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How to Ascend in 2022

How to go up when the world is going down?

You entered this year expecting things to get better.

But the world seems to be going down the drain at the moment. The reality out there didn’t change for the better, but for the worse.

You look at the reality in here. You see confusion and chaos instead of “an ascension into the light.” A few months into birthing a new self, you discover, to your dismay, that you are still operating as a Child of the Matrix, not as a Child of Light.

What’s wrong with the picture?


Dear ones, there is nothing wrong with the picture—this is to be expected.

On a macro level, the global situation will get worse before it gets better. We warned you about this two years ago at the start of the COVID-19 Plandemic. You must know that the Anu Force of Darkness is tightening its control on humanity. It will inflict more suffering, and drag people deeper into fear.

On a micro level, as awakening individuals, you will find yourself going through a portal phase marked by inner turmoils, inner conflicts, or even inner wars. You’ll shift back and forth between light and dark realities. You’ll alternate between two modes of being: Child of Light and Child the Matrix.

But Dawn light is increasing. You are not lost in the ascension process. Some might get lost because of the following expectation:

Ascension = A Straight Line to Heaven

Like a rocket trip. It doesn’t work that way, dear ones! The ascension process is never a straight line, but a spiral, as we've shown in our previous message (Claim Your Day).

Now, we take you a step further. Think of the ascension process as this:

Ascension = Cycling Forward

Gaia moves in a cyclical way. Gaia goes through days and nights, and the four seasons. All things on Earth move through a cycle of birth, growth, decay, and death. You are no exception. Whether you are a Star Seed or an Earth Seed, you must follow Gaia’s Way to go higher in your vibration (i.e., to ascend).

Your spiraled ascension will have many ups and downs, heaven and hells. Each cycle is like a wheel. Each wheel has light phases and dark phases. Without those dark and negative phases, you wouldn’t be able to move forward. The rotation of the Wheel of Life implies the alternation of polarized phases.

It is in the alternation between the Child of Light and Child of the Matrix modes that you roll forward.

Up and down, up and down… you roll forward.

(The Way of Gaia)

The growth of the new you as a Child of Light will unfold through many cycles: in a day, in a month, in a year, in a decade. Expect it to be a life-long journey of circles within circles. Instead of resisting those dark phases inside each circle, you embrace them. You let them carry you into the next phases of light.

After the Winter Solstice high, you, as Children of Light, were expected to enter a springtime low or even summertime pit. Your unhealed traumas were exposed to the light by the rise of life energy in your bodies.

Don’t panic, dear ones!

These wounds were coming to the surface for you to transform and heal.

Therefore, don’t expect yourself to be “happy as a daisy in the spring” or “free as a seagull in the summer sun.” Instead, allow yourself to feel all emotions, positive and negative. Allow yourself to be in a low state.

If you find yourself going down when you think “I should be going up,” change your attitude.

You say to yourself: “OK, my wheel is rolling downward now. It will hit the ground at one point. It will roll up!”

At the moment, Earth humankind is in a very dark phase. Every one of you is being pulled down by the heaviness of the collective vibration. Instead of fighting it as a form of psychological resistance, you can choose to see the current dark phase (a Russian-Ukrainian War on top of a plandemic) as a prelude to more light in the world.

Always remember the Wheel of Life symbol.

Even if you'd have to take shelter in a subway station as a refugee or as a homeless, you would find the strengths to outlast the nightmare. You'd find a way to ascend.

Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

After transmitting the message, Sincera (head of the Pleiadian Group of 8) showed me how synchronized it was the resurfacing of our collective wounds and individual wounds.

The first quarter of 2022 saw an old wound in the body of a Slavic people being torn wide open. Meanwhile, our personal wounds resurfaced, tormenting us in our various comfort zones. Both were linked to the surge of life energy in spring.

What are we going to do about these wounds?

The powers that be are doing everything to deepen our wounds. The media on both sides made people think that there was no choice but to fight violence with violence. As you know, those in power always had choices, yet they purposely chose to go on a warpath.

I guess the biggest lesson we can learn from the current situation is becoming aware of our power to choose.

When faced with personal and collective traumas, do you choose enlightened ways to solve old problems? Or do you choose to follow the herd (and go down the drain)?

Do you choose to be in the Child of Light mode, or Child of the Matrix mode?

Each moment we can choose.

I Wish You a Homecoming at Beltane.

Light Your Fire.

Be Your True Self.


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