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Heal Your Starseed Wound (Love Wound)

In this follow-up to our message A New Way to View Your Traumatic Childhood, we guide you to heal your childhood traumas by taking you to what we call the Starseed Wound.

1. What is the Starseed Wound?

The Starseed Wound is the wounded heart, experienced by the soul as an existential state of being split from the whole, cut off from home, isolated, abandoned, and lost in a realm of no light, no love.

It produces the starseed pain and starseed loneliness that all of you are familiar with.

What makes this a “starseed” wound has to do with the starseed soul. Starseeds carry an extra component of star soul, compared to humans endowed with an earthly soul only (i.e. Earthseeds). The origin of the wounded heart is to be found in this extra component.

2. What Caused the Starseed Wound?

There are two levels to the Starseed Wound. We take you first to the bottom level (the old wound) and then the top level (the new wound).

2.1 The Old Wound

A long time ago, a catastrophic event took place, causing Earth to fall from a high-vibrational planet to the lower state of a compact material being. The catastrophe also caused all starseed soul tribes on Earth to fall into the dimension of matter.

This catastrophic fall created the Primal Wound in humanity. All humans, starseeds or not, suffer from this Primal Wound.

Yet, starseeds (especially those who’ve been here since the pre-fall era) suffer the Primal Wound afflictions more acutely. During the fall, they were violently cut off from their ancestral source and lost connections with their home.

The loss of memory brought by the fall accompanied each reincarnation of these starseed souls. Each time they were reborn as humans on Earth, they experienced the primal pain of being cut off, tossed out, forsaken, and forgotten, yet with no conscious awareness of what caused the pain.

Each rebirth reopened the Primal Wound.

Even for starseeds who had come to Earth recently, the mechanism of memory loss built into the incarnation and reincarnation process caused them to lose soul connection and therefore participate in the primal trauma.

The Primal Wound is experienced as the pain at the center of the human chest. Without conscious knowledge, humans could only describe it experientially as the “wounded heart.”

From within the wounded heart, one can describe the painful experience as the loss of love. The Starseed Wound can also be paraphrased as the Loss of Love.

2.2 The New Wound

For starseeds, love means understanding.

Starseeds expect love to be an energy that sees them, hears them, validates them, mirrors them, in short, understands them. This was the love that they had experienced back home on the stars.

And this was the love they experienced in their previous lives on the pre-fall Earth: they were tribes of souls sharing a common ancestral soul; members of a soul tribe could understand one another effortlessly and perfectly.

When they could not feel such understanding, they could not feel loved. Essential to starseeds’ experience of love is the experience of being understood.

During their journeys on Earth, the starseed soul tribes went through a continuous process of individuation. Members of a soul tribe would spread out to accomplish tasks in various cultures around the world. Toward the end of this individuation process, many starseed souls lost contact with the other members of their tribe.

In this lifetime, many starseeds have made the brave choice to plunge into the stream of life, to be reborn into dark situations, alone, to open a path of light. They would begin life in a situation where there is no other starseed around, and navigate through many years of their lives without a starseed companion.

These brave souls were born into families where nobody could see them, hear them, appreciate them, or accept them as who they truly are, star souls in earthly bodies. Their parents were not starseeds.

If the family environments were abusive, the starseed children would experience a total rejection and negation of their essence of light. If the family environments were supportive, the starseed children would still feel a longing to be seen and heard.

Unless born to starseed parents (whose seeds already awakened), starseeds around the world unanimously experienced a lack of love since day one. No matter how loving their parents were, they felt their inner core hadn’t been recognized since the start of their life. Unless they chance upon other starseeds, they carried this “lack of love” hurt feeling well into their adult years.

How lonely you are as adults! The starseed child in you never had a chance to be loved.

2.3 The Starseed Trap

The starseed trap is that you seek horizontally for a solution to a vertical problem.

It is natural that you seek love from humans who live in the same space with you, who share the same blood or interest with you. It is inevitable that you seek love from family, friends, and colleagues. It is inevitable that you won’t get it or the full version of it—love as you understood it.

Starseeds have a high demand for love, and high standard of love.

And therefore, a high record of frustrations of love.

After endless frustrations, starseeds began to seek love from other starseeds.

They hope to team up with other starseeds and become birds of a feather. They yearn to form starseed relationships and starseed communities where love and light abound, where they’ll never again feel this pain in the chest. They think the other starseeds can give them the love they’ve been starving for since childhood.

The problem is, the other starseeds are seeking the same thing. What happens often in starseed relationships, be it friendly or romantic, is the meeting of an open wound with another open wound, is a beggar of love teaming up with another beggar of love.

The amplification of their joy is bond to be eclipsed by the amplification of their wounds. It is no surprise that despite wonder and bliss, starseed relationships break.

3. How to Heal the Starseed Wound?

Vertical alignment is what truly heals the Starseed Wound.

Vertical re-alignment, for it is an act of re-connecting with the original wholeness that the soul had been cut off from, and “vertical” because this is a multidimensional act reaching up first, into a higher dimension of light.

3.1 Enter the Home/Family Field

Vertical alignment means: enter your home/family field.

The home/family field is your source field—this is where your soul had come from.

It is a vibrational field of light. This field of light is accessible now, at Dawn, a time when the veil is getting thinner. It gets easier for starseeds to reach into higher dimensions and enter their home/family field.

Whether your soul originated from the Pleiades in the 5D, Sirius in the 6D, or Orion in the 8D, whether you know your star origin or haven’t the slightest clue, at Dawn you can enter your home/family field.

3.2 The “Seen, Heard & Understood” Method

How do I enter my home/family field?

Here, we offer you a simple and effective method.

Take a deep long breath.

Enter that feeling of hurt. The hurt you’ve felt all your life that you are not seen, heard, understood, appreciated, and supported at the core of your soul.

Enter that hurt. Feel the surge of energy as you try to be who you are but your natural expression was met with rejection, negation, and neglect from the people around you. Enter that pain in the Heart Center, pain as blocked energy.

Feel the whole mechanism that created the hurt.

Now recall what it was like back at home, what it was like when your entire soul tribe was living together. Recall how you were seen, heard, and understood by members of your soul family.

Can you feel the joy of expressing yourself and being mirrored back perfectly by the presence of the other? Can you feel the surge of energy in your chest and the glowing of your heart from feeling understood (i.e. loved)?

Feel it, feel it, feel it. Feel how you were loved...

Yes, you can feel it. Deep down, you always knew what it was like to be seen, heard, and understood. It is because of this knowing that you get the starseed pain. The memory of being loved clashes with the harsh reality of not loved, resulting in the formation of pain.

We are not asking you to become nostalgic, to escape from the present by invoking the past. Rather, we are asking you to use your memory as a doorway into a vibrational state of light that sits above and also penetrates the time-space of your 3D reality.

Remembrance is the portal into your home/family field.

In remembering how you were heard, seen, and understood in the past, you are being heard, seen, and understood in the present.

How so?

Because in remembering, you are raising your vibration to the level matching your home/family field. And because we, your star families, are back at Dawn to reunite with you. The home/family field isn’t an empty field of nothing and nobody. We are in that field.

We are right here, seeing you, hearing you, understanding you, validating you, and supporting you. You are here, loving you unconditionally.

You just need to make some effort to enter our space of light, and to believe in our presence of light. Even if you don’t know your star origin, even if you don’t have a name for it, you can enter your home/family field and feel the love of your soul family.

All starseeds can access their home field—this is the gift from Dawn.

3.3 Fill Your Heart With Love

The various childhood traumas of you, starseeds around the world, can be boiled down to the core trauma of “not seen, not heard, not understood” (i.e. not loved).

So this is where you make the revolutionary change: you allow yourself to be seen, heard, and understood; you allow love to flow in.

You need not do much work on the wound itself. Just by allowing more and more love into your heart, the hurt vanishes, the wound healed.

You can use this “Seen, Heard, and Understood” Method to establish a new habit of the heart. You constantly remind yourself that you are seen, heard, and understood by your soul family no matter where in the Matrix you are, no matter how alone you are.

But this is something to be done by yourself. You cannot substitute it with borrowing love or stealing love from another human being. You cannot skip steps or cheat your way into healing the Starseed Wound.

We are not saying that you isolate yourself and refuse love from others. We are cautioning you about the danger of getting lost in a horizontal search for love.

Vertical alignment comes before horizontal alignment, not the other way around.

If the order is reversed (which is what many of you have been doing), you may cross paths with other starseeds and find temporary reliefs, yet the starseed pain endures.

If you do it in the right order, then you won’t feel lonely when you are alone, you won’t feel weak when the situation is tough, and you won’t need others as much as you did in the past. Instead, you’ll find yourself more and more able to love yourself, and as a result, able to love another human being.

So first, you fill your heart with love through a vertical alignment. Then you are vibrationally capable of reaching out to other starseeds, horizontally, to form heart-to-heart relations, to establish new communities based on the heart, to share love.

Such new communities, made by individuals who have done solid work of self-healing, will be rock solid.

Dear ones, we know how much you yearn to live in a starseed community. But you are not quite there yet. This is just the start of starseed awakening and healing. If you have the courage and patience to walk step by step in your healing journey, you will, within your lifetime, realize your Love & Light Community dream.

Beware of the fake “connectivity” promoted by the internet. There is a hidden agenda to get humans hooked on horizontal virtual connections, thus having no time, energy, or awareness to make vertical soul connections with the cosmos and Earth.

Beware of the horizontal pull of the Anu Matrix. Stay vertically aligned.

Fill your heart with love till your heart becomes light as a feather!



- We are preparing for a brand new version of our twin books. The first book should be available this summer. It contains in-depth information on the traumatization of humanity, the hijacking of civilization, and the liberation of Earth—a book that heals.

- Vertical Alignment also means reaching down to align with 2D and 1D light. If you wish to learn how to connect with the Heart of Earth, check out our message Child of Light in Womb of Light and Access Your 10 Zones of Power.

- Not sure if you are a starseed? Check out 12 Starseed Signs.

Happy Beltane!


Fantastic insights 💜✨


I've been searching for love in the wrong direction and in the wrong places for so long...thank you for this wakeup call!!!

May 12, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for your comment! Your search "in the wrong direction and wrong places" wasn't a waste of time. It prepared you for the transformation you are now making. Sometimes the best wakeup call is pain.


Thank you❣️❣️❣️


Daniel M
Daniel M
May 05, 2021

Lovely article, thanks again for being there

May 12, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, Daniel. Hope you are doing well in your transitional phase. The spirit is guiding you to where you need to be.


Greym Day
Greym Day
May 03, 2021

Another timely synchronous message. For the past couple of weeks I've been doing a daily, meditative memory-trawl of my past to locate the source of difficult, remaining physical and emotional pains: looks like this insight will help considerably. Thankyou.

May 12, 2021
Replying to

Thanks for your comment. You know, sometimes our wounds are healed when our mind is at the end of the analysis rope, when the mind loses control. Sometimes we need our mind to identify the problem. Either way, it's love that heals. I wish you a deep journey into the source of infinite love!

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