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The Power to See

See into Your Future

A Child of Light is endowed with three gifts of power:

These “three gifts from Ra” constitute the generic Power of Light bestowed upon all initiates during the Winter Solstice Newgrange Initiation Rite. They can be received as three blessings from the Spiritual Sun.

But in fact, these powers belong to all humanity as an integral part of your birthright to claim at Dawn. What happened during the initiation rite was that these dormant powers became activated.

You are an activated being, dear Child of Light. What are you going to do with the "three gifts from Ra" placed upon the altar of your heart?

In this message, we'll focus on the first gift—your Power to See—and help you exercise the newly awakened power of spiritual insight.

At the start of a new year, let’s see into your future together.

1. See the Direction

Your perspective determines what you see.

Perspective means looking from a particular viewpoint: your consciousness looking at the world from a particular angle.

Although angles abound, there are two fundamental angles from which you look. Either you look from the angle of a phenomenon or the angle of the Source.

You’ve returned to the Source during the initiation. However brief the experience, you became one with the Source Field and was seeing the world from the Source’s point of view. Once initiated, the Child of Light can always repeat that experience. The Child of Light can see the world, again and again, through the perspective of the Source.

Now clear in your mind is the fact that there exist two basic levels of seeing the world, which would result in two tracks of experience and two modes of being a human on Earth.

We are not advocating a new form of dualism, but breaking a complex issue down to the binary root level. We Pleiadians use metaphors to engage you, and have coined a pair of binary terms that can speak to your heart:

Child of Light & Child of Darkness

Child of Darkness symbolizes the old you who was born and raised in a low-vibrational shadow zone devoid of love/light, who was programmed to see the world as a cut-off, mis-aligned, dis-eased being. This low state can also be called Child of the Shadow or Child of the Matrix.

Child of Light symbolizes the new you who is reborn in spiritual sunlight, who exists in the realm of love/light, and can see the world from the highest point of view—from that of the Source. The metaphoric name, Ra, can be used to describe the brilliant sunlike Source. This high state can also be named Child of Ra.

The pair of metaphors exist to help you see the two levels, two tracks, or two modes that are available to you, which would send you into realities that are far apart—they lead you to different futures.

The future is but the direction of an energy’s movement.

There is no singular future awaiting you as an individual or as a collective. If you exercise your power of insight, you’ll see that in front of you is a binary situation.

Two directions.

Two modes of being.

Two tracks of experience.

We can use a chart to help you see the binary situation. The chart below lists a few characteristics of the two levels of human existence.

The core difference between the two versions of you is that one is aligned with the Source and the other misaligned.

There is you in the state of abundance, and there is you in the state of poverty.

We are talking about inner states, which have nothing to do with money, possession, or status. The inner state of abundance is where you feel blessed by an inexhaustible supply of energy whereas in an inner state of poverty, you feel deprived, in lacks and wants, thinking of yourself as fundamentally flawed, incomplete, and inadequate.

Are there any traits you wish to add to the chart?

Remember, it’s all about YOU seeing into the two levels of your future existence.

2. See the Process

If you decide to continue in the direction of the Child of Light, you must have realistic expectations. You need to attain, first of all, an overview of what’s bound to happen in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Birthing a new you can never be an overnight operation. It implies a long process of continuous self-transformation: from the old you to the new you.

The process witnesses a changing relationship between the Child of Darkness and the Child of Light. The relationship will go through at least three phases after your initiation. A phase could last for a few months, a year, or even more.

We use three simple diagrams to help you see the process (Phase I, II, III).

Phase I : Social Distancing

The two don’t touch each other.

In the aftermath of your initiation, you experience a sharp contrast between the two vibrational states. You see them as separate and dichotomized states of being and find yourself swinging back and forth.

You want to be a Child of Light, not a Child of Darkness. You reject the latter as an outdated, unwanted being that must go away, die, and be gone forever. But the more you reject this mode, the more it latches onto you.

The Child of Darkness makes a forceful comeback and declares “I am the real you.” The old you would do anything to make the new you go away and vanish. The Child of Darkness gains more and more upper hand and defeats your attempts to be a Child of Light.

Frustrated and infuriated, you start to doubt the process and even think of quitting.

“Oh, I can’t do it!”

is what you often say in Phase I.

Phase II : Holding Hands

It could take till the next Winter Solstice for you to discover that the Child of Light didn’t get wiped out by the Child of Darkness, or vice versa. Rather, they are moving closer and closer to each other, overlapping and merging occasionally.

They are touching each other and talking. Both sides want to share more of the “together time.”

Their relationship is no longer antagonistic but cooperative.

At this stage, you feel a deep desire to want to bring the high consciousness of the Child of Light into the body still mastered by the Child of Darkness. You want to embody the Source Vibration of Bliss.

You decide to go for a full incarnation in this body (if you are Starseed always feeling ambivalent about your material body). You enter a brand new relationship with your body and start rebuilding your physical relations with the universe.

A lot of physical changes are happening to you, leading to emotional changes.

“Hey, I can do it!”

is what you often say in Phase II.

Phase III : Hugging

It is with hindsight that you see that something magical has happened: the highest level of you was hugging the lowest level of you. A crisis has led to the breaking down of the wall separating the two. Suddenly, the Child of Light was fully present as an all-embracing space around the Child of Darkness at the center.

This is a peculiar (and blissful) sensation: YOU hugging you.

What YOU offer to you is the vibrational presence of unconditional love.

The Child of Light, being ageless and limitless, is much larger than the Child of Darkness. Thus, the hugging feels like the infinite you holding the finite you. The Child of Darkness feels fully accepted, even in the darkest and ugliest aspects.

The Child of Light invites the Child of Darkness home. The Child of Light offers the best room in the house so that the Child of Darkness ceases to be a homeless wanderer lost in wilderness.

With wisdom and compassion, the Child of Light sets out to heal, guide, and liberate the Child of Darkness. Their relationship enters a beautiful era of integration.

“Wow, we are doing it!”

is what you often say in Phase III.

Can you see which phase you are in right now?

3. See the Way

There is no standard way.

Each Child of Light is opening a unique path. Each of you is birthing a new human in an unprecedented, imaginative way.

However, something must be said about the way. There is a time-tested phenomenon that can be called the Gaian Way, which is a manifestation of the Cosmic Way (aka Tao).

There does exist a Tao of the Child of Light.

The Tao of the Child of Light entails that the new you move in sync with the way of your planetary mother, Earth.

The Way of Gaia is a way of cyclical change, from day to night, from winter to summer. The Wheel of Life can best symbolize the Way of Earth, and it is in the rolling forth of this wheel that the Child of Light carries on the project of self-transformation.

The wheel rolls up and down, and so will you, the new human.

You will go through many up times and down times. One moment you are aligned with the Source, the next moment misaligned. But it’s all OK. You don’t panic because you can see the turning of the wheel. You see that each low leads to a new high.

So, you keep rolling forward.

We’ve shed light on the first of your three gifts of power.

From here on, in each situation, you can remind yourself: “I have the Power to See, the Power to Choose, and the Power to Create.”

Now, at the start of an exciting new year, you’ve become aware that you possess the gift of sight. You are no longer lost in the dark, seeing the world as a frog in a well. You can see the world from high above, as an eagle in the sky.

Or, from the highest place, through the Eye of Ra.

Now is the moment to exercise your power and see into your future.

Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

“Let go of your concerns for a personal future!”

Thus advised Sincera (spokesperson for the Pleiadian Group of 8) two years ago at the end of 2020. I had just become a Newgrange-born Child of Light and was eager to see into my future.

“Focus on the big picture,” Sincera said, "and on the collective future. As you align your consciousness with the future of humanity, the future of you will take care of itself.”

I've been following her advice ever since, and the future did take care of itself.

What a relief to give up the old, egoic need to know my future, to want to control it, bend it, and shape it into a perfect fit into my mental box!

I don’t think about my future anymore: where I will be, what I will do, whom I’ll be with. I’ve come to enjoy the present moment and find consolation in not knowing what may happen the next day, next month, or next year.

But I do think about our future. Much of my energy is spent seeing into what may happen to our mother planet and her human children.

Here, I wish to share with you the message I sent two years ago (before I changed my name to Qin-Ra). It may help you see into your future.


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