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A Bright New Beginning

Stay aligned with the Source

Dear One,

“Happy Birthday!” if you just completed our Winter Solstice Initiation Rite and became a Newgrange-born Child of Light.

“Happy New Year!” if you just discovered our website. 

We have a New Year Gift for you. 

Our gift box contains three spiritual items:

two mantras + one question. 

The three items will be useful to you during 2024—a year of unprecedented change. They can each give you an instant boost of energy. So think of them as a trinity of Power Mantras and Power Question.


Power Mantra #1

“I am a Child of the Source!”


The Source refers to the divine reality known by different names in different cultures. You can visualize the Source as a Sun or as a Field of Love/Light, with you at the center as the Source’s precious child.

You may say this affirmation (while visualizing) as often as possible, especially when you feel the need to receive love as a child.


Power Mantra #2

“I am the Source!” 

This is a higher level of consciousness wherein you are not only a child of but also the Source. You are a manifestation of the Source. The Source is living through you.

You can consciously do everything in alignment with the Source.

Say this affirmation as often as you like, especially when you want to give love as an adult.


Power Question

“How do I solve the problem as the Source?”


We called it a power question because when you ask it, you are making a powerful vibrational shift. You are shifting from the old dualistic mode into a new unity way of handling a problem.  

Now you ascend to a higher level and search for divine solutions to worldly problems such as war and genocide, and to personal problems such as work and relationships.

Try to see problems from the perspective of the Source—through the Eye of Ra.

. . .

Dear one, you are the start of an exciting new journey, into the beautiful Gaia Dream, as a newborn Human of Light. You have a new direction now and that’s what matters. The direction and the three affirmations will empower you as you take on a series of new challenges in the revolutionary year of 2024.

Channeler’s Note

Feel free to take screenshots of the three affirmations and keep them on your phone. 

After the Winter Solstice bliss, it's natural to come down from the high—you could fall into an anticlimactic low. Don’t panic! Just surrender to the downward movement. Remember your life is a wheel, rolling up and rolling down, thereby rolling forth.

You are at the bright new beginning of a great cycle. Everything you did in the past has helped you reach this high point, where a whole universe is open to you. 

What are you going to do

from now on? 


(your Birth Certificate)

(what to do from hereon)

(Mantra of the Year)


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