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The Power To Create

Creating as Your True Self or Neurotic Self?

Dear Child of Light,

You could begin each day of a new life in the light with the affirmation:

I am a Child of Light,

endowed with three gifts of power:

3) The Power to Create

These could be empty words, however, with no power to change your life. What exactly is the Power to Create? This message from us (the Pleiadian Group of 8) completes the three-part series intended as guidelines to help you understand & access an untapped energy source.

1. What’s Wrong With Human Creativity?

One of the key messages we’ve returned to deliver is that you, Earth humankind, have been misusing your creative energy since the start of the historical era. For about 5,000 years, the creative power of humanity has gone to a large extent into building a monstrous system that covertly enslaves humanity and sabotages the planet. Human creativity, the most precious gift, has degenerated into a means of self-destruction.

As a Child of Light, you are awakening to the realization: “We’ve been misusing our creative energy.” The realization would naturally lead you to the question: “Have I been misusing my creative energy?”

“Yes,” you’d say, as you reflect on your past.

You could see that you have created, unconsciously, numerous situations that were detrimental to your health and obstructive to your growth. There was a force that drove you into creating situations that frustrated your deepest needs. What was this force that compelled you to create in the wrong way?

Here, we want to alert you to the fact that quite often it was an energy of distortion that drove human creativities. This energy of distortion had come into humanity as a foreign insert: it disturbs, distorts, and directs the original creative energy inherent in every human being.

Thus, people thought that they were creating something with their power. But in actuality, it was an interfering energy that utilized their energy to create for its purpose.

What’s more, this energy of distortion produced in the human psyche a neurotic complex on which a false sense of the self is based. Driven by this energy of disturbance, one could not act as a sovereign agent creating realities as one’s true self. Instead, a neurotic self usurped the master position and acted as the creative agent.

Dawn is the perfect time to open your eyes and see what’s going on. In the light of consciousness, you can see what went wrong in human creativity and also inside yourself. Become aware of this energy of disturbance—this makes a Child of Light qualitatively different from a not-yet-awake person (whom we nickname a Child of the Shadow).

A Child of the Shadow, being unaware, will go on being used as a means to an end, go on creating realities as the neurotic self, alienated from one’s true creativity and true self. A Child of Light, being aware, can exercise the Power to See and the Power to Choose. You, the awakening one, can opt to create realities with undisturbed pristine energy.

2. What’s True Creativity?

You could call this pristine energy the “Source Energy.” It is but the human expression of the Source that creates everything in the universe. The human species on Earth serves as a creative outlet of the Cosmic Creator, a force immanent in everything.

Creativity, as a human expression of Source Energy, bears three main characteristics:

It's Natural

Earth humans are, by nature, creative. If you simply follow your nature, you’d live a creative life, whether with hands or minds, whether tangible or ephemeral. The natural expressions of human life force constitute what we call true creativity.

True creativity comes as a direct flow of Source Energy, unaltered, undistorted, and unhindered.

It's Harmonious

The natural state of Earth’s life is harmony. Life on this planet is governed by a principle of symmetry, compatibility, and balance. The principle of harmony generates health—the natural state is the healthy state.

True human creativity would thus result in the maintenance and enhancement of health (i.e., physical well-being and mental sanity). You can use health as a yardstick to measure how true a human creative act is. If a creative act leads to the development of sickness whether individual or collective, it is but an act of disturbance—a pseudo creativity.

It's Synchronized

What sets the human species apart from other species on Earth is your ability to create forms that don’t originate from wild nature (natural forms are round, man-made forms square). The reason for this is that Earth humankind is designed to be a multidimensional species, able to access a Blueprint for Civilization sourced in celestial realms.

True human creativity is also a direct expression of the Blueprint for Civilization. There exists a master plan for human civilization (which you forgot) and each race or tribe on Earth has been assigned a unique role. These roles complement one another; the parts contribute to the actualization of a whole. On the deepest level, the creative acts of human individuals are synchronized on a global scale.

In other words, true creativity doesn’t lead to social conflict, strife, or chaos.


Now pause for a moment, dear Child of Light.

Feel the natural, harmonious, and synchronized quality of this pristine energy. It is inside your body, and there were occasions when you created things with this pure force and it felt wonderful.

When the Neurotic Self was creating things, the energy felt very different, didn’t it?

The Neurotic Self wants to “make more, make more, and make more,” which would then lead to “break more, break more, and break more.”

3. How to Create as Your True Self?

First of all, your True Self is a state of being; it allows all thoughts and feelings to rise and fall. Your True Self is not an idealized, perfected self (a construct of your mind) with no negativity or weakness. Your True Self is but the actual state of life as it is happening now. The pure expression of life defines your True Self.

Secondly, your True Self is rooted in the Source Energy, which is non-dual. Oneness is your home even though you appear to be living in a dualistic world. Out of unity comes duality: the creative expression of your True Self also follows this cosmic order. Human creativities always unfold in the realm of polarities: you create things in duality.

What made the range of human creativities pathological was the disconnection from the non-dual Source. The things you created hadn’t come from the Source and wouldn’t return to the Source; they were fashioned by a severe type of dualistic energy, which in the long run work to keep you human creators even more stuck in duality.

Now we come to the problem of manifestation.

Many of the popular techniques on “how to manifest what you want” failed to recognize the dualistic orientation and confinement of such creative acts. “Manifestation” is another word for “creativity.” Manifestation as a New Age concept emphasizes the order of creation from inner to outer, from conceptual to material, and that is illuminating. Yet true manifestation implies that you also follow the order from unity to duality and back to unity.

Whether you say “I manifest” or “I create” it's the same creative energy you're tapping into and that is, the power of the Source.

Translated in practical terms, it would mean that you change your entire approach. You quit the old pattern of creating as the Neurotic Self, making things with the energy of disturbance that shall keep you confined in duality.

You establish a new pattern that allows you to:

1- Create/manifest with the power of the Source;

2- Create/manifest things in duality that start and end with unity.

Rising from duality into unity, the movement constitutes the process called “the Ascension at Dawn.” The awakening you would want all of your creative acts to move in an ascending direction. Again we say, ascension doesn’t mean climbing up a social pyramid, which is still a part of the world of duality.

Ascension should take you out of the duality trap. This is a shift of consciousness. Ascension should get you to return to the Source and operate from a non-dual unity state.

“Where do I find the Source? It sounds so difficult!”

To reconnect with the Source isn’t a daunting task, dear one. Enter the place within yourself that is silent, empty, and still—that’s where you'd find the Source!

Return to the Source. Dwell in the Source. Feel the movement of the Source and let it express its flow spontaneously through you. From silence to sound, from stillness to movement, from emptiness to occurrence, from nothing to something, you follow this new order of creation and make each one of your acts a circle in the ascending spiral that defines the real you.

You Are The Source!

Channeler’s Note

from Qin-Ra

I think more important than creating is not-creating.

For we’ve been super active in the wrong way: too much yang, not enough yin.

Look at the mess! All done through doing.

To balance and heal, we’ll have to curtail doing and prioritize not-doing.

Let's end this Pleiadian channeling with a Taoist concept:

wu wei

"Wu + wei" can mean more than “no action.”

Wu 無 can mean: No, Nothing, Nonbeing

Wei 爲 : Act, Inauthentic Act, Fake Act

So, here’s my rendering of the Taoist concept in Pleiadian light:

Wuwei = No Neurotic Act!

What’s your rendering? 🤔


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