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Megaliths built by ancient civilizers from the stars.
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Gaian Dream - Earth Paradise Project
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Pleiadian Ireland
Neolithic Ireland was a Pleiadian center of civilization.
Newgrange Pleiadian tempe of light
Newgrange was a womb temple built Pleiadian civilizers.
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3 simple methods to get out of depression
How to Know What's True?
The light in you knows what's true.
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El Regreso de los Pleyadianos Ancestrales

Die Rückkehr der prähistorischen Plejadier

Ancient Pleiadians Return

Written by


Translated by

Mathias Reiter

Translated by

Victor Wouters


First Contact With the Pleiadians 

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A Message to the 2nd-Wavers 

Dear starseed,


Your top priority as a 2nd-waver is to get your history straight.

The future of Earth depends on your fight for the Gaian Dream.

As a visionary fighter, you fight for visions and fight with visions. 


Visions are the sparks of civilization’s blueprint coded in your soul.



—the Group of 8

Pleiadian Family
Flower in Sunlight


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