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How Do You See the Future?

A starseed in Canada sent me the question: “How Do You See the Future?”

Well, I see two futures: one super dark, one super bright.

One future is 1984 come true. More surveillance, more control, more deceptions, more debts, more GMOs, more EMFs, more mining, more deforestation, more pollutions, more soldiers, more robots, more cyborgs, more AI, more satellites, more pandemics, more vaccines…COVID19 is just a rehearsal for something big.

One future is Shire come true. More trees, more gardens, more rainbows, more songs, more dances, more bonfires, more storytelling, more creativity, more equality, more collaboration, more wise management of resources, more communication with star beings, more megalithic portals opened, more heart-to-heart connection made, more happy marriages maintained, more children of light born.

Is there anything in-between, a 3rd future?

I do see something in-between, but it isn’t a future.

It is the present—a Situation of Indecision: a situation of going around and around in a traffic circle, not taking any exit, a situation of alternating between waking up and falling back to sleep, a situation of torn between wanting to follow the Herd and wanting to follow the Self.

I see, with my eyes clearer after the Winter Solstice initiation, what may happen in the following decades with us, the human race on Earth.

The human race is self-splitting into two camps (there is no outside force splitting us; we are splitting as a result of our free-willed choices, which are diametrically opposed).

One camp loves Earth, one camp doesn’t.

One camp goes the Gaia Way, one camp the Anu Way.

Each camp is creating its own future.

I see, two opposite futures will co-exist on the same planet during the liminal phase of Dawn. Call it a paradox, or call it grace, everyone has a chance to be on this planet to experience human life, as suffering or as bliss, to be enslaved or to be free.

Now I pass the question onto you: “How do YOU see the future?”

If you can’t see, the child in you can!

The Child of Light in you can!


"The future is a vibration."

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