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Name Your Child of Light

And Have a Party with the Ps

(you can learn from this message and name yourself anytime in a year)

Dear Ones,

You are approaching the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox, called Imbolc in pagan traditions in the West, a time of celebrating the fecundity of Earth at the start of spring, a time of planting new seeds of dreams.

The Imbolc of 2021 is very special—this is the first Day of Power (one of the 8 Days of Power in a year shown in the chart at the end of this message) in the new year to greet you, a Newgrange-born Child of Light if you’ve joined in our 2020 Winter Solstice Initiation Rite, or a Child of Light in your own ways.

Considering the process of self-transformation you’re in, we recommend the following soul act for you to make on the Imbolc of 2021:

You name the Child of Light in you.

You give your Child of Light a personal name.

You honor the Child of Light in you as a unique, precious, and sacred being, who deserves the highest respect and strongest protection from you.

You honor the Child of Light in you by giving a name that can best express your essence of light. You are a beautiful ray of the light of the Spiritual Sun, a unique expression of the source energy of creativity. This beautiful ray needs a beautiful name.

Names carry powers.

Names lead to vibrational states.

Names open doors.

Your Child of Light needs a powerful name.

You have been named by others (your parents et al) and have given yourself a variety of usernames to join this or that. But have you given yourself a new name that best expresses your soul essence—a spirit name, a soul name, a starseed name?

If yes, this is a perfect time to connect your old spirit name to your new sense of the self as a Child of Light. If not, this is a perfect time to give your (light) self a personal name.

Such a name has to come out of the deepest desire and highest aspiration of your soul. It may come to you easily, or it may need some deep meditations to emerge from the depths of your being. It may be a word you always know, or a word just created by your soul.

Your soul will know what the best name is to help you connect to the Child of Light within and through that to shift to the state of light whenever dark moods invade your mind.

It’s a name that says who you truly are at the core. It’s a name that you love and would use every day (in your own reality) for the rest of your life. It’s a name that you wish other Children of Light will call you by.

We are giving you a fun exercise, aren’t we?

Dear ones, as your Pleiadian family in the spirit realm of 5D, we wish to call you by your spirit names; we wish to honor the uniqueness of your rays. Even though we’ve emphasized unity consciousness and said that there’d be one Child of Light born within different initiates, this “one” was meant to be a uniquely individual experience of the oneness that defines the essence of light.

We wish to hold a Naming Ceremony on this special Imbolc for each one of you. We, your Pleiadian family, are assisting you from here, the 5D realm of light that transcends the time-space limitations of your 3D.

It means that we are accessible to many of you at the same time, that each one of you can experience our warm and light surrounding presence simultaneously.

It means we can hold a Naming Party for each of you on the same day.

We emphasize here again: you name yourself; we don’t name you. Better to exercise your soul power in naming yourself than to ask us to give you a name.

Your party would be the occasion for you to ritually announce your name in the realm of light and for your name to receive our blessings and empowerment. You’ve named yourself with your soul power. Now at the Naming Party, you could call yourself by your new name in front of us, Pleiadian and other beings of light who have been with you through this long, intense birth process, and receive our congratulations.

Do you want a Naming Party with us? Do you dare?

You’ve come this far in your adventures with us, the Pleiadians, we know your daring spirit. You want a party. You want us and many other beings of light to be there to acknowledge and celebrate your new soul act of naming your Child of Light.

It’s party time, dear ones!

Many of us are here for you, the one.


Channeler’s Note

From Qin-Ra

“A Pleiadian party for me? Nonsense!” Most people would say.

But you are intrigued.

It sounds crazy to others but makes sense to you because you are a Child of Light—you’ve seen the wondrous nature of the Pleiadian celestial field.

And because you are a starseed—you remember how family members are always treated up there, in the 5D or above.

“Of course, a party for me!” You’d say.

Thus I wish you a beautiful Naming Party with the Ps.

It’s a party in the 5D, accessible via the portal realm of 4D and via your 4D vehicles of symbolic images. How this party will go is up to your soul’s interactions with the Ps, who in my experiences are lovingly playful and lightheartedly deep, my celestial family indeed.

May this be an Imbolc you’ll never forget.



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