A Follow-up Message from Pleiadian Builders of Newgrange:

Hold Your Bliss

If You Missed the Initiation


Don’t worry! You can join in the initiation in 2021.


From here on, the Newgrange Portal to Ra (Galactic Sun) will be open at every Winter Solstice for the initiation rite, Born into the Light, which began this year and will continue as a tradition, free and open to all.

If You Completed the Initiation

Well done! Congratulations!


You’ve made an act of power. Its significance (to you, to Newgrange, to the global network of megalithic sites, and to the human collective) will be revealed in our upcoming messages.

Great Conjunction Energy Wave.jpg

You are a Child of Light, born in Newgrange, in the light of Ra.


This isn't a play on words or a figment of imagination, but a shift of vibration. 

You’ve initiated a new pattern of vibration and set a new standard for yourself.

During the initiation, you tasted the blissful state of being loved and supported by cosmic light and knew how happy you could be as a pure being of light. This happy vibration, let’s call it Bliss Vibration, is your new vibrational tone if you can hold it.

Can you hold it? Will it stay or fade away?


To make the Bliss Vibration stay, you must make an effort to fortify it, to anchor it, to lock it. The aftermath of Winter Solstice is a critical phase—a time to hold your position and lock your experience.

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn didn’t end on 12/21. Its energetic wave will go on for a few more weeks. It's best to stay aligned with this powerful energy wave, which can help you succeed in holding your bliss.

We recommend two things to do from now till January 21.

1. Keep Your Initiation Experience to Yourself

Safeguard your precious experience. Avoid sharing your experience with people who aren’t vibrationally matched with you. We know, in your excitement you want to help and initiate many others. But sharing your experience with the wrong person or with too many persons can be detrimental to your newborn Child of Light. Some people may discredit your experience, while others may make you doubt yourself. Not everyone is happy about you being a happy Child of Light. So, guard your treasure.

2.  Practice “5 Minutes a Day” 

For at least 5 minutes a day, you stay in the position of the Child of Light and re-experience the field of golden light inside the womb space of Newgrange. You can re-experience your entire birth process, or elaborate it, or start a new level of being a Child of Light. The point of this daily exercise is to fully feel the high energy that you felt during the initiation. In doing so, you fortify this peak experience and embody its unique energy. To hold your bliss is not a one-time act but a step-by-step daily process.

Again, we congratulate you on accomplishing an act of great power.


You activated Newgrange and made a bond with Newgrange. The astral temple of Newgrange will always be open to you, a Child of Light. As an initiate, you now have free access to her, a mother temple that loves you unconditionally and supports you with blissful light. 

We’ll be sending you a series of messages to help you understand, protect, and nurture the Child of Light.


Check the NEWS section of this website for our upcoming messages. Or send an email (with the subject line “I did it!”) so you can be on our new Child-of-Light list and get notified.

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" I am  a Child of Light, born in Newgrange in the Light of Ra. "