to read Chapter 9  "Agriculture From the Sky" from New Humankind: A Pleiadian Herstory, a book channeled from the Pleiadian wisdom being, Sincera, by the starseed author, WJ Qin.

In Chapter 8, Sincera has spoken of a catastrophe that befell the Earth ca 10,000 BC. Cannibalism occurred.

Sincera Speaks

We couldn’t believe our eyes watching you eat each other down there on Earth. Not even the wisest among us could have foreseen such savagery under the pressure of hungry stomachs. We knew it was a bold experiment to have you locked inside an animal body for life. Still, none of us had the prescience to predict that in an extreme situation of starvation a hybrid of celestial intelligence and animal instincts would mutate into a grotesque cannibal species.


The human experiment was about to fail. The situation on Earth would escalate into a total disaster if continued. We must intervene!


We pleaded before the higher council in the Orion stars and were granted permission to intervene, to reverse the course of human devolution. A plan was devised and a mission formed in accordance. The mission would journey from the Pleiades to Earth to bring disaster relief to the wretched human victims. It would not be short-term relief, but assistance with long-term impact on a global scale. 


As a member of the “Council on Human Affairs,” I participated in devising the mission’s plan and decided to get actively involved in its implementation. But instead of sending a duplicate of me to Earth, as I’d done before, I would go to Earth personally. Do you remember, before you embarked on your voyage, my having told you that I would visit you on Earth? My time had finally come, though as a matter of emergency. 


Though dire was the situation, our relief mission could be dispatched only at a moment when cosmic alignment would open up the inter-dimensional portal into the Earth realm. It would have to be a time when planet Earth was very close to our central sun, Alcyone, because the nature of this mission required Earth to be fully immersed in the Galactic Daylight. Being a masculine act, our relief mission depended on the willing cooperation of a planet peaking in her feminine power.


Now you understand why we did not come to rescue you sooner. We could come only at a moment when for you the worst was over. You were already out of the shell-shocked state after the great flood had receded, and the planet was entering a stabilizing situation. Despite the loss of coastal lands due to the rise of sea level and despite the drop of temperature and precipitation in many areas, life was rebounding on all continents. 


It was over 11,000 years ago, around 9500 BC, that our relief mission arrived on Earth. We came in a large spacecraft with a collective of over 40 members on board. Our spacecraft was not made of metal or plastic or anything material of the earthly type. It was a “light ship”—a traveling field of high energy made of the same vibration as the “light ship” that had brought you to Earth.  


The 40-plus members of the relief mission consisted of human souls from the Pleiades and other star systems. This mission was “Pleiadian” in the sense that it was dispatched from the 5D station of the Pleiades, and that its membership had a Pleiadian majority. The mission was by and large an inter-stellar and inter-dimensional collaboration. 

26000-year cycle
26,000 Great Year.jpg

The 26,000-year Cycle (the Great Year), the Central Sun, and the Galactic Night & Galactic Day

We, the collective of human souls assembled in the Pleiades, sailed through the 4D portal in our “light ship” and materialized our craft, our laboratory, our instruments, and ourselves after we had landed on the Earth shore. 


Our journey bore similarities to your journey to Earth. But since we came not to take but to give lessons, we followed a different route in our materialization. Instead of growing slowly in embodiment within Earth timeline, we took on bodies instantly. Our bodies were projections of stellar human forms in earthly type of matter. More substantial than holographic projections, our bodies were life-like to your senses.


Our semi-physicality provided us inter-dimensional accessibility, and this inter-dimensional orientation graced us with a fluid appearance, which looked material and ethereal. Compared with you earthlings, we were tall, nearly twice your height, and we radiated a soft glow. This larger and shinier stature wasn’t done to impress you, however. We simply followed the law of physics in taking on bodies that were appropriate for our missions on Earth. 


Yet, it behooved us to match our level with that of you Earth human beings. Moreover, it was mandatory that we observe a set of rules prescribed for this relief mission. Two of these rules were:


1. We must respect the free will of Earth human beings.

2. We must respect their evolutionary scheme.


In other words, we were not going to impose anything on you, nor were we to introduce knowledge or tools far ahead of your age. At the time of this mission, you Earth humans were in what is now termed the Middle Stone Age. It would have been a grave violation of the rule if we had given Mesolithic people tools made of metal, for example. We could give you as much as we wanted, but only within the allowance of that particular segment of the evolutionary scheme in which we made contact with you. 


And we were not to shock you in your fragile mental state. We needed to proceed strategically and gently in making contact with you. The key was trust. To establish a foundation of trust between you and us was our top goal. To establish trust, we must make you feel, first and foremost, at home with us. 


We came to help the human population of all races on all continents, starting from our closest relatives, our soul offspring—tribes of starseeded humans scattered around the planet. Since geographic and climate conditions varied from place to place, human development was unique at each location and uneven when compared. In other words, the need for our intervention differed. 


Thus, we selected several contact points in space and progressed from one point to another, one at a time. Though unbound by Earth’s time-space grid, we chose to work within the timeline according to your evolutionary flow.  


We began in the Middle East.


Located in the Middle East was an inter-dimensional portal through which we had entered the Earth realm. We chose the long stretch of fertile land, today called the Fertile Crescent, to be our first contact region. 


Despite the damage of the cataclysm and the detriment of climate change, the Fertile Crescent at the time of our mission was a relatively lush region with rich biodiversity. Before the 10,000 BC cataclysm, the starseeded humans here and elsewhere had been practicing eclectic farming. They were able to plant, grow, and harvest a number of wild grains with their own hands. Millennia of gathering experience had enabled the starseeded humans to exert some control over the life cycles of certain plants. 


They had the farmer’s mind, but not the farmer’s stock, for wild grains were difficult to manage, especially in the harvest phase. And as hunters, right from the start, they had been keeping live game around with ropes and fences. But it was nearly impossible to mold wild animals into obedient beasts in service to the perpetual need of human survival and growth.


To seed the light, to seed the information, knowledge, and skill that we had brought to Earth at her high noon, we needed to start with the right climate and soil. All things considered, the Fertile Crescent region was our top choice. 


Besides its biodiversity and proto-farming legacy, the starseeded humans there had the advantage of having lived through easier times during episodes of Earth changes. For one thing, they hadn’t suffered the pain of freezing to death. They were struggling for survival as humans were elsewhere, but we detected in them a thinner deposit of the emotional energy of anxiety and fear. We chose this region also because of the receptive condition in the human psyche. 


To begin with, we set up our lab base at the upper Euphrates-Tigris river basin, in the area bordering today’s Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. Although we came with advanced technology and sophisticated inventions, we had to test our 5D concepts in the 3D biosphere. And although our collective was unified and efficient, we had to spread out in small teams to explore biodiversity, essential to this experimental endeavor.

Pleiadian Mission Lab Sites.jpg

Thus, in remote mountains and valleys, away from tribal settlements, we conducted experiments at a number of lab sites featuring botanical gardens and animal parks. Not until enough satisfactory results had come out of these lab sites did we initiate contact with Earth-human tribes in the neighboring areas. 


Our first contact with tribes in the neighboring areas, today known as Mesopotamia and Levant, was an overall success. 


Just as we had hoped, our Earth relatives overcame the initial shock at seeing us on their riverbanks, strangers who looked different to their eyes but felt familiar to their hearts. Right away they opened their hearts to us, for their souls had immediate recognition and recollection of their family from the stars. And just as we had hoped, our Earth relatives participated in the series of feasts that we had arranged. They enjoyed the variety of meals that we had offered, and more importantly, their bodies welcomed in the range of foods that we had carefully prepared. 


At the success of our feasts, we proceeded to present to these contact tribes, on a number of occasions, the range of stock species that had come out of our experimental gardens and parks: wheat, barley, lentils and chickpeas, goats, sheep, cattle and pigs, to name a few. Wheat was our first plant present to the Earth humankind. Farm animals came later, as the second batch, with sheep being the first animal present we gave to the new farmers. 

pleiadian gift of agriculture.png

The Celestial Gift of Agriculture

With the arrival of our new plants and animals, the insecure life of hunter-gatherers would be replaced by the secure life of farmers.


“Security” is the word that defines the essence of our agricultural presents. Your security was our goal. Your secure vibration, to be exact. Our presents were intended to bring about not only a change of diet but also a revolution of lifestyle and thereby a rise of human vibration. 


It was with eagerness and gratefulness that these first tribes in the Middle East received from us the special family present: the gift of agriculture. We did not need to persuade any of them to embrace a new way to eat or new way to live. 


To make it clear, we didn’t come to Earth to preach. We never gave you orders such as “Thou shall not!” That was not our style and never will be. We came to show you a new way to live. And it was up to you free humans to decide whether you would want to embrace the new way or not. 


Patiently we taught and supervised our intelligent relatives in working with the somewhat familiar yet intrinsically exotic plants and animals that we had brought “from the sky” to them on Earth. For many centuries, we, the sky farmers, had stayed put in the fertile soil of the Middle East, assisting numerous tribes in numerous locations until a base layer of agricultural civilization was firmly established throughout the Fertile Crescent.  


South Asia was our next contact region in the timeline.


We traveled in our “light ship” with everything and everyone on board and landed in the region today called India and Pakistan. With the Middle Eastern program as its foundation, our South Asian agricultural experiment had a fairly easy start. 


This time, our project teams were spread out more widely, into far corners of the subcontinent, to experiment with its geo- and bio- diversities. Through trial and error, we worked out a modified version of our Middle Eastern agricultural program, to be applied to a line of locations stretched along the Indus and Ganges. We aimed for a multicentered agricultural development on this subcontinent in collaboration with her two main rivers, one male and one female—a parental pair.    


Our relatives in South Asia had significant physiological and linguistic differences from our relatives in the Middle East. We learned to speak their languages, which wasn’t too difficult a task for us. To put our relatives at ease, we sent forth those of us with prominent Asian features to be our mission’s representatives. Those dark-skinned black-eyed tropical beauties among our colleagues became our ambassadors to the peoples of South Asia. 


Our collective was made of star human souls appearing in a variety of Earth human forms, some fair-skinned and blue-eyed, some dark-skinned and brown-eyed. We had taken minute details into consideration at our planning sessions before our landing on the Earth shore. We came fully prepared for global contacts. 


From South Asia we went farther east. China was our next region for developing a fresh set of agricultural programs for the whole of East Asia. The vast region today called China, bigger than the Indian subcontinent, had a different configuration of geomagnetic, climatic, and biological energies. It was a different kind of human physiology and psychology that we must consider, and a different group of nature spirits that we must commune and collaborate with them in working out a model suitable for an “East Asian Neolithic Revolution,” so to speak. 


Again, we set up our lab bases in deep mountains, in the north as well as in the south. Quietly and patiently, we studied the land and communicated with her spirits, we observed the tribal settlements from above and from within, as invisible beings. We tried a variety of new ways in our genetic experiments on native plant and animal species. 


In China, we succeeded in modifying wild rice and millet; we fashioned a special kind of pig to add to our collection of farm animals—“sacred pig,” one may say, with magical consciousness. We proceeded to seed agriculture at multiple locations along the vast tributary networks of the two great rivers, today called the Long River and the Yellow River, again a female-and-male pair, similar to what we had done in India and in Mesopotamia (i.e. “the Land Between Two Rivers”). 


At the success of our East Asian program, we headed westward to Europe, Africa, and later the Americas. The British Isles of today—namely Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland—was one of our centers for seeding agriculture in the vast region today called the continent of Europe. 

TARA - Pleiadian Landing Site

I speak to you now, my channeler WJ, in greater detail of our landing in Ireland, since Ireland was your personal homeland in the new cycle of your starseed journey on Earth, and since Ireland was one of the Pleiadian cradles of civilization. 


During the coldest Paleolithic phase, your particular tribe had migrated from Ireland all the way to continental Europe, where you managed to keep your bloodline flowing. With the climate gradually warming up, slowly you traveled over the land bridge and returned to the land of your ancestors. By the time the Pleiadian relief mission came to the British Isles, your tribe had been roaming the west coast of Ireland for many generations.

Pleiadian Ireland

Around 5000 BC, the Pleiadian relief mission landed in the eastern part of Ireland. The Hill of Tara, as it is called today, was our first landing site. 


At the time of our landing, you were living in western Ireland and had no chance of meeting us in person. You may think that you missed out on a milestone event. I say to you: you did meet us at Tara—you met us not physically then and there, but several centuries later, in your mind, as you, a Neolithic child, listened to your tribal elder telling the story: 


One chilly morning in early spring, a tribe of people gathered in their dingy little grass hut to eat. Just as they finished eating, a strange sound occurred in the air, a humming sound, not like bees, not like winds, not like anything they knew. People came out of the hut to see what was going on. 


They saw a light ball in the sky. The humming sound seemed to be coming from there. 


At first, people thought they were looking at the sun, which for some reason was singing to them that happy morning of spring. Then, they saw that there were two suns shining in the sky! 


The singing sun, a bit smaller, softer, and whiter than the silent sun, started to move. It dashed and stood still. Again it moved, drifting down toward the earth. How strange! People followed the singing sun that moved and stopped, moved and stopped, as if leading them on. They followed it along a trail in the woods to the foot of a low hill. 


Lo and behold, up on the hill in the middle of a glade, there stood a huge white thing, higher and wider than nine grass huts put together—a glowing white dome. 


“What could this thing be?” people whispered. 


Suddenly, before their eyes, there appeared a group of beings—men and women, with long shiny hair, with bright serene faces, dressed in elegant robes of soft colors, very beautiful and very tall. These giant people had appeared out of thin air, and were standing there, silent and still on the slope, at the midpoint between the tribe of people and the glowing white dome. 


Who are they? Have they popped out of a dream, or fallen from the sky? People couldn’t make sense of the sight. 


No one could say a word. Then, the group of giants opened their mouths and made a song-like speech, in one voice. People understood the speech, because it was in their own language. Yes, indeed, these shiny giants had come from the sky—as their family! 


Seeing their kindness and hearing their message, people felt lumps of nervousness leaving their chests. Finally, they could let out a sigh of relief. 


The sky giants invited people to come up to the glade, to sit in the meadow and relax. As they sat on the grass and relaxed, people felt the emptiness of their stomachs. Only then they noticed that the sun was at the highest point in the sky.


Now, out of the huge white dome there came a row of sky women, their figures as beautiful as swans, their arms carrying baskets. The baskets contained nice-smelling things. The sky women came up to the people and lay the baskets down at their feet. The sky women gestured with hands that in these baskets were foods, meant for people to receive. 


So a midday banquet began, in the bright light of the spring sun. As they chewed and savored foods they had never tasted before, people grew wild, not only in their bodies but also in their souls. Tastes of heaven! Blessings from the sky! Tears rolled down people’s cheeks, tears of a kind they’d never shed in life … 



Thus, you witnessed with your mind’s eye the Tara event. The story of our landing was being told, along with the spreading of agriculture, throughout your motherland Ireland. 


In those days, you weren’t in a position to learn that the foods we brought to tribes of people at Tara had been artificially created in our laboratory. It would have been inappropriate back then to explain to you how exactly we worked out the line of plant and animal species, as gift sets for our families on Earth. 


What we did was, we mirrored the biosphere of Earth and built a similar environment in our lab space—an indoor/outdoor structure somewhat reminiscent of the Garden of Eden in the Middle Eastern myth. 


In that simulated space, lush and green and homey, we brought in a range of earthly species, plants and animals, that we had carefully selected and altered their genetic structures so that they could be easily cultivated and bred later on by Earth human hands. 


In a nutshell, we created a genetically modified version of the native species chosen from a range of Earth’s wildlife for an anthropocentric goal: to meet your human needs.


“Domestication” is an inaccurate term for the origin of the range of plants and animals that had come out of our lab space, our “Garden of Eden,” so to speak. They were not, as commonly assumed, species that had evolved from their wild state over a long period of time. 


They were genetically modified native species of Earth, to be reintroduced into her biosphere. Such genetically engineered species had come into existence as a result of stellar human intervention, not of Earth-human domestication. 

Read more: Agriculture: A Spiritual Movement


Sheep Near Tara.  Photo by Ross / WIkicommons

Now, you may want to go back to the Hill of Tara and see the wonder in people’s eyes as they watched sheep, goats, cows, and pigs being brought out of the giant dome of light—our spacecraft in disguise. Can you feel the throbbing of people’s hearts as they touched the stalks of barley we had placed in their hands and as they caressed the little lambs we had delivered into their arms? 


Our relatives at Tara had thought that they were close to nature and able to understand nature’s languages. But when they felt the soft fleece of our sheep and petted the warm bellies of our cows, they realized they had not been really close to nature. For the first time, free animals did not flee from their reaching hands. These celestial animals were not only beautiful to look at but also easy to be with, friend-like, almost. 


This was precisely our intention. We intended to provide for our family a protective shield made of a layer of cultivated nature. This layer of cultivated nature would function very much like a womb lining to nurture a new type of human children.


Agriculture was to serve as the new cocoon for a new humanity, a humanity freed from brutal struggles against nature and against one another, a humanity endowed with the power to create a favorable environment.


We came to pull our family out of the dreadful state of having to kill and spill blood in order to survive. We came to liberate you from an utterly dependent position: living at the mercy of your surroundings.


We bestowed upon the vulnerable human race a gift of strength and restored your basic right to live and to live well. We came to you as helpers, as teachers, as friends, and more than anything, as family. 


The story you learned in school, the wild story of human domestication of wild plants and beasts, had been around for fewer than 200 years. For thousands of years before such “scientific” belief came to dominate the ideological landscape of planet Earth, cultures all over the world had been passing down stories of celestial teachers bringing crops and livestock to your ancestors. Only recently were such stories relegated to the file cabinet of “Myths and Fairytales,” ridiculed, obscured, forgotten. 


Somewhere there, in the collective memory of your humanity, reposes the true story. To access it, you will have to make use of a rusty tool. The tool is called anamnesis, remembrance. 


Perhaps, one day, while scrambling eggs or buttering bread, an impulse will arise, and you will find yourself back in an ancient posture—eyes looking at the sky, chest full of emotions.


One day, you may come across an image of Göbekli Tepe and suddenly see why this enigmatic hill in southern Turkey, dated to 9000 BC, is filled with cryptic stone pillars bearing animal motifs.



Göbekli Tepe, Turkey    Photo by Teomancimit / Wikicommons

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