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What to Do on and after 12/21?

1. Pleiadian Advice
2. Gaian Advice
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Ascension = Return
Return to the Source.
2020 Plandemic
COVID19 blocks ascension path.
Megaliths built by ancient civilizers from the stars.
Pleiadian - Sirian Alliance
Pleiadian "mother" - Sirian "father" - Earth human "child"
The Hijacked Egypt
Historical Egypt = Hijacked Egypt
Gaian Dream
Gaian Dream - Earth Paradise Project
Go For Your Dreams!
Pleiadian Advice for Lightworkers in 2020
Pleiadian Ireland
Neolithic Ireland was a Pleiadian center of civilization.
Newgrange Pleiadian tempe of light
Newgrange was a womb temple built Pleiadian civilizers.
Death is Your Advisor
Use Dearth as an Advisor during the 2020 pandemic
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Bliss Vibration
How do you see the future?
12/21 Ascension to 5D?
Debunk the myth.
5 Misconceptions of Acension
Misconceptions block ascension.
Mass Awakening?
Mass Awakening leads back to Herd Mentality.
Dark Night of the Soul
Ascension has many dark nights.
3 simple methods to get out of depression
Which is True?
The light in you knows what's true.
NESARA/GESARA - True or False?
False Alternatives
Survive 2020
5 spiritual strategies to survive COVID19
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