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Inner Pole Shift

Child of Light in Reality of Light

Pleiadian Message #3 for Newgrange initiates & other Children of Light

Dear Ones,

You are nearly at the finish line of locking your Bliss Vibration. You’ve followed our advice (Message # 1 Message # 2 ), overcome your sense of unworthiness, and made a full alignment with the center position of the Womb of Light. Well done, Children of Light!

There is still a bit of a journey for you to make. Let’s call it the last 0.5% of your way. This 0.5% looks like a tiny amount but encompasses a huge step in the transformation of your consciousness. This last 0.5% has much to do with your sense of reality: what’s real and what’s unreal.

You have been conditioned by your cultures and programmed by your educations to believe in the following:

What’s physical is real, what’s nonphysical unreal.

What’s external is real, what’s internal unreal.

What’s collective is real, what’s individual unreal.

Dear ones, let us remind you that you’ve been living in an upside-down world where many fundamental values of human life have been reversed by a cunning force of darkness that controls humanity, where what’s been upheld as normal is fundamentally unhealthy and unsupportive—a sick world where sickness is the norm.

Now you made a soul act that is anything but normal. Birthing a Child of Light within you, an adult, is something that normal people would laugh at, frown upon, or even call crazy. Since you still live in this “normal” world, inevitably, you’ll pick up the opinions of others and start seeing yourself through their societal lens of normality.

Once you start seeing yourself their way, you’ll feel that the Child of Light is a figment of imagination or a childish fantasy. You’ll see your new Child-of-Light experience as unreal and the normal world (the consensus reality of others) as real. You’ll fall back to your old sense of the self, rooted in the old sense of reality that the sick society promotes.

So here it is, again, our simple chart, to help you look within and come up with your own list of beliefs. These aspects of a deeply ingrained and unexamined sense of reality lodged in your unconscious side revolve around a core belief:

the mind is real, the soul unreal.

The “normal” reality in which the majority of Earth humans live is a materialistic consumeristic hierarchical competitive world based on the mind, a world where the controlled mind, not the sovereign soul, runs the human life.

Such a mind constructs a five-sense reality that is deeply homogenized and distorted, a reality confined to the realm of dense matter as if the physical and mental is all there is, the ultimate. Such a “normal” reality doesn’t honor the soul, and for those deeply conditioned by science and technology, doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of the human soul.

In participating in our Winter Solstice Initiation Rite, you’ve made a soul act and had a profound soul experience. The Child of Light, as new archetypal energy, exists in the realm of the soul (i.e. consciousness, or spirit) while the old sense of who you are, even though you’ve always seen yourself as a free spirit, was anchored in the realm of the mind.

Now four weeks into your soul act of birthing a Child of Light, you’ve come to the point where you'll need to make a U-turn in your guiding sense of what’s real and what’s unreal.

This U-turn, a 180-degree turn, implies that you reverse the reversed order, that you turn upside down what’s been turned upside down, that you make an internal pole shift.

A pole has two polarized ends. What’s real defines what’s unreal. Living in a world of duality, you need both ends to continue your Earth-human existence.

Therefore, making such a pole shift doesn’t mean that you reject everything on the unreal side. Rather, such pole shift enables you to see things on the unreal side as illusory and impermanent, as secondary and relative, as something to go through and not dwell upon. The real side then naturally becomes your primary orientation and reference point: this is what matters to you ultimately; this is what you chose to abide by.

We use an allegory that many of you are familiar with.

Plato’s allegory of the cave describes the journey of the human soul from a lower place of controlled illusory experience (the Realm of the Shadow inside the cave) to a higher place of free enlightened experience (the Realm of the Sun outside the cave). By birthing a Child of Light, you have gone through a process similar to that journey—you have given birth to a new self, who is born in spiritual sunlight and lives on spiritual sunlight. The Child of Light is the freedom part of you dwelling permanently in the Realm of Light.

Of course, one initiate rite alone cannot take humans permanently out of the cave. You cannot say that you’ve freed yourself from the Realm of the Shadow because you’ve been initiated at Newgrange. But you can indeed say that you’ve had a brief experience of what’s possible out there in the Realm of Light. The Child of Light in you has the ability to take you back, again and again, into the Realm of Light.

With this understanding of your Child-of-Light initiation experience, you can look from a higher perspective on where you are in your journey through life, and it becomes easier for you to make the pole shift, to reverse the Real vs Unreal order.

Now, the Realm of the Shadow is no longer appealing or important to you while the Realm of the Sun is more real and valuable. Your self-identity has shifted from a prisoner inside the cave to a free man in the open sun. No longer a Child of Shadow, you think of yourself as a Child of Light.


To make this pole shift, you’ll need to make a conscious, formal decision to flip your pole, so to speak. It takes time to reach this decision, and to follow up on this decision. The act of flipping the pole itself, however, doesn’t take much time, as it is but making a choice in your consciousness: you choose to believe this side to be real and that side unreal.

You can create a special rite so that your act of flipping the pole leaves a lasting impact on your life.

But expect no overnight change, dear ones!

Expect instead that the old sense of reality will return, again and again, to pull you back into the Realm of the Shadow, to convince you that there is no such Realm of the Sun. Expect that you will alternative between contradictory realities, that you will shift back and forth between polarized self-identities because you are moving through the liminal phase of Dawn where the energy of the Day and the energy of the Night run parallel to each other.

When the alternation happens, you simply remind yourself that you have made a pole shift, that your orientation has fundamentality shifted, that you are a Child of Light.

Dear ones, when situations become even darker and heavier on the battleground of Earth, you can always remind yourself of the following motto:

"Bliss Vibration is real, Fear Vibration unreal."

You can trust the vibration of bliss (i.e. happiness, peace, security, clarity, connectedness, love) that you have concretely felt in the past four weeks. This is the vibration that carries you, gently and seamlessly, into a bright future.


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