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Happy Birthday, Child of Light!

Whether one day old or one year old,
you are a Newgrange-born Child of Light!

Congratulations on completing the "Born into the Light" rite, thereby initiating yourself into a new era of life—that of a Child of Light!

You've made a soul bond with Newgrange through this special rite. From here on, you, as a Newgrange-born Child of Light, have lifetime access to this astral temple in the 4D.

Now you can think of Newgrange as your personal temple, a place where you can go for meditation, prayer, healing, or relaxation when you feel lonely or lost within the dark reality of the Anu Matrix. Some nights, you may even want to sleep inside Newgrange as a baby, as a child or adult, for she is your Mother Temple, your home.

This is a home space of abundant love/light.

See the Newgrange Earth Womb as a portal into a cosmic Womb of Light wherein you are an eternal Child of Light.

First things first, you need to celebrate with an "I did it!" and moreover, to make a symbolic act to eternalize this life-changing event:

You give yourself a birth certificate.

You can create your own birth certificate, as a gift to the new YOU. This is one of the ways you take care of the Precious One—the Child of Light inside your heart. Through painting or writing, you design a document to celebrate the birth of a new human inside yourself. You can say anything on your certificate. This time, you are the authority. You certify yourself.

It's time to start a new timeline of your life.

It's time to play!

Happy New Year

& Happy New Era!

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