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Leap of Bliss

Child of Light - 100% in Center Position

Pleiadian Message #2 for Newgrange Initiates & other Children of Light

Dear Ones,

Again, we congratulate you on making an act of power (the Winter Solstice Initiation Rite), which initiated a new timeline for yourself and for Newgrange. Our first megalithic temple activated at Dawn, Newgrange can proceed to fulfill her role as an exemplary Womb Temple to assist the birth of new multidimensional humanity for the new Earth.

As for yourself, you’ve initiated a new way to relate to yourself and the cosmos, perceived now as a set of spheres around you, as a set of womb spaces of light in which you dwell at the center, as a Child of Light. What makes this way a new way is none other than the fact that you take the center position.

The center position is the most powerful position. It is from here that you access the source energy of all creativities.

It takes courage to take the center position. You have this courage. You dared to answer our call and participate in a rite of initiation never done in history, dared to put yourself at the center of a cosmic womb of light and become a newborn child in a space you had never experienced before. We marvel at your daring spirit!

Yet, there is still a tiny bit of you that doesn’t dare to make a 100% alignment with the center position. This tiny bit, say the 1% of you, is preventing you from fully accessing the great power that comes with taking the center position.

This 1% hides in your sense of unworthiness.

You still think small of yourself and feel unworthy of loving attention. “Who am I? I’m not that special. I’m not the Buddha or Christ. What qualifies me to be there at the very center to receive so much love and light? I don’t deserve all that.” We hear you say.

We can see you, there at the center position, able to effortlessly visualize yourself as a Child of Light in a sea of golden light. But due to your sense of unworthiness, you could not see that there is a direction among the light waves moving around you. You thought you were just a part of the abstract, impersonal field of light, an observing bystander. You thought that the light waves were moving around you. But in fact, the light waves are moving toward you.

Light moving toward you—that's love, isn't it?

Yes, all light waves are moving toward you, and all attentions are focused on you, there at the center. You are the Child of Light, the object of loving attention from many beings of light in many realms of the great cosmic womb. This is a dynamic womb space where energies move from the peripheries toward the center, to nurture the child at the heart of the sphere.

Therefore, to take the center position is not enough—you need to see the direction of the light waves. To see the direction of the light waves is not enough—you need to participate in it. To participate in it, you’ll need to open yourself and receive. If you don’t receive, the light waves are then bounced off from your bunker, unable to complete their course, and you are unable to complete your birth process.

All this is easy to understand but difficult to do. Because in doing so you are forced to confront this deep sense of unworthiness that has been holding you (and the rest of humanity) down for all your life. This shadow energy will fight to defend itself. It will do everything to stop you from reaching a 100% alignment with the center position.

We know this is a difficult step for you. We are here to support you in removing this 1% shadow energy, in overcoming this deeply rooted sense of unworthiness. Once you overcome this, you’ll be able to crossover into a new vibrational realm and begin to develop your new timeline. But it won’t happen so quickly as an overnight change. You’ll need to confront this 1% shadow energy each time you take the center position. You’ll need to overcome it again and again until it never shows up in your chest.

We are here to help you develop the brand-new feeling that you are worthy of the greatest loving attentions in the universe. You, with all your imperfections and weaknesses, are special and precious. You are a unique expression of life. You, who dared to put yourself at the center to be a Child of Light, deserve endless loving support from us, your Pleiadian family, and many other beings of light.

Can you see the abundant love coming toward you? Or are you still holding on to that 1% of self-belittlement and self-doubt, sourced in your sense of unworthiness, that 1% of a vibrational bunker that blocks power from flowing into you?

Do you dare to be there at the center to receive?

Do you dare to receive love, coming to you from all directions?

Do you dare to receive light as a Child of Light?

Here is your chance to make a radical leap in self-worth.

The last 1% of your journey has to be done with a leap of faith.

Faith in your newfound sense of the self.


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